US Property Tax by States [Report 2024]

Property Tax by States

A tax paid on property owned by an individual, landowner or other legal entity in the annual amount is called property tax. As a principal source of revenue, local governments in the US impose a property tax. It is also known as milage.

The tax rate is determined by local officials and may be disputed by owners. It is always computed as the fair market value of the property times with an assessment ratio times a tax rate. The property tax is a legally enforceable obligation attaching to the property with a fixed date. 

Data of Property Tax by States

The property tax rate of 50 states:

1. Hawaii0.31%
2. Alabama0.37%
3. Louisiana0.51%
4. Wyoming0.51%
5. Colorado0.52%
6. South Carolina0.53%
7. West Virginia0.53%
8. Nevada0.56%
9. Utah0.56%
10. Delaware0.59%
11. New Mexico0.59%
12. Arizona0.60%
13. Arkansas0.61%
14. Mississippi0.63%
15. Tennessee0.63%
16. Idaho0.65%
17. California0.70%
18. Virginia0.82%
19. Montana0.84%
20. North Carolina0.84%
21. Indiana0.85%
22. Kentucky0.86%
23. Florida0.89%
24. Oklahoma0.90%
25. Georgia0.92%
26. Missouri0.97%
27. Oregon0.97%
28. North Dakota0.98%
29. Washington0.98%
30. Maryland1.09%
31. Minnesota1.12%
32. Alaska1.19%
33. Massachusetts1.23%
34. South Dakota1.25%
35. Maine1.27%
36. Kansas1.28%
37. Michigan1.30%
38. Ohio1.36%
39. Iowa1.37%
40. Pennsylvania1.40%
41. Rhode Island1.43%
42. New York1.43%
43. Nebraska1.53%
44. Wisconsin1.54%
45. Texas1.6%
46. Connecticut1.73%
47. Vermont1.76%
48. New Hampshire1.89%
49. Illinois1.97%
50. New Jersey2.13%

The property tax must be paid in between a specific date. In many states, the local jurisdictions are limited on how they may tax a property. Rules always varied widely in every state. The tax mainly imposed on land, building, improvements that are not removable without damaging the property. There have some issues regarding how this tax being imposed, including fairness, progressivity, socialist redistribution of taxpayer funds, and allodial title vs. true ownership of property etc. However, these aspects of the property tax remained the same since colonial times.

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