15 Least Populated Cities in the US [Report 2024]


The United States is a popular country where millions of people are moving in every day for better job opportunities, quality education, superior lifestyle, better society, and more freedom to offer. But you would not believe that some cities have below 10,000 people living and fulfilling their dreams.

YES, it is true! Do you want to know the names of the cities in the United States with the lowest population?

Learn more about the least populated cities in the US by reading the full article.

1. Akhiok

Akhiok is one of the least populated cities in the US

Akhiok is the least populated city in the US which is located on the island of Kodiak in the state of Alaska. Several predictions of the most current U.S. Census estimates indicate that Akhiok, Alaska had 64 in the most recent census.

2. Bisbee


The second least populated city on our list is Bisbee, a quiet and very calm city in Arizona, United States, located near Mexico’s border.

This city is very well-known in the country because of its breathtaking landscape and ancient landmarks. It had a population of 5,209 people at the time of the census.

3. Whiteville

The third least populated city on our list, located in the state of North Carolina, is Whiteville. It is located inside the county of Columbus, with a population of 5,340 people. It is a wonderful city to visit and stroll around its gorgeous renowned tourist sites, which are all worth seeing.

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4. Joshua Tree

By the most recent survey, the city has just 7,414 people and is situated in California. It is a very tiny city with a plethora of extraordinary leisure opportunities.

5. Hood River

It is a river port on the Columbia River, a city in Oregon with the same name as the Hood River. It has an estimated population of 7,806 people and almost 3,000 homes in the city of Hood River.

6. Vernon

Vernon, one of the least populated cities in the U.S., has a population of 40,116 people. Even though the city has more employment opportunities, it is unable to give much in the way of residential space.

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7. Wilmington

Wilmington is located in the state of Delaware and is the second-smallest city in the United States. The city runs a population of 71,146 inhabitants.

8. Anchorage

Anchorage is the state’s capital and biggest city. Some primary reasons for Anchorage’s lower population density than its geographical area include inaccessible and inhospitable regions and a lack of economic possibilities. The population of this city is about 293,531 people.

9. Wyoming

It is situated in the center of the country’s northwestern region and is one of the country’s least populated cities. Wyoming’s population is projected to reach 590,013 by 2021, according to projections.

The steep and rough terrain, plains, valleys, and flat, treeless basins – all of which contribute to the low population – are the primary causes.

10. Vermont

Vermont is a state in the United States that is situated in the northern portion of the country. Vermont has a population of about 623,251 people. It is one of the most sparsely inhabited cities in the United States. It boasts the second-greatest proportion of white Americans, with 92.6 percent of the population being white.

11. District of Columbia (D.C.)

It is yet another city in the United States with the lowest population, yet it has a higher population than Wyoming and Vermont combined. It has a total population of 714,153 people living inside its borders.

12. The state of North Dakota

The state of North Dakota has seen a steady decline in its population. By 2021, the population is projected to touch around 770,026 people. Exclusively rural areas and limited employment opportunities are some main reasons for its lower population.

13. Indianapolis

Indianapolis has an estimated population of 864,131 people. At the time of the census in 2015, it had a poor reputation for crime and violence, which are also two significant factors for the city’s declining population.

The mass of residents in this city is, on the other hand, growing these days significantly.

14. The state of South Dakota

With an estimated population of 896,581, South Dakota is the sixth least populous state in the United States. Job and housing insufficiencies are significant roadblocks for those living in rural areas. That is one of the reasons why its population is declining.

15. The city of Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas, is the 12th most populous city in the United States, with 898,919 people. The high incidence of property crime, high cost of living, and thriving housing market are all factors contributing to the city’s declining population.

No matter how many desires you have in your life, the United States will be one of the best options to fulfill one of your dreams outside the country. So, if you are planning to move to the U.S., these cities will provide better opportunities for you and your family. 

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