Methods for Obtaining Gold and Other Mining Options in Tarisland

Methods for Obtaining Gold and Other Mining Options in Tarisland

The Tencent company, which specializes in creating MMO RPGs, has prepared and is actively developing a new project, Tarisland, which should replace World of Warcraft in the Chinese market and at the same time establish itself as a good competitor for all other projects.

MMO RPGs are actively developing, and it is extremely important to be able not only to choose your class and the direction of its development, but also to accumulate tarisland gold for future updates in order to have the resources to purchase new equipment or change the hero if they are needed.

Tarisland uses standard and additional methods for gold mining.



You can get acquainted with story tasks that will tell you the main story of the world and at the same time gradually learn the main gaming skills, in the form in which the developers from Tencent conceived them.

You must complete long quests that will bring you a lot of experience, give you weapons and armor, accumulate resources and mine Tarisland gold, which may be useful in future updates and during the stages of learning content, when you may need to develop professions, or buy missing equipment and weapons without having to bet everything on luck in raids.

Story missions will be long in time and will require you to kill monsters, send messages and move around locations, so that you indirectly learn to constantly explore the world and gradually approach character level 30.

You can pay attention not only to story quests, but also combine them with secondary tasks and helping local residents, who can be helped for different types of resources, gold and other elements.

It is advisable to read the detailed description of such quests in order to understand whether it is possible to complete them together with the plot ones and at the same time look at the reward, which can be either good enough or useless to do this quest even in a crowd with other assignments.

Usually, the good thing about side quests is that you can get endless ones – this means that you will receive rewards for the number of quest items that are required to complete it.

This means that with a good and long hunt and completing quests, you can accumulate quite a lot of them, and then exchange them for cheap Tarisland gold.

Combine all types of activities, and then you can get maximum gold and experience.



You can always devote yourself to hunting monsters, or combine your quests with subsequent hunting in locations, which is called grinding.

If you can destroy monsters with single attacks or mass skills, then your hero is suitable for this type of hunt.

Fortunately, in Tarisland there are practically no heroes who are not able to deal with monsters themselves, but it is better to do this in a group – it is faster, more profitable and safer.

You will have almost endless resources and mana, fast and stable damage, protection from attacks that enemies will inflict on you, because the tank will take them on with the help of provocation.

The tank will collect and hold monsters, the healer and buffer will help him and the entire group, and the rest of the attacking classes will systematically destroy large groups of monsters.

Even if all the experience, Tarisland gold and resources will be shared among all players, then due to the many enemies and their quick destruction you can really get a lot of resources and rapid progress in experience.


All projects in the MMO RPG genre, which allow the use of profession systems to accumulate resources and convert them into new items for themselves and other heroes, help all players to significantly participate in the project’s economy and receive a lot of Tarisland gold, which will always come in handy.

But the main advantage is that no matter what budget you have, you will always have the opportunity to independently create valuable items and weapons for your class yourself, without having to buy it, or knock it out, or go on raids.

This does not mean that this will always be the best solution, but having current, albeit not the best, weapons and armor is a guarantee of getting into raids and other difficult locations for your level.

Try not to upgrade those professions that are useless for your hero and the exception may be professions aimed at collecting resources and in order not to engage in crafting, you can simply farm a lot of gold by selling it to artisans.

If you take gold seriously, then you need a collecting and creating profession that will allow you not only to collect resources, but also to transform them into ready-made examples.

It all depends on your class – blacksmithing will help sword masters and steel lovers, leatherworking will help archers and dodgers, tailoring will help offensive and defensive magicians, and so on.

Literally every player will have the opportunity to create for themselves everything that is necessary for comfortable gameplay, and at the same time continue to craft in order to sell extra items to less active players.

This will allow you to prepare your hero for future updates and earn a lot of Tarisland gold.

Buy gold


You can buy Tarisland gold from a professional service Skycoach to solve all the difficulties and lack of equipment in the gameplay.

You only need to select the amount you want to buy and pay for the order for the transfer process to start.

The service does everything to ensure that the transaction is completed quickly and safely, and Tarisland gold will be delivered in full.

To ensure that your character has minimal chances of attracting the attention of the game administration, an imitation of a full transaction is used, a relevant and significant character is used, and a refund is guaranteed in case of controversial situations.

Simply transfer any item of low value in exchange for Tarisland gold and complete the transaction.

The approach and multi-level protection of these types of platforms allow you to reduce risks to a minimum and in case of that minimal risk, financial guarantees from the service are provided.

You can buy absolutely any amount of gold – even a small amount, even a huge amount – the manager just clarifies the availability and starts the process.

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