Top 17 Most Beautiful Cities in Alaska [List of 2024]

most beautiful cities in Alaska

Alaska is not only the largest state in the United states, but also one of the most beautiful states. With dramatic nature and charming cities, this state has it all. Nature enthusiasts get star-struck by the breathtaking views from the hills. The lakes all around the state are marvelous to explore.

The fresh atmosphere and mostly chilly weather makes it a land of beauty. Picturesque views is one of the highlights which draw photographers and explorers to this state.

If you want to be enchanted by the beauty of this state, check out this list of the most beautiful cities in Alaska. 

1. Gustavus

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Gustavus is one of the most beautiful cities in Alaska

In Alaska, to enjoy the best seaside town with its abundant charms, you need to visit Gustavus. You can only access the town by a ferry ride or by plane. The charm of the town starts with its isolation. The undiscovered pristine sites of the town are worth any time consuming travel hassle.

Less than 500 people live in this idyllic town and you can feel the compassionate welcome throughout your stay. One of the best things to do in this beautiful town is go whale watching or enjoy saltwater fishing for hours. There is also the Glacier Bay National Park which you explore endlessly. 

2. Fairbanks

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Fairbanks is the ideal place to enjoy summer activities and also view the magnificent aurora borealis in winter. Tourists’ favorite spot is to soak in the Chena Hot Springs. The city is packed with wonders and natural charms, starting from lush forests to towering peaks. If you are visiting in early August, you can go and chase the northern lights. The hot springs are amazing to go to year round. 

3. Anchorage

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To enjoy the fantastic landscapes of Alaska Anchorage is a beautiful city with unique landscapes. Besides that, you will also find suburbs and cityscapes in this wonderful place.  This city is a gateway to natural wonders as well as city beauties including cultural and historical museums. There are many botanical gardens with huge outdoor playgrounds. Hub of the glaciers, tourists also can get [plenty of opportunities to hike and fish.

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4. Juneau

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Well known as the capital of Juneau, this city is the most fascinating town with its beauty and multiple charms. Although hard to access, this city offers a bunch of unique opportunities for tourism and fun activities. This popular city offers cruise ships and ferries to enjoy the waterfront beauty. Rich in history, you can also explore the Mendenhall Glacier or enjoy hiking to Nugget Falls. 

5. Cordova

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To get to Cordova, your choice is a flight or a ferry. This small city is a great spot for tons of activities. Bird watching is one of the most popular ones. Every year millions of migrating shorebirds reside or hover in the nearby area.

Thats why, in May, the Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival is such a hyped event. Wildlife viewing and ice skating are other activities that are a must-do. In the river beside the city, you can enjoy river rafting and kayaking in summer. 

6. Petersburg

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Petersburg is known as one of the most authentic towns in Alaska. With its streets dominated by eateries, gift shops, grocery stores, hardware stores and more, tourists really connect with the locals. This waterfront town has a lot to explore. Be it the Tongass National Forest at the heart of the city or  Mitkof Island for exploring, this city has many things to offer. The city is full of unspoiled gems to explore. One of them is icebergs in Leconte Glacier Bay.

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7. Girdwood

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To access the best ski city in Alaska, a notable city is Girdwood. The city is an ideal place for foodies and you can even try out the Alaskan delicacies at your heart’s content. For the Alaskan scenery, you can enjoy the road trip around the city. For activities, you can try the short hike to Virgin Creek Falls. The picturesque views from the falls are to die for. 

8. North Pole

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North Pole is the ideal place for enjoying Christmas holidays. The jaw dropping decor of the city during the holiday season is beyond words. You can see the Santa House and a Reindeer Farm to get the vibe of Christmas. Some of the notable things to do in this city is attend the ice carving exhibit or pick up  souvenirs from the Santa Claus House. 

9. Skagway

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With its dramatic scenery unlike anywhere, Skagway is a must visit if you want to make it to the edge of the deepest fjord in North America. It is a renowned cruise destination. Every year, more than a million people stroll through the boardwalks of this city. Other notable attractions of the city are its epic wilderness adventures and Gold Rush history. To enjoy the famous vintage train car, you can travel on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway. 

10. Haines

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Haines is best known as an ideal example of Alaskan village novelty. Despite being a city hard to access, this Alaskan city is full of wonders. With only a population of 2000 people, this gem city is rich in history, natural wonders, and culture. This city is also a favorite connecting spot for travelers heading to Fairbanks and Anchorage. In terms of activities, you can enjoy hiking, exploring the architecture and culture, boating, bear watching and more. 

11. Ketchikan

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Nicknamed “Salmon Capital of the World”, Ketchikan is a beautiful bustline city. To discover the native culture and magnificent sceneries, this city is the right place. There are many native Alaskan groups in the area. You can explore the local shops where the awe-striking weavings, carvings, art and more are sold by local artisans. 

12. Seward

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Seward is one of the tourist friendly cities in Alaska. It is more like a village with the prettiest landscape and natural beauty. The downtown is full of color and you can see the Alaskan native charm in its food and clothing. The Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the wonders of the city. Some of the things to do in this area include taking a helicopter tour, dog sledding, watching glaciers and more. 

13. Kodiak Island

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For exploring the wildlife and natural beauty of Alaska, Kodiak Island is a fantastic choice. To start, you can explore the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. Then there is the Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park where you can closely view the natural charms. For outdoor enthusiasts, this city is ideal to explore without any planned route. If you are lucky, you can find fossils during low tide at Fossil Beach. 

14. Valdez

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Valdez is a city which is nicknamed  “Little Switzerland!” Only 5 hours drive from Anchorage, this city welcomes with its scenic seaside beauty. The tranquility of the place surrounded by nature is one of its main attractions. For a relaxed vibe, this city offers a peaceful atmosphere. You can enjoy hiking, skiing, exploring glaciers and more. Kayaking on the Valdez Glacier Lake would be an unforgettable experience. 

15. Sitka

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Packed with national parks, tons of outdoor adventure opportunities, pristine wilderness and unique history, Sitka is unlike anywhere else. It is one of the serene hub cities of Alaskan cities. The best attraction is the Sitka National Historical Park, also known as the Totem Park. Other places to explore are the Fortress of the Bear animal sanctuary and Alaska Raptor Center.

16. Palmer

Palmer is a city in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough in Alaska, United States. It is located 42 miles northeast of Anchorage on the Glenn Highway in the Matanuska Valley. Palmer also serves as the borough seat for the borough.

17. Whittier

Whittier is a city located in the state of Alaska in the United States. It is approximately 78 kilometers (58 miles) southeast of the state capital of Anchorage. The Chugach Census Area was one of the two new organizations created in 2019 after the previous Valdez–Cordova Census Area was dissolved. The city is located inside the Chugach Census Area.

With its unique views and an array of nature activities, the listed above most beautiful cities in Alaska have too much to offer. Why miss any chance to explore this state of charm and beauty? Pack your backs and don’t forget to pack your camera

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