US Job Growth by States [Report 2021]

US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) measures job growth that tracks the number of payroll jobs created in the US every month. It indicates economic expansion and a strengthening job market. It is conveyed the gross number of jobs created in the US in previous months. In recent times because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market has been impacted severely. The rate is going downwards rather than upwards. The unemployment rate jumped over 11 points over 14.7%, and from January 2021, it is 6.3%.

Data of Job Growth by States

Here are the states ranked by Job Growth per State:

1. Utah3%
2. Arizona2.8%
3. Idaho2.8%
4. Nevada2.5%
5. Texas2.3%
6. Colorado2.1%
7. Washington2%
8. Florida1.9%
9. North Carolina1.9%
10. Tennessee1.7%
11. Georgia1.7%
12. South Carolina1.6%
13. New Mexico1.5%
14. Oregon1.5%
15. California1.5%
16. Alabama1.4%
17. Wyoming1.3%
18. Virginia1.1%
19. Montana1.1%
20. New York1%
21. North Dakota1%
22. Delaware1%
23. Massachusetts1%
24. Pennsylvania0.9%
25. New Hampshire0.9%
26. New Jersey0.9%
27. Maine0.8%
28. Arkansas0.8%
29. Oklahoma0.8%
30. Missouri0.6%
31. Maryland0.6%
32. South Dakota0.6%
33. Indiana0.6%
34. Rhode Island0.6%
35. Kansas0.5%
36. Alaska0.5%
37. Minnesota0.5%
38. Mississippi0.4%
39. Kentucky0.4%
40. Ohio0.3%
41. Michigan0.3%
42. Illinois0.3%
43. Nebraska0.3%
44. Wisconsin0.2%
45. Iowa0.1%
46. Vermont0%
47. Louisiana0%
48. Connecticut-0.2%
49. Hawaii-0.4%
50. West Virginia-0.9%

Some states see more job growth where other states are facing recession. The pandemic created a considerable loss in the job sector, which will take a lot of time to recover. The vast population is now facing some dramatic change in the job sector for which they were not ready. However, citizens hope this situation will change, and people would get a stable life once again.

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