Top 10 Law Schools in Alaska [Update 2024]


Did you know that Alaska was the only state in the U.S. without a law school till 2018? If you are a person full of passion and dedication towards protecting the country with law, this list might be a precise fit for you because here, I have created a list of some law schools in Alaska.

So, let’s hear it out and put these into motion.!

1. University of Alaska Anchorage

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University of Alaska Anchorage is one of the top law schools in Alaska

The University of Alaska Anchorage is a state-owned law school in Alaska. It is one of the largest universities in Alaska. It offers 12 legal and law degree programs. Around 62 legal and law students graduated with 41 Bachelor’s degrees, 19 Associate’s degrees, and 2 Certificates in 2019.

It provides legal and law programs, and the University of Alaska Anchorage offers culinary arts, dental assisting, diagnostic medical sonography, diesel power technology, etc. Their academic staff always work hard to deliver better education to the student to help them build a robust professional life.

2. University of Alaska Fairbanks

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University of Alaska Fairbanks

According to the U.S. News and reports in 2021, the University of Alaska Fairbanks is the only national university in Alaska. It has 19 legal and degree programs. It is a public and medium-sized law school in Alaska. Total 107 legal and law students were graduated, with students earning 52 Bachelor’s degrees, 23 Associate’s degrees, 18 Master’s degrees, and 14 Certificates in 2019.

The Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines had started its journey in 1922. But it became the University of Alaska in 1935 and was awarded its first Ph.D. in 1955.

It has become the number one university in Alaska because of its better quality education, proactive staff, and attentive students. Their degrees provide you much more opportunities to make your professional life just like you want it. 

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has all over seven campuses. So, in total, they have more than 8500 students from all parts of the world. 

3. Alaska Common Law School

Alaska Common Law School was established in 1984 in Kenai, Alaska. It was an unaccredited school. It was initially working from a private home, and all the instruction, tutorial videos were sold by the administration. 

The Alaska Common Law school in Alaska has two years program. It teaches the students how to represent themselves before the Alaska courts, and the Alaska Common Law School graduates received pre-law certificates.

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4. Alaska Pacific University

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Alaska Pacific University

The former name of Alaska Pacific University is Alaska Methodist University (1957-78). It is a private university. It has a total student of 337 and 29% male students and 71% female students. 

It has a pre-law concentration program, the outline has been created and developed to develop you as a law school applicant. It will make you more perfect. All of the staff are very co-operative and friendly to the students. Its offered courses help the students to build a robust career structure in the law field.

5. University of Alaska Southeast

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University of Alaska Southeast

The University of Alaska Southeast was established in 1972. It is a public law school in Alaska, and its parent institution is the University of Alaska Systems. It has its main campus in Juneau, Alaska, and other campuses are in Sitka and Ketchikan. All of the staff are very courteous and helpful. They help you to give all the related law education for your better career. 

6. Alaska Career College

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Alaska Career College

Located in Anchorage, Alaska Career College is a private university working to take your career to another level. Alaska Career College has 361 total students. It also has 24 academic staff in total. These academic staffs teach different categories of courses to the students. 

In Alaska Career College, 86% of the total students are females, and 14% are males. The highest degree that is offered at Alaska Career College is an associate degree. This institution has an open admission system. All the proposed programs and courses are beneficial for the students who want to build their careers in the law profession.

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7. Ilisagvik College

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Ilisagvik College

Ilisagvik College is a public and tribally-controlled community college in Alaska. It was founded in 1996. It has a total of 77 staff, 1700 students, and 48 academic staff. All the faculty members work hard to deliver better education to the students. This college is placed in North Slope and managed by the North Slope Borough. It is an accredited community college in the USA.

8. Kenai Peninsula College

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Kenai Peninsula College is a part of the public college system operated by the University of Alaska Anchorage. This college system has campuses located in three different cities across the state of Alaska. Over 2,800 students enroll at one of KPC’s three campuses each semester in order to meet their personal academic goals in a wide variety of subject areas.

9. Prince William Sound Community College

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The city of Valdez is home to a singular institution of higher education known as Prince William Sound Community College. PWSCC offers degrees and certificates in 25 distinct programs, many of which are difficult to obtain anyplace else. These programs include the Oil Spill Response program as well as the developing Outdoor Leadership program.

10. Charter College

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The term “Charter College” refers to a consortium of independent and privately run educational institutions and colleges. In addition, Charter College offers degrees in the fields of medical science, business, veterinary medicine, telecommunications, as well as a few degrees that are focused on industrial careers.

In addition, this educational establishment offers the Best Program for Veterinary Assistants in the entirety of the state of Alaska.

If you go to law school, the best reason might be you are desperate to advance in this field. If you want to discover achievement from being a lawyer, you should definitely go to law school. Moreover, the world needs law and lawyers more than anything. If you are smart and driven towards a successful career, the programs mentioned above will not let you down.

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