Top 15 Richest Women in the US [Report 2024]

Richest Women in the US

Suppose you were asked to survey the richest people globally. In that case, I am pretty sure that the vast majority of individuals on this list had been males. This isn’t remarkably surprising considering that in 2020, PayScale showed women get less salary or less power in terms of earning money.

Though the difference has started to lower from 2015, most of the richest women are from America.

So, check out this hand curated list of the richest women in the US.

1. Alice Walton – $59.7 Billion

Alice Walton is one of the Richest Women in the US

Alice Walton of the Walmart administration has a total asset of $59.7 billion, making her the most extravagant lady on the planet. She is the solitary girl of Walmart originator Sam Walton. She isn’t associated with Walmart; she spends her fortune gathering craftsmanship and reproducing ponies. Her cousins are additionally on this rundown.

2. Julia Koch – $59 Billion

Julia Koch is a celebrated money manager who is proceeding with her business with her family. Her total assets $59 billion after acquiring a stake in Koch ventures. Julia Koch was hitched to industrialist and traditionalist benefactor David Koch, who passed on in August 2019. She and her three youngsters acquired a 42% stake in Koch Industries.

3. Jacqueline Mars – $39.6 Billion

Jacqueline Mars is also a member of the Mars family, and her net income is $39.6 billion. She is the granddaughter of the ancestor of the Mars family. She is said to claim 33% of the Snickers and M&M’s sweets domain. Another third has a place with her sibling John. The remainder of the offers is parted between her four nieces, who are additionally included on the World’s Billionaires List. She gives to instructive, natural, social, and well-being-related causes.

4. MacKenzie Bezos – $25.9 Billion

Richest Women in the US

MacKenzie Bezos is a new successful businesswoman and is now worth $25.9 billion. She is working in the Amazon marketplace. MacKenzie Bezos and Amazon organizer Jeff Bezos finished their separation in 2019 following 25 years of marriage. The settlement brought about MacKenzie holding 25% of the couples’ offers or 4% of the organization. The separation made her Amazon’s second-biggest individual investor. Last April, she marked a promise to give half of her fortune to the noble cause.

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5. Abigail Johnson – $20.8 Billion

Abigail Johnson is the CEO of Fidelity Investments ladies in the USA, and her total compensation is $10.8 billion. Abigail Johnson’s granddad established Fidelity Investments over 70 years prior. The organization at present has $2.7 trillion in oversaw resources. Following 26 years of serving at the firm, Johnson became the CEO in 2014 and the board’s director in 2016. She has a 24.5% stake in the organization.

6. Diane Hendricks – $12.8 Billion

Diane Hendricks is simply the most extravagant made lady in America. She has a total asset of $12.8 billion out of 73 ages. Diane Hendricks, the most extravagant independent lady in America, made her fortune by establishing discount material wholesaler ABC Supply in 1982 with her significant other. She has been in charge of organization since his passing in 2007 and utilized her abundance to revive Beloit, Wisconsin, where organization is based.

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7. Laurene Powell – $11.2 Billion

Laurene Powell Jobs and her family acquired the fortune of her better half, Steve Jobs, upon his demise in 2011. Her total assets are valued at $11.2 billion. At a certain point, she had 5.5 million portions of Apple stock and a 7.3% stake in The Walt Disney Company. She has utilized those to support her charitable endeavors, explicitly the production of the Emerson Collective, an association committed to social change through training, migration change, media, and reporting.

8. Christy Walton – $10.8 Billion

Christy Walton was wedded to Walmart’s Walton family and is presently worth $10.8 billion. Christy Walton was hitched to John Walton, the second-most seasoned offspring of Walmart originator Sam Walton. John passed on in a plane accident in 2005, leaving Christy 17% of his abundance. She currently utilizes that fortune as an altruist supporting area and ocean preservation.

9. Marijke Mars – $9.9 Billion

Marijke Mars is the little sister who is continuing the Mars family business and successfully running forward. She has started Snickers candy bars which was the sister concern of the Mars family business. Her net worth is $9.9 billion dollars. However, the family was introverted in publicity. Still, recently they have begun to speak and have created some of the media presence.

10. Pamela Mars – $9.9 Billion

Valerie Mars is the 3rd successful woman who was running a business in the Mars family. Pamela mars connected to the family business as a manager operational sector. When Pamela Mars was 59 age, then her net worth $9.9 billion. She is continuing the chairman of the board from 2004 to 2008. 

11. Valerie Mars – $9.9 Billion

Valerie Mars is another successful woman who is continuing business in the Mars family. In 1992, Valerie started to maintain in mars company, and she took the vice president of the corporate development sector. Her net worth is $9.9 billion at 61 age. She was also a member of the board of directors in fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

12. Victoria Mars – $9.9 Billion

Victoria Mars is one of the successful women billionaires in the United States of America. She has four sisters, and she earned lots of money from her massive Candy and pet food factory. A study shows that her net income is $9.9 billion. She is a miracle woman leader who successfully conducts her business at even 63 years old. Her great-grandparent was Frank Mars in 1911, who established the massive candy company.

13. Ann Walton Kroenke – $8.9 Billion

Ann Walton Kroenke is another productive cash chief in the USA with a total asset of $8.9 billion. Walton Kroenke is the little girl of Bud Walton, who helped to establish Walmart with his sibling, Sam Walton. After her dad’s decease in 1995, she earned a portion of his share in the organization. 

14. Nancy Walton Laurie – $8.3 billion

Walton Laurie is the little girl of Bud Walton, who helped to establish Walmart with his sibling, Sam Walton. Her total assets are $8.3 billion. After her dad’s passing in 1995, she obtained a portion of his stake in the business.

15. Blair Parry-Okeden – $8.2 Billion

Blair Parry-Okeden is another fruitful money manager in the USA. Although she is an American resident, Blair Parry-Okeden lives in Australia. Blair Parry-Okeden has a total asset of $8.2 billion. Forbes named her the most extravagant individual in Australia in 2016. She procured a 25% stake in Cox Enterprises when her mom, Barbara Cox Anthony, passed in 2007. Repel Okeden is known to be private to the place of isolation.

After all this hard work and sincerity towards jobs, home and family, we can finally understand women are handling these things very swiftly and have earned their fortunes in various ways. They do not need support to stand equal because they already are, but appreciation for what they are doing. It is high time people changed their minds. But these minds can be changed when everyone will start focusing on the economic impact of the contribution of women.

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