13 Fresh Farmer Markets in Idaho [Update 2024]


Did you know Idaho is well known as an agricultural state? Along with its potato-friendly reputation, the state also has other farming specialties. At every corner you will find markets with fresh fruits and green vegetables.

But the best place, which you must visit to buy fresh produce, are the farmer markets. The friendly atmosphere of the community and locals selling top quality products make it the ideal place for your purchases.

Below are listed farmer markets in Idaho that are top-notch in their offerings and also the central areas for shopping!

1. Kootenai County Farmers Market

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Kootenai County Farmers Market is one of the best Fresh Farmer Markets in Idaho

Right at the top of the list is the Kootenai County Farmers Market with its fantastic features. Starting in May, this county-wide market is the ideal place to shop for homegrown produce, locally produced crafts, handmade soaps and mouth-watering fresh-baked foods.

You can also purchase canned confections. Recently, the market added the newest Double Up Bucks program in Idaho where you can buy seedlings for your own garden.

2. Moscow Farmers Market

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Moscow Farmers Market

With its awesome community vibe, Moscow Farmers Market is located at the heart of the Palouse. Along with the fresh foods, you will enjoy the dancing, children’s activities, homemade candies and other attractions of the market. Often, the U of I marching band comes and performs live performances which are loved and hyped by the customers.

3. Portneuf Valley Farmers Market

A go-to place for the residents since 1990, Portneuf Valley Farmers Market is simply a marketplace you cannot miss. It is the largest market in Idaho with over 100 vendors.

Wonder what is the best part of the market? The locals sell their fresh produce along with their seasonal gourds and holiday edibles. You can also purchase tasty homemade local foods that are suitable for you.

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4. Bonners Ferry Farmers Market

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Hosting vendors from all across the local area, Bonners Ferry Farmers Market sits in the ideal location for the residents of Kootenai. The scenic beauty of the market area is best seen during the summer when this market is the most buzz-worthy thing in the town.

The harvests from the rich soil are popular among all. Since 1980, this market has given a sense of vibrancy to the community with its produce and offerings.

5. Eagle Saturday Market

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Starting from the unique sauces and pickles to the floral arrangements, there isn’t anything you would want to miss in Eagle Saturday Market. With its modern and hip vibe, this market features fresh and organic produce, live music, local food, an artists’ series, and even recipe challenges.

6. Capital City Public Market

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Capital City Public Market

The biggest and baddest original market in the state is the Capital City Public Market. The locally grown produce presented by the local vendors is full of fresh, healthy and organic goods.

More than 100 vendors are part of this market’s community. You can enjoy crafts, unique products and live music. Another amazing factor in the market? The giveaways, which you just cannot miss.

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7. Farmers Market at Sandpoint

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Open from May to October, this market is held at Farmin Park which offers a diverse community of Sandpoint while shopping. Apart from the fresh, great quality harvest, this market also has a fantastic vendor lineup. Because of the vibrant produce and offerings found in this community-based market, there is a unique vibe to the market.

8. Wood River Farmers Market

Come rain or shine, you can always visit the Wood River Farmers Market. It is located right in the middle of the gorgeous Ketchum and Hailey, so you can enjoy a fantastic view while shopping.

However, the scenery alone is not the main attraction. This market features live music, food vendors, seasonal produce, baked goods and more. The best time to visit is during summer when the freshest goods arrive.

9. Only Local Farmers Market

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At every corner of the Only Local Farmers Market, you will find freshly grown produce and supreme quality goods. The aim of the market is to encourage and develop the local agricultural community of the state.

One of the most demanding goods of this market are the seasonal goods. You will find plenty of goods in the stocks of the market as well. Food items at this market are also praiseworthy with their high quality.

10. Boise Farmers Market

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Right from April to October, Boise Farmers Market remains the go-to place for the residents of Boise. If you happen to be there, you need to visit this market for its fantastic quality goods and produce. In this market, you will find locally sourced products from farmers and craftsmen, fresh flowers, incredible canned goods, honey and organic condiments.

11. Lewiston Public Market

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Lewiston Public Market is truly one of the favorite places to shop for everyone in the heart of downtown Lewiston. From June to September, the market runs with a full spirit where you can also enjoy local music while shopping; it is because it runs in conjunction with Sound Downtown. Apart from that, this small market is filled with food, art, farm fresh produce, jewelry and other stuff for you and your family.

12. Idaho Falls Farmer’s Market

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Who does not like shopping in a beautiful location? In the Idaho Falls Farmer’s Market, you will enjoy shopping in the well-set up and organized market. With its large variety of vendors, this market is filled with the buzz of customers looking for the ideal goods for their home.

While shopping, don’t forget to enjoy the treats available in the market. An extra perk is that you can bring your dog and let them socialize with the other dogs brought in the market.

13. Meridian Main Street Market

To experience a traditional market, you need to visit the Meridian Main Street Market. One of the best aspects of this market is that it aims to provide opportunities to youth. The market particularly encourages the youth to engage in selling fresh produce in the community.

And so local small businesses are supported where local farmers, youth, and artisans are valued as well. The fresh produce is of top-notch quality and there are a lot of options for organic and healthy food.

The listed farmer markets in Idaho feature local vendors, organic and fresh produce and a range of homemade commodities. If you crave for some food to relish, the markets also have local vendors selling homemade foods like breads, pickles and more, so don’t hold back yourself from enjoying!

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