Top 12 Largest University Campuses in the US [Ranking of 2024]

Largest University Campus by Acres in the US

If you have been thinking of going abroad for higher studies, you might end up being a search tool yourself because we all know it is essential to search for everything about a top university before stepping out of our own countries.

If your target is the US, this article is about the largest university campuses in the US for your top-notch study experience. 

1. Berry College ( 27,000 Acres)

Berry College is one of the largest university campuses in the US

Berry College has the largest university campus in the US which is basically a liberal arts college in Mount Berry, Georgia. It has successfully been approved by the Colleges Association and the Southern Association. With 27,000 acres (110 km2), Perry claims that the College has the largest campus in the USA.

Perry College has a total of 2,141 undergraduates, and the number of students in 2013 was 789. There are 82 postgraduate students.

There is a female to male ratio of 66:34, and 68% of the students are residents of the country. The students come from at least 33 states and 17 foreign countries.

2. United States Air Force Academy (18,455 Acres)

United States Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy is a military academy in the United States that was founded in 1954 in the US under President Dwight Eisenhower, located north of Colorado Springs, County El Paso County, and Colorado.

This College has approximately 18,455 acres which makes it the 2nd largest campus in the USA. The US Air Force Academy is a four-year educational program that provides the knowledge required to develop the abilities and leadership required of cadets to serve as regular officers. 

3. US Military Academy (16,080 Acres)

US Military Academy

United States Military Academy (USMA), also called “West Point,” the proportion of the area where there are, is a federal institution the US specializes in teaching military science for men and women alike.

The US Military Academy in New York State is the oldest of the five US military academies, as it was founded in 18. The period of study by four years, and there in the West Point area.

The area of this largest campus is approximately 16,080 acres. This biggest academy has taken 3rd position by the site in the USA.

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4. University of the South (13,000 Acres)

University of the South

The University of the South, prominently known as Sewanee, is a private Episcopal College of Liberal Arts in Sewanee, Tennessee. It is owned by the 28 Southern parishes of the Episcopal Church, and its affiliated Divinity School is the official religious school of the Church.

The university’s College of Arts offers graduate degrees in American Literature and Creative Writing. With the 13,000 acres, the campus has taken 4th place by area in the USA.

5. Pennsylvania State University (8,556 Acres)

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University (PSU) is the public research University of Pennsylvania where the university’s buildings and facilities are located. It was founded in the year 1855. It carries out its educational mission in university and postgraduate education, in addition to professional programs and continuing education, either at the university or via the Internet.

The region of this University campus is approximately 8,556 acres. This biggest university has taken 5th position by area in the USA. 

There are more than 160 academic majors in the university and its branches. According to the 2010 Academic Ranking of World Universities, Pennsylvania State University ranks 43rd among universities worldwide. 

6. Stanford University (8,180 Acres)

Stanford University

Leland Stanford Junior University, famous for Stanford University, is a private American research university; the university was found in 1885 by Leland Stanford and opened on October 1, 1891. And the famous Silicon Valley started it in the sixties of the last century.

It is located about 37 miles southeast of San Francisco and about 20 miles northwest of San Jose in California near Palo Alto. It has the largest university campus in America, which contains 8,180 acres. For this largest area has taken the 6th place in the USA.

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7. Liberty University (7,000 Acres)

Liberty University

Liberty University is a Christian evangelical private Liberty University was founded in 1971 AD and is headquartered in Lynchburg, Virginia. Jerry Falwell Elmer El Townes founded it in 1971. Although the campus is located in Lynchburg, most of its students are connected to the Internet.

It has become one of the biggest evangelical Christian universities in the USA and one of the largest private universities. The University area has to take 7,000+ acres which reach the 7th position by area in the USA. 

8. Michigan State University (5,239 Acres)

Michigan State University

Michigan State University is the University General is located in East Lansing, Michigan. The number of its students is 46,045, and the number of teachers and professors is about 4,800; the number of students is eight from all American universities—University president Lou Anna Simon.

Michigan State University is a “public ivy” university. It is an American public university that provides education at the Ivy League level in college sports; MSU teams play the Spartans. With the 5,239 acres, the campus has taken8th place by area in the USA.

9. Texas A&M University (5,115 Acres)

Texas A&M University

Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University (Texas A&M University) is a public, coeducational research university located in College Station, Texas, US. With the 5,115 acres, the largest university campus has taken 9th position by area in the United States and the biggest university in Texas.

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10. Tuskegee University (5,000 Acres)

Tuskegee University

Tuskegee University, founded in 1880 under Alabama state statute, is a private university located in Tuskegee, Alabama. The university proposes undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in more than 40 academic majors.

The university has 3000 students currently. It has another largest university campus in America, which contains 5,000 acres. This largest area has taken 10th place by size in the USA.

11. University of Minnesota (2,730 Acres)

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is the University of State-owned in Minnesota north of the United States of America, founded in 1851. Enrollment on campus in St. Paul, Minnesota, is 50,402 students.

Thus, this university, along with Ohio State University and Arizona State University, is the third-largest university in the United States of America and among the top 10 universities in the United States of America.

Also, this university is part of the University of Minnesota system and a member of the Association of American Universities. With the 2,730 acres, the campus has taken 11th place by area in the USA.

12. Ohio University (1764 Acres)

Ohio University

It is a renowned university for public research in Ohio. The Union Congress first approved the first charter under a congressional law in 1878787 at the University and Ohio, and later in 1802. The state was approved in 1804, opened to students in 1809.

The University of Ohio is the oldest in Ohio, the tenth oldest public university in the United States, and ranked 32nd among public and private universities. The University area has to contain 1764+ acres, taking the 12th position by area in the USA.

Surprisingly, why larger universities? Many of these universities have been recognized as innovative campuses for students and rank top in the nation.

These universities will provide you with quality education and spacious arrangements for fun activities for your fantastic journey. Just google them anytime, and you will find many opportunities waiting for you.

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