The Beauty Of Flowers in Cinema: Top 10 Films Where Flowers Played A Significant Role

Films Where Flowers Played A Significant Role

Films are one of the greatest creations of the human world, where you can showcase different emotions through moving imagery. So, you’ll see how directors use different props, whether living or nonliving, to depict human emotions. Also, use them to showcase their attachments towards different subjects, and that motivates their action. 

In today’s case, it is flowers, the most profound reflection of human emotions and actions. The color, essence, and everything poise to justify human doings and wrongdoings. And, the best thing is, you can order big bouquets of flowers at anytime you want on this site

Therefore, we seek to understand the subjective demonstration of flowers in world cinema and showcase that flowers are an active part of human society. 

Furthermore, it will showcase the survival of human nature, which is driven by the lifecycle of flowers, from their blooming to getting plucked.  

Similarly, you see the usage of flowers in You’ve Got A Mail to Taste of Cherry to Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms. Flowers play as a synonymous character that depicts reason in human actions. Thereby, we will explore some films where flowers play a significant role and give a better justification for the film. 

So, you need to look at the next section to find out the names of the films – 

Films Where Flowers Play An Important Role 

Films Where Flowers Play An Important Role 

As discussed earlier, directors use flowers to showcase human emotions. Flowers enables directors to use their creativity and showcase it through them on the bigger screen. Hence, you see a vivid display of emotions by characters in the films. The whole essence and beauty of flower petals can be felt when actors use flowers to showcase love and affection. 

Based on the discussion, here are a few flowers where flowers play an important role and showcase hidden human emotions and reactions – 

1. Last Tango in Paris

It’s probably one of the classics made by Bertolucci. The film had everything you seek to have from Bertolucci’s world of film. The films feature Marlon Brando, the main character of the film, who sinks into depression after his wife commits suicide. Hence, you will get the pink and purpose rose around the casket, showcasing the actor’s deep affection and love for his wife. 

The flowers were kept in such a position in the scene that you will be able to sympathize with Marlon. You feel the grief the person is going through, especially during his monologue, where flowers make the scene even more intriguing to watch. Furthermore, it makes the audience stop their tears from rolling out. So, if you want to see flowers featured around the film, it also gives leverage to the director to build a better movie.  

2. Beauty And The Beast 

Beauty And The Beast flower scene

It is one of Disney’s greatest creations, both in terms of animation and film. The movie revolves around the love story of a beast and a girl and later follows as a story for ages for children to tell. The film moves around the enchanted rose, depicting the beast’s life course. The rose is a symbol of love and affection, and that can only be seen in light when you fall in love with someone.   

The film suggests that if the beast is unable to find love until he turns 21, then the flower will bloom, and it will end his life. Disney has a way of using small things in bigger events that can develop characters and the plot. Similarly, when Belle professes her love for the beast, he becomes cured and becomes a human. The flower in the film symbolizes love and affection, which is necessary to lead a life. Hence, it has become a prominent feature of the film. 

3. Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter Series flower scene

Flowers and magic are synonymous with each other. You must have seen that in many magical-involved films, magicians use flowers to make potions or spells. Similarly, in Harry Potter, the flower is the underlying essence of Harry’s character. The white lilies you see in the film are the love and affection his mother offers. This was shown in the series when Dumbledore says flowers, the physical representation of the protection cast. It is love and protection one shows towards their loved ones.  

Also, the film showcases that Harry’s mother’s name is Lily, which signifies purity and love. In another case, Harry’s aunt’s name is Petunia, which means resentment and jealousy. In the course of the series, it is shown that Harry’s aunt is resentful towards his mother, as she has more powers than her. Also, you will see the use of Asphodel and Wormwood, which depicts the empathy Snape felt for Harry and how much he loved his mother. 

Therefore, if you want to experience the same thing, you can order big bouquets of lilies to showcase the love and purity you have for them. 

4. The Hunger Games Trilogy 

Another film series where you will see characters reflecting flowers is the Hunger Games Trilogy. Being one of the popular mainstream films, flowers play a significant role in the formation of characters and films. Therefore, you will see such flowers being an omnipresent character in the film. 

Therefore, in the film, Katniss covers Rue’s body with flowers after she dies during the game. The flowers showcase Katniss’s humanity and sympathize with Rue’s short life. In addition, it sends a message to Capitol that everyone is not bloodthirsty in the game.

The flowers showcase the plight of compassion and love giving the film an edge. Also, Katniss symbolizes an arrowhead, and in the film, it shows the character’s skills in archery. Lastly, you will see dandelions, which resemble Katniss’s hope and help her survive through the film. 

5. The Great Gatsby 

“Give me a hero, and I will write you a tragedy,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald. Similarly, it is seen in the film The Great Gatsby, where our hero, Mr. Gatsby, delves into madness and tragedy. It is a film of love and a desperate man looking to win Daisy’s heart. Here in the film, Daisy reflects purity and beauty. One looks to win over – thus, you see Gatsby’s love for Daisy in the film. That’s why you will see lots of White Daisies throughout the movie. 

In another case, the film showcases the emptiness and hollowness that presides in Daisy’s heart. Hence, you will see the love affair between the two people, yet it wasn’t to be. Consequently, the film begins with a great party where your arrangement is made with flowers, including daisies, all around. It shows the exuberance of youth, where people in their twenties like to celebrate and have fun. The film is a reflection of Fitzgerald’s genius, where he uses flowers to showcase such contrasting emotions. 

6. Call Me By Your Name 

Another addition to the list will be Call Me By Your Name. It is one of the most heartbreaking films in the world. This showcases same-sex relationships established in the late 80s Italy. The film is a reminder of love that gives us a rush of lust, love, and friendship all together. Hence, you will see bouquets of flowers are given significant importance in the film. 

In the film, Oliver gifts Elio a bouquet of wildflowers, which showcases the rise of the budding relationship between the two. The flowers depict beauty and fragility at the same time, the characteristics of every relationship.

Also, the film ends with Elio keeping the flowers in the diary – thus, it portrays remembrance of the loving relationship Elio had with Oliver. Furthermore, it also symbolizes the desire to keep the memory alive and kicking, even when the person isn’t around you. 

7. American Beauty 

One of the things that directors use in their films is rose, as you can showcase many emotions through them. This is because the rose resembles love, passion, and lust. That is why, in the film American Beauty, roses are extensively used. Furthermore, the rose showcases the sexual fantasies and infatuation Lester had for his daughter’s friend. The director is known to use color theory in his films. He showcases both sides of color through his characters and plot. 

His fantasies are often shown through the prism of roses. In terms of terms, it showed his midlife crisis and his search for a seamless change of action. His obsession with lust and desires succumbs to the reality of his life. Therefore, even when he dies, there are red roses placed beside his coffin.

Even that shows the whole point of his lust, desires, and hidden fantasies. In another case, you will see that the rose is a sign of downfall, as the director showcases Lester’s obsession with Angela. This led to Lester’s downfall and eventually to his death.

8. The Last Samurai 

The samurai culture of the Japanese often saw cherry flowers as a vivid representation of their life. Just like the short life span of cherry blossoms, samurai also saw them as similar to their life. That is why, in the Edo period, you will find many cherry trees in every Buddhist temple. In addition, cherry blossoms resembled peace and beauty that overshadowed the hard discipline and moral codes of Samurai culture. 

Similarly, in the film The Last Samurai, you will see the importance of cherry blossoms. The film shows how cherry blossoms marked the spring seasons when samurai were free to move and conquer. Also, they saw cherry blossoms as the symbol of great agricultural production and prosperity. Hence, they respected them like holy spirits. Furthermore, in the film, Bushido tells Algren that Blossoms resembles a samurai’s life: short, beautiful, yet full of virtue and courage. 

9. Taste Of Cherry 

One of the questions that every nihilistic person asks themselves is, what is the purpose of living? What do we seek to achieve out of it? How will it benefit us in the long run? Hence, you will find a similar question made in the film Taste of Cherry. It raises a philosophical question and asks the audience to value their life and appreciate the little things in life. 

You will find similarities with Camus’s comparison of suicide to having a coffee and tell the world that it is the coffee that is stopping him from committing suicide. Similarly, in the film, the three taxi passengers tell the driver the importance of intricate things in life.

Furthermore, cherry blossoms mark beauty and peace. This fact shows that the protagonist wants to die in peace and wants to be buried in a beautiful place. In addition, it shows the seclusion one man faces in life, which forces him to make such a decision. 

10. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland movie flower scene

The ever-classic fiction given to us by Lewis Caroll showcases the depth of his creativity and imagination. Probably, it is the byproduct of mathematics. Hence, amidst the imagination comes the film Alice in Wonderland. It shows the journey of a girl through a fantasy world. Consequently, you will see in the film the usage of flowers, which will talk to the girl. Basically, it shows the humane nature of Alice, and it is the reflection of them. 

When Alice runs down the rabbit hole, she gets to a garden where she sees that there are talking flowers. She talks with red roses and daisies, which means they only talk to good people. They speak to tell who has a good heart and appreciate the goodness in people.

Therefore, the film shows the bright flowers, which reflect Alice’s youth and beauty in the fantasy land. So, it shows that flowers shape up the character to depict the many emotions that follow human nature. From rudeness to wellness, everything comes in order, with humans exhibiting their emotions and flowers showing to the bigger screen audience.  

Flowers Delivers A Creative Response For Directors 

In the end, we can say that flowers are brilliant living creatures. It delivers meanings that express all aspects of human emotion. Color and essence are directors’ fundamental nature that helps them show actors’ emotions to the world. Also, it enables directors. a time skip, which makes the film’s thinkable audience wonder what the filmmaker meant – thus increasing the visibility of the film.  

So, if you want to know about flowers, you can visit the films and see how directors cleverly use them. 

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