US Median Household Income by States [Report 2024]

Median Household Income by States

The term “median household income” or “median income” refers to the average yearly wage of all adults living in a given household, regardless of their relationship to each other. Half of the households in a certain county have a higher income, while the other half have a lower income. The American Community Survey (ACS) is the primary data source for the US Census Bureau’s calculation of the Median Household Income.

Data of Median Household Income by States

Here is a list of 50 US States by Median Household Income:

1. Maryland$97,332
2. New Hampshire$88,841
3. New Jersey$88,559
4. Utah$87,649
5. Washington$87,648
6. Massachusetts$86,566
7. Colorado$84,954
8. Hawaii$82,199
9. Virginia$81,855
10. California$81,575
11. Alaska $79,253
12. Connecticut$78,109
13. Minnesota$75,979
14. New York$72,920
15. Delaware$70,821
16. Rhode Island$68,882
17. Illinois$67,404
18. North Dakota$64,894
19. Wyoming$64,049
20. Oregon$62,818
21. Vermont$61,973
22. Texas$61,874
23. Wisconsin$61,747
24. Pennsylvania$61,744
25. Nebraska$61,439
26. Iowa$60,523
27. Nevada$60,365
28. Kansas$59,597
29. Arizona$58,945
30. Georgia$58,700
31. South Dakota$58,275
32. Maine$57,918
33. Michigan$57,144
34. Idaho$55,785
35. Florida$55,660
36. Ohio$56,602
37. Indiana$56,303
38. Missouri$55,461
39. Montana$54,970
40. North Carolina$54,602
41. Tennessee$53,320
42. South Carolina$53,199
43. Oklahoma$52,919
44. Kentucky$50,589
45. Alabama$50,536
46. New Mexico$49,754
47. Louisiana$49,469
48. Arkansas$47,597
49. West Virginia$46,711
50. Mississippi$45,081

Median Household Income is used to track the progress in communities. However, this measurement has some drawbacks. These data are collected through interviews, surveys, and so on. For this very reason, there is a margin of error, especially sampling errors.  Even so, these data give us the perfect picture of the median income of every state. 

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