6 Best Universities in Alaska [Report 2024]

best universities in Alaska

When normal people think about Alaska, they think about snowy landscapes and less densely populated areas. Similarly, when businessmen and corporations think about this state, they think about its natural resources like gas and petroleum.

However, what most people don’t know is that Alaska is home to some of the best public universities in America’s western part. These universities offer massive campuses and high quality education.

So, these are the best universities in Alaska.

1. University of Alaska-Fairbanks

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University of Alaska-Fairbanks is one of the best universities in Alaska

Launched in 1917, the University of Alaska-Fairbanks is one of the best universities in Alaska. This public university in Fairbanks is located in a city environment, with a 2,250-acre main campus, which is one of the biggest on this list. The university currently has undergraduate enrollment of 5,850 students. It is one of the top 400 national universities in the United States.

2. University of Alaska-Anchorage

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University of Alaska-Anchorage

University of Alaska-Anchorage is a state-run university which was established in 1954. This university is located in a developed area in Anchorage in an 1,702-acre massive campus. Moreover, there are around enrolled 10,342 undergraduate students currently receiving their education here. For in-state students, the cost of tuition fees is $8,418, whereas for out-of-state students, the cost is $25,398.

3. Alaska Pacific University

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Alaska Pacific University is a private university in Anchorage that was established in 1959. The university boasts a large campus which is 170 acres in area, and consists 312 enrolled undergraduate students. The total cost of the programs in this university are $20,760 on average. It is one of the best regional universities in the west.

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4. University of Alaska-Southeast

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University of Alaska-Southeast

During 1983, the University of Alaska-Southeast was established in the state capital, Juneau. It’s located in a rural, peaceful setting and has a well-facilitated campus. Currently, there are 1,757 undergraduate students are enrolled in this university. The In-state costs for tuition fees of Juneau’s best public university is around $7,000. The University of Alaska-Southeast is one of the top 100 highest-rated regional universities in the west.

5. University of Alaska System

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The University of Alaska System is the largest public university system in the largest state in America, Alaska. This university was established in 1917 and has three independently accredited institutions spread across 19 locations. 400 distinct certificates are awarded by the institution, which serves close to 30,000 students, local and international.

6. Wayland Baptist University-Anchorage

Wayland Baptist University is a private, coeducational Baptist university with its main campus located in Plainview, Texas. Wayland Baptist University (Alaska) is an extension of Wayland Baptist University. It has additional campuses in Fairbanks and Anchorage, both in the state of Alaska.

Alaska Pacific University is the only private university in Alaska, which is the reason behind it being relatively costly. However, the university system in Alaska is dominated by state-run or public universities, which also attract students from outside of Alaska due to the quality of education they provide.

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