12 Longest Suspension Bridges in the US [Update 2024]

Longest Suspension Bridges in the US

Can you assume how hard it would be to cross a river, sea, or ocean without a bridge? One of the popular types of bridges is the suspension bridge.

A suspension bridge is where the level is fixed below suspension cables on vertical suspenders. Moreover, these structures are not simply beneficial; they can also be attractive and artistic.

I have listed below the longest suspension bridges in the US if you are interested in visiting one someday. 

1. Mackinac Straits, Michigan – 8,038 m

Mackinac Straits, Michigan

Mackinac Bridge crosses the Straits of Mackinac in Michigan State, the United States. It was opened in 1957; this bridge extends 3800 feet, and this bridge is the third-longest suspension bridge globally and the longest suspension bridge between anchors in the Western Hemisphere.

The Mackinac Bridge carries Interstate 75 in the Great Lakes Department across the strait and connects the city of Saint Ignace at the northern end with the village of Mackinaw City to the south. Today it is considered one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.

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2. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge – 7, 180 m

San Francisco, Oakland Bay

San Francisco bridge, Oakland, one of the main bridges prominent globally, built in 1937, is a two-story. However, due to exposure to the Loma Prieta earthquake, in 1989, it a magnitude to 7.1 on the Richter scale and directed to the destruction of the eastern extension of the bridge as it collapsed floor Upstairs is downstairs.

Believed that building a new eastern extension, starting with the renewal of the parts of the current bridge, would be safer and more effective. This bridge extends 2310 feet, and Bay Bridge was 13 kilometers long and was considered one of the longest and tallest bridges. 

3. Verrazano-Narrows, New York – 4,176 m

Verrazano-Narrows, New York

The Verrazano – Narrows Bridge is a two-lane suspension bridge connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York City at the strait, which connects the relatively sheltered Upper Bay with the larger Lower Bay. It is considered one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.

This bridge extended 4,260 feet (1,298 m). It was the longest suspension bridge at the time of its completion in 1964 until the Humber Bridge in the United Kingdom surpassed in 1981.

It became the ninth longest significant extension globally, and it is still the longest bridge in the Americas.

4. Delaware Memorial Bridge, New Jersey – 3,291 m

Delaware Memorial Bridge, New Jersey

Delaware Memorial Bridge is the US’s one of the longest suspension bridges that helps pass the Delaware River. It has the same to same of just little two connections of the River of Delaware with pair Highway of USA and assignments of Interstate Highway, the other having the Bridge of Benjamin Franklin.

It was opened in 1968, this scaffold expands 2150 feet, and this extension is a conflict commemoration, apparent from the northern walkways.

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5. Walt Whitman Bridge, Philadelphia – 3,152 m

Walt Whitman Bridge, Philadelphia

Walt Whitman Bridge is a solitary level engineered overpass that expands the Delaware River from Philadelphia, Gloucester, and Camden, New Jersey, USA—known after Walt Whitman, who dwelled close to Camden close to the furthest limit his biography. He is perhaps the biggest extension on the east bank of the island of the USA.

The extension is claimed and worked by the DRPA (Delaware River Port Authority). This scaffold broadens 2000 feet, and the development of this extension started in 1953, and it also started in public on May 16, 1957.

6. Golden Gate, California – 2,737 m

Golden Gate is the longest suspension bridges in the US

Golden Gate Bridge is the longest suspension bridges in the US that crosses the Straits of Golden Gate Californians, a meeting point between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Construction began with funding from the Work Projects Administration amid many difficulties in 1933. The project took four years the project took four years, with construction work completed in 1937.

Many reported that the bridge could not be built across a strait of 2,042 meters (6,700 feet), primarily as it is characterized by strong currents and deep waters and for the storming of fierce winds in the middle.

7. Tacoma Narrows II, Washington – 1,822 m

Tacoma Narrows II, Washington

Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a suspension bridge built in the US state of Washington over the Tacoma River, connecting Tacoma to the port of Jig in the west.

Three bridges have been built so far on-site, first in 1940, which was destroyed shortly after its construction. The second was built in the year 1950 based on studies of bridge movement under different influences of earthquakes, winds, etc.

This bridge extends 2800 feet, and this bridge becomes the longest suspension bridge in the world. Its construction was based on all kinematic studies related to design and the study of the mechanics of solid materials for the materials used for construction. 

8. George Washington Bridge, New Jersey – 1,451 m

George Washington Bridge, New Jersey

The George Washington Bridge is the double-decked suspension bridge in the United States of America. It extends both Interstate 95 and through the United States 1/9 across the river through the bridge.

While ends by the United States 46 entirely in New Jersey, specifically in the middle of the bridge, the line to the state boundary with the City of New York. It was opened in 1931. This bridge extends 3500 feet, and this bridge becomes the longest suspension bridge in the world.

9. Al Zampa Memorial Bridge, California

Al Zampa Memorial Bridge, California

The Carquinez Bridge, formally named Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge, is a couple of equal extensions traversing the Karkinis Strait at the northeastern finish of San Francisco Bay.

The title Carquinez Bridge initially alluded to one cantilever connect that worked in 1927, which was necessary for the immediate course between San Francisco and Sacramento. A subsequent equal cantilever connects finished in 1958 to deal with expanded traffic.

Afterward, seismic issues arose during the 1927 expansion hazardous in case of tremor and prompted the creation. Furthermore, starting off a 2003 other option: an engineered overpass formally named Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge in memory of the Zampa Ironworker, who arrogated a vital part in building many of the San Francisco Bay region Bridges. This scaffold expands 2388 feet, and this extension has acquired the longest engineered overpass on the planet.

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10. Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, New York – 1,100 m

Bronx-Whitestone Bridge, New York

Bronx-Whitestone Bridge is the longest suspension connector in New York City, including six lanes of 678 highway over the East River. The bridge connects Throgs Neck and Ferry Point Park in The Bronx, on the north shore of the East River, with the Wheatstone neighborhood of Queens on the South Shore.

The bridge was designed by Swiss-American architect Ottmar Amman and opened to traffic with four lanes on April 29, 1939. The bridge’s structure was similar to that of The Tacoma Narrow Bridge, which collapsed in 1940. The bridge has 2300 feet wide and becomes the longest suspension bridge.

11. Throgs Neck Bridge, New York – 887 m

Throgs Neck Bridge, New York

The Throgs Neck Bridge interfaces the districts of Queens toward the south and the Bronx toward the north and is the third motorway scaffold to be worked among Queens and the Bronx, after the Triboro and Bronx-Wheatstone spans.

The extension is a six-path engineered overpass, three toward every path. Every one of the three paths is 37 feet wide, and a 4-foot obstruction isolates the two bearings of traffic. This scaffold expands 1800 feet, and any marine limitations did not limit the extension; therefore, it did not should be pretty much as tall as other Oman-planned extensions in New York City.

12. Ambassador Bridge, Michigan – 560 m

Ambassador Bridge, Michigan

The Ambassador Bridge is a suspended extension assigned for vehicles crossing the Detroit River, connecting Detroit in the US, and Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This extension is the busiest line crossing in North America as far as business volume, as over 25% of all product exchange between the United States and Canada goes through it.

The extension additionally conveys 60 to 70 percent of the business truck traffic around there. It was opened in 1929, this scaffold expands 1850 feet, and the extension stayed the first on the planet as the longest engineered overpass.

Early forms of the structure had some design defects. Now Suspension bridges resemble wonders of modern engineering. These spots also provide picture-perfect views. If you have not visited, you can go for one to unveil the history and beauty behind them.

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