17 Largest Grocery Chains in US [Report 2024]


America is home to the largest retail and grocery store companies in the world, which have locations across the world. Renowned American retail companies like Walmart and Amazon have dominated the world in terms of retail business.

Whether in a gas station, middle of a highway or near the fancy areas of Malibu, grocery stores can be found anywhere in the United States due to the volume of these stores.

In fact, grocery store companies are one of the largest growing industries in the US in terms of earning revenue and creating jobs. The largest grocery chains in US are given below.

1. CVS

CVS is one of the largest grocery chains in US

CVS, a retail store and a pharmacy, is the largest grocery chain in the US in terms of number of stores. As of right now, CVS has over 9,600 stores, just in the United States alone.

Moreover, CVS operates solely under its own brand name CVS and has a net annual revenue of $86 billion. Founded in 1963, CVS was originally named Consumer Value Store.

2. Walgreens Boots Alliance

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Walgreens Boots Alliance, a massive retail company based in Illinois, has one of the highest numbers of stores in the United States.

Currently, Walgreens Boots Alliance has over 9,000 stores in all 50 states of the US, and also operates in 9 other countries. Additionally, the annual revenue of this retail company is $105 billion.

3. Walmart Inc.

Walmart Inc.

Walmart, the largest grocery chain in the world by revenue generated, is also the largest revenue generating grocery chain in the United States. Currently, retail-heavyweights Walmart has over 4,700 stores in the US alone and has stores set up in 27 different countries worldwide.

Additionally, Walmart grosses the biggest annual revenue by far in this list, with a net annual revenue of $514 billion. This retail company operates under store banners Walmart and Sam’s Club.

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THE KROGER CO., the second-biggest retail company in the US based on number of stores, has around 2,759 stores operating in the United States.

THE KROGER CO. was founded back in 1883, and since then has become one of America’s biggest grocers. The net annual revenue of THE KROGER CO. is $121 billion.

5. Albertsons

Albertsons, a grocery store company headquartered in Idaho, is one of the largest grocery chains in the US. With 2,323 stores across the country, Albertsons is one of the go-to grocery destinations for Americans.

Furthermore, Albertsons has a net annual revenue of around $61 billion, and operates under the store names of Albertsons, Safeway, Vons and many more.

6. Ahold Delhaize USA, Inc.

Founded in 1883, Ahold Delhaize USA, Inc. is one of the oldest grocery chains in the US. Moreover, due to its staggering 1,963 supermarkets across the country, it is also one of the largest retail companies in the US.

Ahold Delhaize USA, Inc. operates under the store banners of Food Lion and Shop & Shop, and has a net annual revenue of $44 billion.

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7. Target Corporation

Target Corporation, a renowned retail company, has around 1,900 stores all across the US and operates solely under the brand name of Target.

Target Corporation is the eight-largest retailer in the country and has an annual revenue of $77 billion. Founded in 1902, Target has kept on enhancing its reputation throughout the years with top-class customer service.

8. ALDI Inc.

Founded in 1975, ALDI Inc. is relatively new to the game compared to its rivals. But despite that fact, ALDI Inc. is one of the fastest growing retail companies in the US with 1,800 stores across the country and has plans to own around 2,500 stores by 2022 in the US.

This multinational company has stores in 20 different countries, earning an annual revenue of $15 billion.

9. Publix

Publix is an employee-owned supermarket chain based in the US. Currently, Publix has net annual revenue of $36 billion and has over 1,236 stores all across the US.

Additionally, Publix operates under the store banners of Publix Super Markets and GreenWise Market. Majority of Publix’s locations are in Florida and North Carolina.

10. Costco


Costco, a retail heavyweight, renowned all across the world and especially around the US, is one of the largest grocers in the country by sales.

As of right now, Costco has an annual revenue of $111 billion, one of the most among retail companies in the world. Moreover, Costco has over 559 stores across the United States.

11. Amazon

Amazon, one of the biggest multinational American retail companies in the world, has over 539 stores all across the United States.

Primarily an online delivery retail seller, Amazon purchased Whole Foods Market in 2017 and now owns all of its 500 stores in the US. Additionally, Amazon has an annual revenue of $164 billion, $16 billion of which comes from Whole Foods Market.

12. Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s, a grocery store company headquartered in California, is a very fast growing company in its industry. Founded 1958, Trader Joe’s is a relatively new grocery store company in American grocery chain history.

But despite that, Trader Joe’s already has over 530 stores across the US and makes an annual revenue of $15 billion.

13. Wakefern Food Corporation

Founded in 1946, Wakefern Food Corporation has grown quite quickly to become one of America’s largest grocery chains. The massive grocery store company owns store brands like ShopRite, Price Rite, Fresh Grocer and many more.

Currently, Wakefern Food Corporation has an annual revenue of $16.6 billion, which is increasing at a very high rate. Moreover, Wakefern Food Corporation has 354 stores across the US.

14. H-E-B

H-E-B, short for H.E. BUTT GROCERY CO., is named after its founder, Florence Butt. H-E-B, being one of America’s largest supermarket companies, has over 340 stores all across the US, which primarily operate in Texas.

Furthermore, H-E-B’s net annual revenue is $22 billion, making it one of the most lucrative supermarket brands in the United States.


MEIJER INC. is a grocery store company that is headquartered in Michigan and was founded by Hendrik Meijer. Named after the founder himself in 1934, the current CEO of MEIJER INC. is Rick Keyes.

Under his leadership, this grocery store company has increased its store numbers to 240 all around the country. Moreover, MEIJER INC.’s net annual revenue is close to $17 billion.

16. Dollar General

Dollar General Corporation is an American chain of variety stores headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. As of January 1, 2024, Dollar General operates 18,774 stores in the continental United States.

Dollar General makes it easier to shop for everyday needs by offering the most popular brands at low everyday prices in convenient locations and online.

17. C&S Wholesale Grocers

C&S Wholesale Grocers is a national wholesale grocery supply company in the United States, based in Keene, New Hampshire. In 2021 it was the eighth-largest privately held company in the United States, as listed by Forbes.

C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. is an industry leader in supply chain solutions and wholesale grocery supply in the United States.

The companies mentioned above dominate the retail and grocery chain business in the US and have hundreds of billions per year in revenue. Interestingly, although Walmart and Amazon make the highest revenue, they don’t have the most number of stores. This is because the variety and quality of the products being sold at these stores matter a lot.

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