13 Wonderful Bike Trails in Arkansas [Update 2024]


Arkansas is one of the most naturally gifted states in the United States, full of lush green lands, awe-inspiring mountains and tranquil lakes and rivers. Anyone living in this state will want to enjoy its natural delights in their free time, and one of the best ways to do that is through biking.

Arkansas is full of stunning bike trails that are perfect for a relaxing or a challenging bike run during the morning or the evening. These bike trails don’t just offer the thrill of biking, alongside safety measures, they are also maintained really well.

The most wonderful bike trails in Arkansas are listed below.

1. Slaughter Pen Trail

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Slaughter Pen Trail is one of the most Wonderful Bike Trails in Arkansas

Slaughter Pen Trail is the most popular bike trail among bikers in Arkansas, located in a park in Bentonville. Slaughter Pen Trail is full of many challenging trails that are very attractive to professional bikers.

Moreover, if you want a relaxing bike ride, Slaughter Pen Trail is also a great option as you can ride through the beautiful scenery in the park. It is one of the biggest networks of bike trails in Arkansas that offers an adventurous and scenic experience for bikers.

2. Northwoods Trail

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Northwoods Trail

One of the most highly-rated bike trails in Arkansas, Northwoods Trail is located in beautiful Hot Springs. Using these bike trails, both professional and amateur bikers can enjoy a relaxing and challenging bike ride.

On top of that, most of the bike trails on Northwoods Trail provide awe-inspiring views that are unrivalled. If you love mountain biking and visit Arkansas, then Northwoods Trail is a must-visit for you.

3. Bayyari Park & Mountain Bike Trails

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Located in Springdale, Bayyari Park & Mountain Bike Trails are one of the most renowned mountain bike trails in Arkansas. Not only does it provide you with challenging trails, but these trails also offer stunning mountainous views.

Furthermore, the bathrooms and playgrounds in this area are usually kept very clean. Besides biking, it is also a great place for hiking and picnicking.

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4. Delta Heritage Trail State Park

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Delta Heritage Trail State Park

Delta Heritage Trail State Park is a state park that features some of the best bike trails in the state of Arkansas. This park is already full of stunning bike trails that offer incredible views and wildlife sightings.

Moreover, when the rail-to-trail project is complete, the bike trail will be more than 84 miles long. The bike trails in the park offer a relaxing getaway for visitors and a fresh start to the morning for locals.

5. Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail

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Situated in Siloam Springs, Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail is one of the most well-known mountain bike trails in the state. It is very popular among locals to take a bike run through the beautiful scenery of the mountains. In addition to that, its trails are also perfect for taking a relaxing walk and suited very well for amateur bikers.

6. Gateway Bridge Walking Biking Trail

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Gateway Bridge Walking Biking Trail is one of the cleanest bike trails in Arkansas and is highly popular among the local residents of Little Rock, Arkansas.

If you are looking for a morning bike run or just a relaxing bike ride in the evening, then this is the perfect bike trail for you. Additionally, while enjoying a bike ride on such a clean trail, you can also enjoy the beautiful views of the river around the trail.

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7. Lercher 15 Mountain Bike Trails

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Lercher 15 Mountain Bike Trails is one of the most well-organized bike trails in Arkansas, located in McRae area. This biking area has some sets of rules that need to be followed by bikers, such as, you can not bike 15 minutes prior before sunrise or 15 minutes after sunset. Moreover, Lercher 15 Mountain Bike Trails offers numerous facilities alongside trail use, which have affordable charges.

8. Arkansas River Trail

If you are looking for a bike trail along a beautiful river, then the Arkansas River Trail is the optimal choice for you on this list.

It is a stunning bike trail set along the Arkansas River in Mayflower, Arkansas. Downtown amenities, relaxing environment and scenic views are some of the most attractive things offered by this wonderful bike trail. Furthermore, it is close to parks and the local marketplace, giving you a complete feel of Mayflower city.

9. Mount Fitzgerald Mountain Bike Trails

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Mount Fitzgerald Mountain Bike Trails is an area which consists of beautiful and challenging bike trails that are suitable for all kinds of bikers.

Whether you want to bike through the relaxing winds, or between the trails that lead to the forests, this is the optimal mountain bike trail. Situated in the hiking area of Springdale, it is one of the best natural spots in Arkansas, especially for biking.

10. Monument Trails – Hobbs State Park

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Monument Trails – Hobbs State Park is really a state park that features some incredible bike trails. These bike trails offer bikers an opportunity to bike through the tranquil park, while also enjoying the stunning scenic views.

The bike trails are primarily situated in a hiking area in the park, allowing you to hike as well. Additionally, this facility also provides the lovely amenities of a state park alongside its bike trails.

11. Little Sugar

Little Sugar, which has around 50 miles of cross-country and flow trails, is essentially the western half of the Bella Vista Trails. On the inside of the circle, Tunnel Vision surrounds the system with a variety of skill parks. If you’re in the region on vacation, consider booking one of the many Airbnbs and/or VRBOs that provide easy access to this Northwest Arkansas treasure.

12. Devil’s Den State Park

The fact that the Mother of Arkansas Mountain Bike Trails is now one of four Monument Trails that are now located in different Arkansas State Parks helps it make the list. Several miles of brand-new trails are among the most gorgeous in the state, if not the entire world, aside from Fossil Flats, the historically significant location of the oldest mountain biking festival in the state.

13. Iron Mountain Trails

This has become a favorite amongst cross-country bikers in the area because to new sections like Joe’s Garage. Cycling enthusiasts traveling from Texas and Louisiana frequently stop here because of the scenic vistas of DeGray Lake, intriguing rock outcrops, and some rapid downhill parts that make this a popular destination in the southern part of the state.

The bike trails in Arkansas offer tranquil surroundings and beautiful views that are unmatched. Some of these bike trails are also situated in hiking areas and state parks, allowing you to enjoy all sorts of natural activities. Whether you own a car or a truck, cruising down these bike trails during a gloomy, windy morning is a totally different, and unmatched feeling.

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