Top 10 Hardest Colleges to Get into in the US [Update 2022]


The United States is home to some of the top colleges and universities in the world today. If you’re lucky, you’ll have met the demanding criteria for admission by graduating at the top of your class, participating in extracurricular activities and the community, and studying a foreign language.

Different schools have different admissions standards, but they all uphold stringent guidelines for the kinds of applicants they choose from among the many thousands of applications they receive each year. Some colleges only accept applications submitted on paper or online, while some may additionally conduct in-person interviews to choose the best candidates.

At the most elite universities, there is fierce competition, and enrollment caps mean that many applicants do not make the first round of the admissions selection process. Studying at these universities is not easy either. Students have a lot of homework and they just don’t have time to do everything physically. And then they are forced to turn to homework help websites or essay writing services such as Writance, where experienced essay writers do the assignments for the students.

Here is the list of hardest colleges to get into in the US, listed in order of reputation and acceptance rate.

1. Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the Hardest Colleges to Get into in the US

The most competitive university in the United States currently is Columbia University. Just 3.9 percent of the applications received for 2021 were accepted. In 1754, they founded what is now known as Columbia University as King’s College. One of the most esteemed private Ivy League research colleges in the nation, it is located in New York City.

The original structure was situated inside Trinity Church in Manhattan. It is currently among the top five oldest universities in the country. The percentage of applicants who are accepted is only 6.7%. It ranks among the 10 most difficult schools to get into.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University

California’s Stanford is home to Stanford University. It has the second-lowest acceptance rate in the country. Only 3.9 percent of applicants at Stanford will be accepted for the 2021 academic year. A strong academic background is a prerequisite for applicants. This is given the highest priority by the panelists.

The admissions review board takes it into account as one of its first factors. Students must also demonstrate their exceptionality by demonstrating a history of accomplishment in extracurricular activities and other endeavors that set them apart from other applicants.

3. Yale University

One of the best universities in the nation is Yale University. It can be found in Connecticut’s Newhaven. The institution has a low acceptance rate of just 4.6 percent, which is lower than the 6.6 percent rate it had the year before. It’s an Ivy League university that has high expectations for its pupils.

They outlined a number of conditions, such as personal essays, letters of recommendation, proof of prior community activity, and more, in order to be considered for admission.

4. Harvard University

Harvard University

Another famous Ivy League institution, as our thesis writer says, is Harvard. Before being allowed to submit their applications, applicants must meet the demanding academic and achievement standards of the institution. Only those who score highly in all areas—including their backgrounds, academic interests, and extracurricular talents—are admitted.

High competitiveness is one of the reasons why so many great students are rejected. Harvard has a medical school and an undergraduate institution. Only the best students with noteworthy accomplishments are given entrance consideration.

5. Princeton University

One of the most esteemed Ivy League universities in the United States is Princeton University. It is also among the five most difficult to get into. The acceptance rate has decreased from its previous level of 5.6 percent to 4.4 percent, indicating that it is becoming more difficult to enroll in the school.

Only those applicants who can demonstrate academic distinction by having honors and AP courses on their transcripts will be accepted due to the intense competition. In addition, candidates must interview and provide documentation of their commitment in the community.

6. Pomona College

California’s Claremont is home to Pomona College. One of the most difficult four-year colleges to enroll in. With an A+ ranking, it outperforms the competing Claremont schools. Compared to some other colleges, the SAT scoring requirements are less onerous.

Only 7% of applications are accepted, yet they do take into account pupils with scores between 1390 and 1540. With a $18,500 annual tuition, this esteemed school has fierce competition.

7. Brown University

A+ rated Brown University is a 4-year university. Providence, Rhode Island is where the university is situated. Students study diligently and with passion. The school offers an open curriculum, allowing students the opportunity and autonomy to select from a wide range of classes that interest them. It is possible to explore multiple fields or to focus on one area of study. The setting in the classroom is friendly and makes learning enjoyable.

The yearly tuition and fees are $27,218. Before being given consideration for admission, your SAT score must be between 1440 and 1570. Seven percent of all applicants who apply for admission to Brown University are accepted.

8. University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is home to the University of Chicago. It is one of the state’s oldest private research universities. In 1890, they founded the facility. Just about 18,500 students were enrolled in the previous academic year, with 10,893 graduate students and 7,559 undergraduates. Gaining entrance to this school is competitive.

9. Duke University

The home of Duke University is Durham, North Carolina. A flexible learning environment and a variety of academic degrees are offered at this 4-year institution with one of the most beautiful campuses.

Additionally, the institution offers four-year, post-graduate, and study abroad opportunities. SAT scores between 1880 and 1570 are required to be considered for admission to Duke University. The annual cost of tuition is $24,386.

10. University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is where the University of Pennsylvania is situated. The city has enormous historical significance. It is a four-year institution renowned for its academics and research. The school provides several academic degree programs in addition to a liberal arts program. It is a four-year institution that is highly regarded across the country.

SAT scores between 1450 and 1560 are required to be considered for admission. The tuition fee is $24,771 per year.

Don’t be scared of these high barriers of above mentioned colleges because there are hundreds of other high standard colleges that might fit well to your condition.

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