10 Oldest Bridges in the US [Update 2024]


It’s possible that the history of the oldest bridges in the United States goes back quite a ways. We could be hearing some tales from grandma’s attic.

Some of these could have been in your repertoire of nursery rhymes. When you get down to the nitty-gritty of how these historic bridges came to be built, you’ll find a wealth of fascinating anecdotes.

Here is a list of the oldest bridges in the US which you might be interested to know about:

1. Frankford Avenue Bridge

Frankford Avenue Bridge is one of the Oldest Bridges in the US

Frankford Avenue Bridge is the oldest bridges in the US. The development reached a conclusion in 1697. It has a place with the Holmesburg segment of Northeast Philadelphia. Frankford Avenue Bridge has four other various names, for example, Pennypack Creek Bridge, the Pennypack Bridge, the Holmesburg Bridge, and the King’s Highway Bridge.

This oldest bridge in the US was constructed sufficiently wide around 37 feet to oblige horse carriages and is 73 feet in length. William Penn had allowed land to fabricate the extension to associate his Mansion with the new city of Philadelphia. The scaffold is named out of appreciation for ruler which became Frankford Avenue.

2. The Smithfield Street Bridge

The Smithfield Street Bridge

The Smithfield Street Bridge is one of the main scaffolds in the United States to utilize steel in its brackets. It is a bracket connect, which is a structure of associated components shaping a solitary unit. The scaffold is above Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The two-range connect has an all out length of 1184 feet.

It required just two years to fabricate this extension, i.e., from 1881 to 1883. Smithfield Street Bridge got opened on March 19, 1883. This is the second most established steel connect in the United States. The originator of the scaffold is Gustav Lindenthal. It conveys four paths of streets and two person on foot walkways.

3. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was the world’s first steel-wire engineered overpass. It is a half and half link engineered overpass in New York. Brooklyn Bridge joins Manhattan and Brooklyn over New York City’s east waterway. In 1869 the construction of the scaffold began. It required long fourteen years. John Augustus Roebling is the fashioner of the Brooklyn Bridge. He was the pioneer in the plan of the steel engineered overpass.

Yet, not long before development of the scaffold in 1869, he was lethally harmed while taking a compass perusing and half a month later he passed on. The Bridge opened for public on May 24, 1883. President Chester An Arthur initiated the extension. This oldest bridge in the US has an all out length of 5989 feet and width of 85 feet. The extension has an esteemed status as a National Historic Landmark in 1964.

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4. The Francis Scott Key Bridge

The Francis Scott Key Bridge

The Francis Scott Key Bridge regularly known as the key extension is one among the most established and the oldest bridge in the US. This is a six-path curve connect holding U.S highway 29. In 1923 the scaffold was available to general society.

The scaffold supplanted the more seasoned Aqueduct Bridge in the locale. The new extension got its name in 1916. It is the Army corps of architects who proposed the name to pay tribute to an essayist in the area.

5. Seven Mile Bridge

Seven Mile Bridge

Seven Mile Bridge is the oldest bridge in Florida of United States. The bridge connects Knight’s Key to the Lower keys region. This iconic bridge is one among the longest bridge of America. The exact history connects two bridges here. The old bridge starts with a railroad. The name was Florida East Coast Railway.

The railway begins to expand then. The critical stretch of the railway is Seven Mile Bridge. The hurricane caused more damages to the bridge. The United States Government bought the bridge and rebuilt it. The bridge holds space for passing ships and automobile use. Because of the damage caused by Hurricane Donna, the need for a new bridge came.

6. Ambassador Bridge

Ambassador Bridge

Diplomat Bridge is another part in the rundown of most seasoned extensions in the USA. This engineered overpass associates areas, for example, Detroit, United States, Michigan with Windsor, Ontario, and Canada. The waterway ranges over the Detroit River.

The warmth treated link wires were utilized in the development of the extension. This was another innovation of the time. For security, the links changed later.

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7. Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the US. This is a well known traveler area in Colorado. The scaffold is at a super stature of 955 feet over the Arkansas River. It was the most noteworthy extension on the planet until 2001. It remains the most elevated scaffold in the US. The fundamental point of the extension was to advance the travel industry, instead of transportation reason.

So the extension go about as a whole event congregation in the district. More than 500,000 individuals visit the extension consistently. The extension doesn’t have a past filled with any deadly episodes. Indeed, even today this vacationer place welcomes countless voyagers to feel the genuine stature of satisfaction.

8. Bixby Creek Bridge

Bixby Creek Bridge

The Bixby Creek Bridge is one among the old extensions in America. Because of its magnificence and effortlessness, the scaffold is quite possibly the most appropriate spots for photography. The curve connect is in the northern piece of Big Sur.

This most seasoned extension got its name from Charles Henry Bixby. He bought the land and collected the wood. This strengthened solid extension is one among the tallest solid scaffolds on the planet.

9. George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge is an engineered overpass over the Hudson River. It interfaces Washington Heights in Newyork city alongside ward in New Jersey. This most established extension conveyed about 103million vehicles consistently.

Subsequently, it turned into the busiest engine vehicle scaffold of the world. The port authority of New York and New Jersey exclusively possesses the extension. There are absolute 105,986 wires for the help of this American scaffold.

10. The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

Brilliant door connect is one among the most established engineered overpass in America. It associates the city of San Francisco to Marin Country. It conveys US Route101 and California State Route across the waterway. The Golden entryway connect is one among the miracles of the cutting edge world.

The designer of the scaffold configuration was Irving Morrow. In 1872 Charles Crocker made the primary proposition of the scaffold to Marin Country agents. The preeminent significance of the scaffold was for security. The specialists took measures to maintain a strategic distance from the danger of life during development. Yet, there were different mishaps.

These are some of the oldest bridges in the US those are talked about as of now. Each bridge has a history attached to it which conveys the name of the architects and engineers and how it eventually came up to the form it is now.

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