Top 10 Steepest Bridges in the US [Update 2024]

Steepest Bridges in the US

Bridges are constructed not only to facilitate transit but also to improve the aesthetics of an area. There are, however, several variations of bridges to be observed. Civil engineers deserve all the praise in the world for their tireless efforts to create an accurate replica of the real world.

Its beauty and appeal are heightened by the variety of designs on display. Countless bridges boast labels like “world’s scariest” or “world’s steepest.”

The list here marks some of the steepest bridges in the US:

1. Chesapeake Bay Bridge – 107.9 m

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is situated in Maryland. The extension is almost 200 feet high and stretches 4.3 miles over the Chesapeake Bay. Because of the scaffold’s huge stature above untamed water and length of the extension, numerous drivers have detailed having alarm assaults while driving over this steepest bridge in the US, including their vision burrowing and dreading a total loss of control of their vehicles.

2. Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge – 70 m

Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is a steep bridge interfacing the New York City precincts of Staten Island and Brooklyn. It traverses the Narrows, a waterway connecting the generally encased Upper New York Bay with Lower New York Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, and is the main fixed intersection of the Narrows.

The twofold deck connects 13 paths of Interstate 278, with seven paths on the upper level and six on the lower level. It is pretty interesting to know that this bridge is named after Giovanni da Verrazzano, the main reported European pilgrim to enter New York Harbor and the Hudson River in 1524.

3. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge – 58 m

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is often referred to locally as the Bay Bridge. It is a complex of scaffolds crossing San Francisco Bay in California.

As a component of Interstate 80 and the immediate street between San Francisco and Oakland, it conveys around 260,000 vehicles every day on its two decks. It is one of steepest bridges in the US. It has two segments of generally equivalent length; the more seasoned western segment, formally known as the Willie L.

4. Sunshine Skyway Bridge – 56 m

Sunshine Skyway Bridge is one of the Steepest Bridges in the US

Sunshine Skyway Bridge is the steepest bridges in the US spreading over the Lower Tampa Bay associating St. Petersburg, Florida to Terra Ceia. The current Sunshine Skyway opened in 1987 and is the second extension of that name on the site.

It was planned by the Figg and Muller Engineering Group and worked by the American Bridge Company and is viewed as an image of Florida. The first extension opened in 1954 and was the site of two significant oceanic catastrophes inside a couple of months in 1980.

Inside a couple of years, the harmed length was wrecked, the enduring range was somewhat annihilated and changed over into a long fishing dock, and the current bridge was constructed.

5. Richmond–San Rafael Bridge – 56 m

Richmond–San Rafael Bridge

The Richmond–San Rafael Bridge is the northernmost of the east-west intersections of the San Francisco Bay in California, USA. Authoritatively named after California State Senator John F. McCarthy, it spans Interstate 580 from Richmond on the east to San Rafael on the west. It opened in 1956, supplanting ship administration by the Richmond–San Rafael Ferry Company. Now, it is considered to be one of the steepest bridges in the US. 

6. Mackinac Bridge – 47 m

Mackinac Bridge

Situated in Michigan, the Mackinac Bridge, nicknamed “Powerful Mac,” opened on Nov. 1, 1957. At almost five miles in length, it is the fifth-longest engineered bridge on the planet and the longest engineered overpass in the Western half of the globe. It is also considered one of the steepest bridges in the US. The Mackinac Bridge is suspended 200 feet over the ground associating Michigan’s upper and lower landmasses.

Since it’s an engineered overpass, it can move with the breeze. The extension can move in excess of 35 feet side to side. While the Mackinac Bridge’s site contends the extension doesn’t “influence,” it is likely you will feel the development in case you are driving on the bridge during a huge breeze blast.

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7. Talmadge Memorial Bridge -56 m

Talmadge Memorial Bridge

The Talmadge Memorial Bridge is an extension in the United States spreading over the Savannah River between downtown Savannah, Georgia and Hutchinson Island. It conveys US 17/SR 404 Spur. The first extension was underlying 1953. Then a substitution connection was finished in 1991, additionally alluded to as the Talmadge Memorial Bridge. This is one of the steepest bridges in the US. 

8. Delaware Memorial Bridge – 53 m

Delaware Memorial Bridge

The Delaware Memorial Bridge is a twin engineered overpass crossing the Delaware River. The cost spans convey Interstate 295 and U.S. Highway 40 among Delaware and New Jersey. The extension was planned by the firm referred to at the present time as HNTB with counseling help from engineer Othmar Ammann, whose different plans incorporate the Walt Whitman Bridge and the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

It is likewise one of just two intersections of the Delaware River with both U.S. Thruway and Interstate Highway assignments, the other being the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. The steep bridge gives a territorial association for tourists.

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9. Bronx-Whitestone Bridge – 41 m

Bronx-Whitestone Bridge

The Bronx-Whitestone Bridge is one of the steepest bridges in the US, located in New York City, conveying six paths of Interstate 678 over the East River. The extension interfaces Throggs Neck and Ferry Point Park in the Bronx, on the East River’s northern shore, with the Whitestone neighborhood of Queens on the southern shore.

This bridge was planned by Swiss-American draftsman Othmar Ammann and opened to traffic with four paths on April 29, 1939. The extension’s plan was like that of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which fell in 1940. Therefore, additional solidifying supports were added to the Bronx–Whitestone Bridge in the mid 1940s, and it was enlarged to six paths during a similar task.

10. San Mateo–Hayward Bridge – 41 m

San Mateo–Hayward Bridge

The San Mateo-Hayward Bridge is a bridge crossing the U.S. province of California’s San Francisco Bay. It gives a connection of the San Francisco Peninsula with the East Bay. The scaffold’s west end is in Foster City, a suburb on the eastern edge of San Mateo. The east finish of the extension is in Hayward. It is the longest bridge in California and the 25th longest on the planet. It is also of the steepest bridges found in the US.

When we talk about the steepest bridge available, one bridge from Japan will take that place- Eshima Ohashi Bridge. Yet have you wondered, the United States has these kinds of bridges as well? They look very beautiful yet seem very scary traveling on those. 

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