11 Best Community Colleges in Illinois [Update 2024]


Choosing the correct college may be a challenge, particularly in light of the high cost of attendance. Some of the nation’s greatest community colleges serve as stepping stones to four-year universities by providing students with affordable and well-rounded degree options that may be completed in as little as two years.

Illinois’ best public community colleges provide a wide range of associate’s degrees at a decent cost. They also work closely with Illinois’ public four-year universities to help students quickly move their credits to bachelor’s degree programs that are recognized by the state.

So, today I will talk about some of the best community colleges in Illinois.

1. College of DuPage(COD)

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College of DuPage(COD) is one of the Best Community Colleges in Illinois

DuPage College was founded in 1967 and has 25,000 students, making it Illinois’ best community college for undergraduate education. There are 80 academic departments, 161 certifications and nine associate degrees available from the college.

Located in Naperville, Carol Stream, Addison, and Westmont, the school has four campuses. In order to assist its students, the university also offers a variety of financial aid options. Additionally, there are alternatives for students who choose to study face-to-face and those who prefer to learn online.

2. Oakton Community College

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Oakton Community College

Oakton Community College is the second-best community college in Illinois. It provides more than 2,500 courses, degree programs, and non-credit professional and personal development courses in 80 different fields of study.

As an additional option, you might pursue a GED or study English in a classroom setting. It has 240 off-site venues and provides 90 online courses each year to students.

3. College of Lake County (CLC)

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It is the third-best community college in Illinois as, at the College of Lake County, students may pursue a broad choice of academic degrees that will help them advance their careers and personal lives. It provides a wide range of professional training courses and other degrees, some of which may be transferred to other colleges as well.

Students must have a CLC English Placement Test or GED transcript and a Reading and Writing Proficiency Score of 550 or higher to be admitted. Scholarships are awarded by the university based on a student’s academic record, monetary need, and chosen major. Traditional courses and online certificate programs are also available at this institution.

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4. Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC)

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Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC)

Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC), which was founded in 1967, is an institution of higher learning in southern Illinois. Thanks to low tuition fees, LLCC’s on-campus and online programs are of the highest caliber.

In order to provide its online degree and certificate programs, the university uses a mix of online and hybrid classrooms. Depending on your chosen field of study, you may be required to attend classes in person on campus.

5. Moraine Valley Community College

Over 130 programs are offered at Moraine Valley Community College, which claims an 89 percent post-graduation employment record, with 97 percent of students indicating they would recommend MVCC to a friend. There is a significant probability that prospective students will discover exactly what they’re looking for in terms of educational courses and transfer programs.

6. Illinois Central College (ICC)

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Since its founding in 1967, Illinois Central College has grown to be one of the state’s major community institutions. Colleges and universities in Central Illinois are all accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and ICC claims to have the lowest tuition rate in the region.

Illinois Central College provides both professional training programs and online courses. Also, it’s possible to transfer certain college degrees to a four-year university from here.

7. Frontier Community College (FCC)

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Fairfield, Lincoln Trail College, Olney Central College, and Wabash Valley College are part of Frontier Community College’s network of institutions, which was founded in 1976. A four-year bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines is also available: General Studies (two years), Science (two years), Technology (two years), or Arts (two years).

New students can choose from a variety of class formats, including traditional classroom instruction and some online learning. Some of its associate degrees may be transferred to four-year colleges for further education.

8. Harper College

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With a founding date of September 1967, Harper College is one of the first colleges in the United States to open its doors to the public. As one of Illinois’ major community schools, Harper College serves more than 35,000 students in the city of Chicago. Prospective students may acquire associate’s degrees and certificates from Harper College online or on-campus.

At least a 3.5 GPA and 101-level courses are necessary for students to be admitted to the university, as well as an overall high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or more. You may earn college credits while working toward a professional advancement program or an accelerated degree.

9. Lake Land College

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Lake Land College, which was established in 1966, has more than 150 different academic possibilities. On-campus and online students may both benefit from the academic offerings of this institution. The highest degree provided by community colleges is an associate’s degree, which may be transferred to four-year universities for a bachelor’s degree.

10. Olney Central College

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Students of Olney Central College are considered some of the best in the nation. Because of the school’s reduced class sizes, kids may get more one-on-one attention.

It also provides both in-person and online learning options. With the right application and accomplishments, several of its associate degrees may be transferred to four-year colleges.

11. Elgin Community College

In the state of Illinois, Elgin Community College is a public institution of higher learning and research. More than 130 degree and certificate programs are available at the college, including in the arts, engineering, music, and liberal studies.

Basketball, golf, baseball, soccer, and tennis are just a few of the sports offered by the college. Moreover, certificates and interest in fields such as literature, compositions, journalism, and creative writing are necessary for entrance.

If you’re worried about racking up massive debt in graduate school, consider enrolling at one of these best community colleges in Illinois instead. With a variety of learning options including on-campus and online classes, as well as hybrid and distance learning options, many institutions now provide certificates and degrees. You may save money by attending a community college without sacrificing academic quality.

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