Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Arkansas [Update 2021]

Purchasing a house has turned into a significant financial commitment that is becoming more difficult to justify. US house values are now $281,370 on average; this represents an increase of 11.6% over the previous year.

Arkansas is a pleasing place to invest in attractive real estate with its thriving little towns and vast natural areas.

Today, I am presenting some of the most expensive houses in Arkansas, giving you a broad idea about your expectation vs. reality in buying homes. 

1. 2804 Covenant CV, Little Rock, AR (Worth: $16,867,400)

2804 Covenant CV, Little Rock is one of the most expensive houses in Arkansas

Near a highly lucrative CARTI center, the multi-family home sits in Little Rock’s rapidly expanding west central financial area, and it is the most expensive house in Arkansas.

There are 51 units totaling 99,220 sq.ft., each with three or four bedrooms and two baths. It has an amazing chance of increasing business, and private expansion, providing secure opportunities for your future. Interior elements are likewise spectacular, which contributes to the house’s dominance in the marketplace.

2. 400 & 410 N Oliver AVE, Fayetteville, AR (Worth: $12,000,000)

400 & 410 N Oliver AVE, Fayetteville, AR

The house was built completely in 1996. The property consists of three single-family dwellings with a total living space of 11,320 square feet.

The property also has a separate fiery pool, two nicely manicured lots, a three-car garage, and even a two-story treehouse with TV, electricity, and Wi-Fi fully engaged during game days. The number of living areas exceeds the number of beds and bathrooms combined, which is incredible!

A strong probability exists that you will be able to educate your children in the neighborhood as it is well-known for being the second most expensive house in Arkansas. 

3. 9221 Moody Road, Fort Smith, AR (Worth: $8,900,000)

9221 Moody Road, Fort Smith, AR

The elegant exterior of Fort Smith, Arkansas, a Mediterranean-style mansion, has a value of little under $9 million. This 18,000-square-foot programmed smart home was completed in 2005 as a Single Family Residence. It features four bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Additionally, there’s a gaming room with 2,400 square feet of space, a kids’ play area inside, a modified auditorium, and a winner pool on the property.

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4. Unk Ritz Road, Mena, Scott County, AR (Worth: $7,600,000)

The single-family home built in 2000 in Mena, Arkansas, is on a property plot of 1,678.00 acres. The house, designed in the Cedar style, has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, requiring $7.6 million to purchase.

Some of the interior features include a snack bar, dryer connectivity (electric), a wooded ceiling, and large living spaces, to name a few. There’s a beautiful river to gaze at just in front of the building. 

5. 12952 Galyean Stables RD, Greater Gravette, AR (Worth: $6,500,000) 

Construction of this classic ranch-style house began in 1973, and it now stands on a wide, flat piece of land. It’s one of the most expensive houses in Arkansas, with the new Bella Vista Bypass just 8 minutes away by car.

This area is ideal for families with children as well as those who have pets. An old-fashioned farmhouse sits on 147 acres of undulating terrain, and it’s equipped with a 5-acre pond as well as its groundwater supply.

6. 4799 Tar Kiln Road, Harrison, AR (Worth: $6,000,000)

Located in Boone County, this home constructed in 2002 may be found roughly a mile into the property’s center. Guests may enjoy glimpses of the nearby lake and pastureland from the welcoming living room, cathedral ceilings, and glass walls.

There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a massive open living space, a covered patio, and numerous other features. Also on the property is a 4-acre lake and great hunting opportunities with six contained deer fonts, paths, and roads all over the area, with two entry points from division highways. 

7. 8700 Fromme RD, Hobbs State Park, AR (Worth: $5,700,000)

This beautiful riverfront house on Beaver Lake for $5.7 million features nine rooms, ten bathrooms, and several common areas. It is located in the exclusive Beaver Lake community.

It was constructed in 1980. This single-family house has beautiful Waterfront features that will soothe your heart while you relax! 

8. 2991 S City Lake RD, Fayetteville, AR (Worth: $4,780,000)

There are five bedrooms, five shower rooms, and a lengthy menu of other great features in this 12,000-square-foot single-family house and one of the most expensive houses in Arkansas.

To construct this world-class and globally renowned architectural design, over 4000 tons of local metal were hand-hewn and precisely fitted together. The visitor’s section, library, and research deck at Dromborg Castle are all must attractions for history buffs. 

9. 1352 Clella Circle, Bee Branch, AR (Worth: $4,950,000)

A 22,000 square-foot house with twelve bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms, as well as an extra three-car garage area with two separate homes, is set against the backdrop of this beautiful land.

The gourmet kitchen, sitting room with a built fireplace, large dining hall, play area, and gym are all included in the price of this fully furnished home. All of this could be yours for the exceptional price of $4.95 million.

10. 1626 E Pickens RD, Pea Ridge, AR (Worth: $4,011,200)

Located on Pickens Rd, this beautiful four-bedroom, two-bathroom house will cost you $4,011,200 and give you a unique property with endless potential for enlargement, measuring 2,098 square feet.

It also includes a private pool and a fireplace, among other amenities. Except for a small area along Highway 72 that is somewhat wooded, almost all the land has been removed and leveled. 

You’ll discover some unusual and wealthy homes in Arkansas, which are located amid stunningly beautiful landscapes. Additionally, I think if you have the financial flexibility to spend a bit extra money on something specific to your tastes, you can’t stop yourself. The features of these homes may astound you, so don’t delay in making an appointment to see your ultimate dream home!

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