11 Best Community Colleges in Indiana [Ranking of 2024]


Indiana has close to 30 community college branches in total that are educating students all across the state. While some of them are public and more affordable, others are private and offer better facilities. That is why, selecting a college for getting a degree, after weighing up everything, really comes down to personal choice.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best community colleges in Indiana, which offer degrees in any field you desire to study in.

1. Ivy Tech Community College

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Ivy Tech Community College is one of the Best Community Colleges in Indiana

Ivy Tech Community College provides the tools, dedication and adaptability required to take students to where they want to be and guide them on their journey. The future prospects of every student are unique, and Ivy Tech can comprehend that.

Which is why it listens, supports and directs students in the right manner. It is one of the most well-known community colleges in Indiana with classes offered in more than 75 communities and more than 70 academic programs.

2. Marian University’s Ancilla College

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The secluded area of Plymouth, Indiana, is home to the main campus of Marian University’s Ancilla College, which is proud of its lovely, secure, and natural surroundings. Additionally, two of the many benefits of a Marian University degree are better graduation rates and easy entry to the university.

These are the best universities in Indiana.

3. College of Court Reporting Inc.

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Students are given access to cutting-edge equipment, a distinctive program, and award-winning teachers at the College of Court Reporting Inc. It showcases a forward-thinking, student-focused college with a standing as a pioneer in the field of online court reporting education.

The National Court Reporters Association has recognized this college as the first online court reporting program, which also offers unmatched technological equipment.

4. Lincoln College of Technology

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Lincoln College of Technology

To attend Lincoln College of Technology, students from all across the nation travel to Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana. The famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway is quite close to the campus, and motorsports are highly popular among students here. With 75 years of experience, this college is a pioneer in skill development in Indiana.

5. Fortis College

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If you reside in or around Indianapolis and are considering a profession in medicine, you should explore the medical programs offered by Fortis College in Indianapolis. It offers both conventional and unconventional degrees to students, who are career-focused and determined to make a living in the field of healthcare and medicine.

6. Holy Cross College

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Holy Cross College

The Congregation of Holy Cross in Notre Dame is the organization that oversees Holy Cross College, which is a private, Catholic college situated in the lovely town of Notre Dame.

This college tries to teach students to become upstanding citizens, who act competently and with courage. This college was established in 1966 by the Brothers of Holy Cross and is a stunning campus.

7. Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Aviation Institute of Maintenance educates the specialists of the future. The number of people joining these fields of work is surpassing the demand for qualified experts in the aviation, production, energy and other sectors. The country needs both people to obtain technical job skills, and that is exactly what this institution provides.

8. Mid-America College

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New housing projects, multiple churches, shopping malls, condominiums, dining establishments, golf resorts, and first-rate aquatics recreational areas can all be found close to Mid-America College. It is one of the best colleges in Indiana in terms of location and providing opportunities. This is really the best funeral service college in Indiana.

9. Purdue University Global

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Purdue University Global, designed for young professionals, breaks down obstacles, so you may achieve your objectives. You’ll be able to finish courses on your own time and choose an educational environment that works for you. Learn the abilities you need to transform your career right away by enrolling in one of the programs offered by Purdue Global, which is a part of the iconic Purdue University.

10. International Business College

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In Indianapolis, there is an outstanding private college called International Business College, which offers distinct business courses for technical learning. Currently, its campus in the state capital has 327 students enrolled. The student to teacher ratio is 19 to 1, which is quite good for a college.

11. Moraine Valley Community College

Moraine Valley Community College is a public community college in Palos Hills, Illinois. Founded in 1967, it is surrounded by the Cook County Forest Preserves. The college also operates satellite centers in Blue Island and Tinley Park, Illinois.

Although this list might narrow down the number of choices, you should still choose based on your preferred criteria. If you want a specialized college, then choose colleges like Mid-America College and Aviation Institute of Maintenance. While the list also consists of colleges like Ivy Tech Community College, which offers dozens and dozens of academic programs.

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