Top 10 Nursing Schools in Alabama [Update 2024]

Nursing Schools in Alabama

When you plan to become a listed nurse (RN), the nursing school and degree program you take will play the major role in your future career. With so many nursing schools, how do you pick the most suitable one?

In this guide, I have explored the best nursing schools in Alabama and how to evaluate nursing schools, find the points most important to you, and preferred programs that match your wants and requirements.

1. Samford University

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Samford University is one of the top nursing schools in Alabama

Set up in 1841, Samford University is among the most seasoned schools in the US. Samford is likewise positioned as the top school in Alabama by The Wall Street Journal, so understudies can be confident the nursing program is top-level. A high NCLEX pass rate or more normal occupation arrangement rate are two key things to think about the BSN. Understudies need to pay a non-public school educational cost rate; however, the quality and results of the program might be excellent. 

2. The University of Alabama at Birmingham

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is perhaps the most youthful school on this rundown. Be that as it may, UAB is additionally positioned as outstanding amongst other young schools in the country, so in its 50 years, UAB has gotten one of the top foundations in Alabama.

UAB’s conventional BSN is a four-year degree with a high NCLEX pass rate, something sure to stand out enough to be noticed by candidates. A subsequent degree program is likewise accessible, and students from other schools can acquire credits to cut the program time. Alabama inhabitants again will exploit low in-state educational costs. 

3. The University of Alabama

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The University of Alabama

Most well-known school in the state on account of its sports, the nature of the University of Alabama’s scholarly projects is now and then neglected, including the nursing program. The conventional BSN track comprises four semesters of lower-division courses followed by five semesters of nursing school. On top of educational costs, understudies should pay different charges, including travel costs, CPR confirmation, and protection.

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4. Auburn University

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Auburn University

With an understudied group of more than 30,000, Auburn University’s understudy to-staff proportion of 19:1 is noteworthy. That low proportion implies that nursing understudies will partake in the large school feel while standing out enough to be noticed by teachers.

Reddish’s BSN program is broken into two sections: two years of pre-nursing coursework, then, at that point, two years in the nursing program. Altogether, this program is intended to require five years to finish, or ten semesters. It’s a decent program; however, the length could dissuade a few candidates. 

5. The University of Alabama in Huntsville

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University of Alabama

The Nursing major is fundamental for the prosperity of the living system at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. College of Alabama in Huntsville offers 9 Nursing degree programs. It’s a medium estimated, public, four-year college in an average size city. In 2019, 373 Nursing understudies graduated with understudies procuring 208 Bachelor’s certifications, 117 Master’s certificates, 34 Doctoral certificates, and 14 Certificates.

6. University of South Alabama

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University of South Alabama

Organized in 1963, the University is another generally youthful school. In recent years, the USA has developed to incorporate 15,000 understudies and in 1987 consumed the previous Providence Hospital. That old clinic is home to the College of Nursing, home to a portion of the USA’s chief projects.

The customary BSN has an early acknowledgment program for current secondary school understudies; however, a fascinating system is the sped-up BSN/MSN. This program lets current four-year certification holders finish their BSN and MSN in only two years of full-time study. 

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7. Jacksonville State University

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Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University is generally minor for a government-funded school with almost 8,500 understudies selected. Close to galleries, state parks, and other outside exercises, there’s no deficiency of activities nearby. Future nursing understudies are most likely more intrigued by the conventional BSN than region exercises. Most nursing understudies apply to the program following a bit of while of school. JSU acknowledges new nursing understudies in the fall and spring. JSU likewise has an early acknowledgment program for select secondary school understudies 

8. University of North Alabama

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University of North Alabama

Situated in Florence, Alabama, the University of North Alabama is in the focal point of the South, close in nearness to Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia. On top of the in-state educational cost, ⅓ of understudies get a monetary guide from UNA, excluding any government economic guide. For Alabama occupants, the BSN program could wind up being unimaginably moderate. This four-year, 125-credit program plans understudies for the NCLEX well, as seen by the high pass rate for late graduates. 

9. Troy University

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Troy University

The Nursing major is fundamental for the prosperity reasons for the living system at Troy University. This college causes all its nursing understudies to feel good and invited. It has a thorough BSN educational program and asking staff. Troy University’s BSN program is an innovator in RN instruction, constantly preparing understudies for moment work and future alumni level examinations. 

10. Tuskegee University

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The Nursing major is fundamental for the prosperity purposes for the living project at Tuskegee University. Tuskegee University offers 1 Nursing degree program. It’s a bit private, not-revenue driven, four-year college in a distant town. In 2019, 24 Nursing understudies graduated, with understudies acquiring 24 Bachelor’s certificates
Create a list of likely schools and, using the facts mentioned on this page, order your set of schools to find the best choice.

If you’re looking for a specific career path such as public health or informatics, make sure the schools you’re analyzing can address these demands.

And, of course, find a school that cooperates with the boundaries of your current life. The chances are great that you can find a great program with caring faculty and great clinical expertise in your region.

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