12 Best National Parks in Arkansas [Update 2024]


Looking for a remarkable National Park to enjoy the beauty of nature and connect with Mother Nature.

National Parks are truly one of the best places to relax and have a break from the chaotic day-to-day life. Here is the list of the best National Parks in Arkansas.

1. Hot Springs National Park

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Hot Springs is one of the best national parks in Arkansas

Number one on the list is the most charming place in Arkansas, Hot Springs National Park. No matter how many times one visits this park, you can never get enough of the breathtaking views or fun activities.

In 1804, Dunbar-Hunter expedited the area to explore the southern area of Louisiana. It is a place to camp, enjoy fresh air and do activities like hiking, strolling and relaxing in the bathhouses. You will not run out of things to see or history to learn in Hot Springs.

2. Buffalo National Park

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Buffalo National Parks

Floating across the Buffalo River in Arkansas, you can visit the Buffalo National Park to explore the beauty of nature. Once you visit the magnetic park, you can go camping, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and more activities.

A special advantage is that you hook up your RV near the river and take on adventures. As you visit there, enjoy wandering around over 95000 acres of land of this national park.

3. Ouachita National Park

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Ouachita National Park

Situated in central Arkansas, Ouachita National Park covers over 1.8 million acres filled with forests. It is a well known area for its timber and wood production. You can observe the wildlife and enjoy the outdoor recreational activities. Start by exploring the wonderful scenery.

If you are lucky enough, you can even catch sight of some endangered species of animals and fishes. Camping, hiking, water sports, hunting and more activities are ahead to enjoy in this national park.

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4. Pinnacle Mountain State Park

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Since 1998, Pinnacle Mountain State Park has been named as a national historic site of Arkansas. The main attraction is the Visitor Center that exhibits the history of the Civil Rights movement.

You and your family can get to know about the history and scroll through the Central High Commemorative Garden. It is the best place to photograph the picturesque beauty of the national park.

5. Arkansas Post National Memorial

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Did you know that the Arkansas Post National Memorial was the first European establishment point which served as a meeting place since 1686? This place has been a pivotal point in the history of America.

When you visit this national park, you can also visit the Visitor Center and Museum to expand your knowledge on Post’s long history.

Situated on the Arkansas River, you can see the gorgeous American Lotus bloom, which is indeed a pleasant sight. You can also participate in fishing and Junior Ranger programs while you are roaming around the area.

6. Trail of Tears

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Among one of the most famous US National parks, Trail of Tears is a significant park that holds the history of the Cherokee people. You can come to know about the struggles and hardships of the Indians who were forced to leave their homelands due to the removal policy.

They are an integral part of America’s history so exploring this park will not only give you a chance to enjoy the natural beauty but also the American history.

These are the best state parks in Arkansas.

7. Ozark-St. Francis National Forest

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Starting from exciting trails to a primitive camping experience, Ozark-St. Francis National Forest is the ideal place to enjoy a getaway. Because of their popularity, the park and forest areas are preserved well.

You do not have to worry about safety or looking for activities, this park is packed with exciting adventures. It covers over 22600 acres of land to explore, hike, camp and bike. Fishing, boating, scenic drive, hunting and more can be added to your list to enjoy your time in this national park.

8. President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home

Located in southwestern Arkansas, President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home has been declared as a national park.

It is not just the birthplace of America’s 42nd president, William Jefferson Clinton, this park also offers a great opportunity for tourists to tour around the beautiful and scenic gardens and massive area.

9. Fort Smith National Historic Site

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Located on the borders between Oklahoma and Arkansas, is the fantastic Fort Smith National Historic Site. It is called the River City, and you will surely be pleased with the bursting liveliness of the park. You can start with exploring the “Hanging Judge” Parker’s courtroom then learn about the Indian Removal’s mark on Arkansas.

If your children are tagging along, they can participate in the Junior Ranger Programs and earn honorable badges. Starting from landscapes to gorgeous bloomed gardens, enjoy the wondrous park area.

10. Pea Ridge National Military Park

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Located in Northwest Arkansas, Pea Ridge National Military Park is a pivotal site that holds the history of Civil War battle. It was established in 1862. This park serves as a monument to those who bravely fought in the battle. You can take a sweet drive across the expansive battlegrounds and visit the museum.

Bored? Hiking trails, quaint town of Pea Ridge and the foliage of the fall are the prime attractions of the park.

11. Mount Magazine State Park

In Logan County, Arkansas, there is a 2,234-acre park called Mount Magazine State Park. Mount Magazine, which has been inhabited since the 1850s, was reclassified as a historical monument in Arkansas in 1938 after initially becoming a part of the Ouachita National Forest.

12. Crater of Diamonds State Park

Located in Pike County, Arkansas, in the United States, Rater of Diamonds State Park spans 911 acres. The park has a 37.5-acre plowed field, the only publicly accessible diamond-bearing place in the entire globe.

Due to Arkansas’s National Parks, Arkansas has earned the title of “The Natural State”. It would be a pity if you do not visit at least one of the mentioned national parks in Arkansas. So, do not wait for the perfect timing, rather choose any national park in Arkansas from the list and plan to visit soon to uplift your spirit and connect with nature.

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