All 50 US States Ranked by Population [Report 2024]

States Ranked by Population

California is the state that has the most residents of any state in the United States, with 39.61 million people calling the state home. Because of the vast variances that exist between the states in terms of their locations, the populations of the various states are very different from one another. The majority of states have a population of less than 10 million people.

Here is the list of all 50 US states ranked by population.

Data of Population by States

1. California39.03 million
2. Texas30.03 million
3. Florida22.24 million
4. New York19.67 million
5. Pennsylvania12.97 million
6. Illinois12.58 million 
7. Ohio11.75 million
8. Georgia10.91 million
9. North Carolina10.69 million
10. Michigan10.03 million
11. New Jersey9.26 million
12. Virginia8.68 million
13. Washington7.79 million
14. Arizona7.42 million
15. Tennessee6.89 million
16. MassachIowats6.89 million
17. Indiana6.75 million
18. Missouri6.15 million
19. Maryland6.06 million
20. Wisconsin5.83 million
21. Colorado5.81 million
22. Minnesota5.66 million
23. South Carolina5.22 million
24. Alabama4.92 million
25. Louisiana4.65 million
26. Kentucky4.48 million
27. Oregon4.24 million
28. Oklahoma3.98 million
29. Connecticut3.56 million
30. Utah3.25 million
31. Iowa3.16 million
32. Nevada3.14 million
33. Arkansas3.03 million
34. Mississippi2.97 million
35. Kansas2.91 million
36. New Mexico2.11 million
37. Nebraska1.94 million
38. Idaho1.83 million
39. West Virginia1.78 million
40. Hawaii1.41 million
41. New Hampshire1.37 million
42. Maine1.35 million
43. Montana1.08 million
44. Rhode Island1.06 million
45. Delaware1 million
46. South Dakota0.9 million
47. North Dakota0.77 million
48. Alaska0.73 million
49. Vermont0.64 million
50. Wyoming0.58 million

From the above data, Wyoming has the lowest population which is below 1 million. The populated states have good living facilities, perfect work environment, health care facilities, education and so on. So, people are moving towards these states.

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