Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in Arkansas [Update 2024]


Arkansas is a state of wonders and the residents of Arkansas enjoy the mix of comfort and affordability. With beautiful cities, there come the differences in the standard of living and prices relative to that. If you are planning to relocate to a city that fits your cost of living, here is the research done for you.

Read this list of the most expensive cities in Arkansas.

1. Fayetteville – $422,505

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Fayetteville is one of the Most Expensive Cities in Arkansas

With a population of over 86,622, Fayetteville is the fanciest and most expensive city in Arkansas. For over a year, it has maintained its high rank. The average earning rate of the residents is $422,505 annually.

The beautiful estates of this place are of unique architecture and there are all kinds of facilities available for the residents. Surely, living in this city ensures living in one of the safest states in Arkansas as well.

2. Bentonville – $398,126

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When you visit Bentonville, you will get the idea why it made it to the list. Almost all the houses are of great architecture and equipped with modern technology. The schools, institutes and stores are also one of the reasons for its development as they are all of higher standards. The median income is $398,126.

3. Rogers – $373,345

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For neutral families, Rogers is a great place to live and get a top living standard. With a median income of $373,345, you will get a well furnished house and the high – end neighborhoods have beautiful parks to spend time in nature.

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4. Centerton – $356,965

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Who doesn’t like to live in a place full of greenery and also enjoy the buzz of the city? Well, if you research Centerton, you can understand why the residents enjoy the life living here. With an average income of $356,965, you can live in a pretty decent neighborhood. Also, the pretty stores in the city add to the beauty for the lookers.

5. Hot Springs – $332,004

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Eureka Springs

The natural beauty of Hot Springs is incredible. The natural sights of this city are wonders, and you can enjoy living in the well-developed areas if you have an income median of $332,004. The population of the city is comparatively small, so you might like it more if you like a quieter life than the buzz of the big cities.

6. Little Rock – $302,504

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With a population of about 198,067 residents, Little Rock is one of the most developed cities in Arkansas. For this reason, the rent is quite expensive, and it is expected to increase more and more over the years.

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7. Springdale – $286,334

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If you search for the pictures of the neighborhood of Springdale, you will get an idea of the beauty of the city. For the income medium, $286,334 is the range. The city is filled with parks, high – end brands, international coffee shops, and other wonders which you will not get enough of.

8. Conway – $276,334

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Conway is a city in Faulkner County, and is situated in Central Arkansas, the most populated metropolitan area in the state. Which also explains Conway having a population of more than 65,000. But, if you love a busy life in city areas, which also comes with many modern amenities and convenience, then Conway is a great place to live for you.

9. Fort Smith – $258,937

Fort Smith is well known for its rich history and development projects. Even if this city is at the end of the list, the median income required for living in this fantastic city is $258,937. The neighborhoods offer diversity and there are plenty of outdoor activities to do in lakes, museums, and other places all around the city.

10. White Hall

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White Hall is a small city with a population of around 21,000. It is located in Saline County in Arkansas, and is bordered by the capital, Little Rock. White Hall is more of a suburban city and most residents here own their own home. It is not a busy city at all, and offers residents a tranquil and peaceful life.

With plenty of parks, institutes, colleges and other places to work, play and enjoy, Conway made it to the list, and it is predicted that, due to the planned infrastructure, the standard of living will increase and so will the expense of living here.

After you save up for months or years, moving to the listed most expensive cities in Arkansas will be the best place for you to make your home sweet home.

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