15 Most Dangerous Cities in the US [Update 2024]


Do you ever feel that you are completely safe in your home? Safety is the first thing that people want to ensure in their lives. Certainly, safety begins at home. If you live in a reliable and safe neighborhood, then your house will be safe as well.

The United States of America is not the safest place in the world by any stretch of the imagination. The technological prowess and economic independence of the United States make it a developed country, but not the safest. There are some violent cities in the United States, despite the country’s reputation as a safe place.

To ensure your safety, here is a list of the top most dangerous cities in the US.

1. Detroit, Michigan

The city of Detroit, according to FBI data, remained one of the most violent metropolitan cities in the United States last year, with assaults, shootings, and killings on the rise. It’s no secret that Detroit has a violent crime rate that’s among the highest in the country.

Because of this, there has been a lot of work over the years to make Detroit safer, but the activity has not been effective. In the future, it is hoped that safety measures will be effective and Detroit will be a better city to live in. It experiences 22 crimes per day.

2. Monroe, Louisiana

Monroe, Louisiana is one of the Most Dangerous Cities in the US

The city of Monroe, Louisiana, is consistently named as the most dangerous in the country. There is always a good chance that it will be among the top five. Monroe, Louisiana, has the highest rate of violent crime in the US, making it a dangerous place to live.

At the moment, Monroe ranks as US’s sixth most dangerous city. To put it another way, Monroe is on the risky end of the spectrum, with a score of 1. There seem to be 17.91 violent crimes committed per 1,000 inhabitants in Monroe.

3. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is the only other US city that comes anywhere close to Monroe in terms of being the most hazardous. Memphis and Munro are usually in a statistical dead heat when it comes to crime.

Gang-related violence, according to Memphis police, is a minor element in the crime, which they generally have firsthand knowledge of. Gang violence in Memphis accounts for around 13 percent of all killings in the city.

Memphis has been a deadly place for a long time and crime has risen drastically in the previous five years. In Memphis, you have a 1 in 41 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime today. The likelihood of becoming a target of a petty crime is 1 in 17.

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4. Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw, Michigan

Since 2020, Saginaw has been plagued by a statistical reputation as one of the most violent cities in the United States. Saginaw’s last defeat came in 2022, when Irvington, N.J., suffered the same fate.

Saginaw’s crime rate is comparable to Detroit’s, despite the city’s smaller size. Only 6% of US communities are safer than Saginaw. Saginaw is a hazardous place to live because of this.

According to the FBI, violent crime includes murder and non-negligent murder as well as forced rape, burglary, and assault.

5. St. Louis, Missouri

While St. Louis is recognized as America’s gateway city, it has become a symbol of urban degradation because of its soft-on-crime mayor and socially conscious prosecutor in recent years.

One of the most hazardous cities in the United States is St. Louis. St. Louis’ violent crime rate, on the other hand, has been declining for several years. Crime in St. Louis has fallen gradually but steadily, particularly since the municipal government began the downtown safety effort.

Meanwhile, the city of St. Louis is in critical need of crime fighters who are both intelligent and motivated, but Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner of St. Louis is more concerned with social justice than law and order—and her own peculiar sense of self-importance.

6. Little Rock, Arkansas

New Hampshire’s Concord comes in last place while Arkansas’ Little Rock comes in first. Slightly further back are Salt Lake City (Utah), Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Nashville (Tennessee). After a recent spike of shootings in Little Rock, Arkansas, the city has declared a public emergency.

A comprehensive strategy to minimize violence in Little Rock was revealed by Mayor Frank Scott Jr. in October 2021. Signing incentives for new officers is also part of the strategy. Expanded social services and improved police presence are just a few of the innovative tactics that will be used in the future of law enforcement.

In addition to one of the worst medical problems and the greatest premature mortality rate, Little Rock has placed on the list.

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7. Alexandria, Louisiana

To put that in perspective, Alexandria’s crime rate is the highest among all American cities, regardless of their population size, with 92 crimes committed against per 1,000 citizens.

Meanwhile, Alexandria, Louisiana, has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the United States, with 968 incidences per 100,000 inhabitants. There is a lot of violence in the metropolitan region. 2020 had a homicide rate of 14.5, which is more than double the national average of 6.5 per 100,000 inhabitants.

As of 2021, the senseless slaughter was still going on. The Alexandria Police Department recorded 12 deadly gunshots in the first three months of the year, compared to a total of 22 killings in 2020.

8. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

If you’re looking for a place to live that’s safe, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, should be at the top of your list. This year, Pine Bluff’s violent crime rate rose 22.6 percent year-over-year to 1,098 occurrences per 100,000 people, over three times the national average.

However, homicides decreased in the metro region last year, which is a positive departure from the national trend. Among the most violent neighborhoods in the US, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, has a high crime rate.

Pine Bluff’s violent crime rate has increased by 22.6% year over year to 1,098 occurrences per 100,000 residents, more than three times the national average.

9. Lubbock, Texas

Texas has six of the top 50 metro areas in the United States with the highest violent crime rates. Lubbock is the most hazardous of these cities. For every 100,000 individuals in the metro region, about 3,000 violent crimes occurred documented in 2020, or 919 offenses per 100,000 people.

Last year, Lubbuck’s violent crime rate rose by approximately 10%. A variety of local circumstances impact the incidence of crime, of course. This has led to a wide range of violent crime rates in the US, with certain metro regions reporting rates of violence that much surpass national averages.

10. Corpus Christi, Texas

Violent crime did not decrease much in 2020 in the Corpus Christi, Texas, metro region, contrary to national trends. While this is a significant improvement from the 738 violent crimes claimed per 100,000 people in 2010, the metro region is still one of the most hazardous places in the country.

An additional 22.9 percent rise in murders has also been recorded by the city. Meanwhile, Corpus Christi’s police department says it is appealing for federal subsidies and employing more officers in an effort to reduce crime. Community outreach is also an important part of the work of local police personnel.

11. Stockton, California

Among the most deadly metropolitan areas in the United States is Stockton, California. In 2020, the city had 5,517 recorded violent crimes, or 723 for every 100,000 residents. The city’s total violent crime rate decreased by 8.3% last year, although the number of killings rose.

In 2022, 84 killings were perpetrated in Stockton, a 68% increase over the 50 homicides committed in 2021. As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, there were 15 killings originating from domestic conflicts in the actual city last year, compared to just one or two in typical years. Last year, weapons were used in the majority of killings in Stockton.

The FBI’s 2020 Uniform Crime Report is used to rank metro regions based on their violent crime rates. There is also further information on particular offenses in the 2020 FBI UCR. Census Bureau 2022 American Community Survey poverty rates are one-year projections.

12. Albany, Georgia

The Albany metro region is Georgia’s most dangerous city by a wide margin following a near-nationwide 40.5% increase in violent crime in 2022. For every 100,000 individuals in the Albany metro region, there were 1,008 violent crimes reported in 2022.

It’s not unusual for inhabitants of high-crime areas like Albany to be fighting to make ends meet. This location has a poverty rate of 22.6 percent, which is much higher than the national average of 12.3 percent.

13. Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland’s rise in violent crime has made national news, appearing on its front cover of the New York Times lately. In an interview with 19 News, city officials discussed how to restore order to the streets. More than 180 killings have taken place in Cleveland throughout the year 2020.

“A manifestation of broader socioeconomic issues,” says Ward 6 Councilman Blaine Griffin. Griffin, the leader of the Public Safety Committee, thinks crime will persist unless issues like poverty, racial inequality, and the pandemic’s effects are addressed.

The alarming rise in shootings and killings in Cleveland and other American cities, as well as around the country, has had a significant impact on urban communities.

14. Springfield, Missouri

There are just a few of Missouri’s metropolitan areas on this list of America’s 50 most dangerous cities, and Springfield is one of them. In 2020, Springfield had 2,993 recorded violent crimes, or 632 per 100,000 residents.

Despite a minor decrease in total violent crime in 2022, the documented number of homicides rose by more than 50%. Springfield has a poverty rate of 15.4%, higher than the national average of 12.3%, making it a particularly high-crime area for the United States as a whole.

The FBI’s 2020 Uniform Crime Report is used to rank metro regions based on their violent crime rates. There is also further information on particular offenses in the 2020 FBI UCR.

15. Florence, South Carolina

South Carolina’s capital city, Florence, is the most hazardous in the state and among the most deadly in the United States. For every 100,000 individuals in the metro region, 1,764 violent crimes were reported in 2020, or 860 per 100,000.

Aggravated assaults were the most often reported form of criminal aggression in the metro region last year, as they were across the country. While violence is increasing in Florence, offenses are decreasing.

In conclusion, we looked at socioeconomic and lifestyle indicators including poverty, high school graduation rates, and median family income among the most hazardous cities in the United States. If you’re relocating, taking a trip, or just interested in knowing which U. S cities are unsafe might come in handy.

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