All 50 US States Ranked by Poverty [Report 2023]

States Ranked by Poverty

The United States of America is consistently ranked as one of the nations with the healthiest economies in the world. The majority of its inhabitants adhere to a conventional way of life. However, there is still a significant population that is at risk of poverty and lives below the federal poverty threshold.

According to the findings of the Research Department at Statista, 19.6% of residents in the state of Mississippi live below the federal poverty level.

Let’s check the 50 US States Ranked by Poverty.

Data of Poverty by States

1. Mississippi18.7%
2. Louisiana17.8%
3. New Mexico16.8%
4. West Virginia15.8%
5. Arkansas15.2%
6. District of Columbia15%
7. Alabama14.9%
8. Kentucky14.9%
9. Oklahoma14.3%
10. Georgia14%
11. South Carolina13.8%
12. Tennessee13.6%
13. Texas13.4%
14. North Carolina13.3%
15. Arizona13.3%
16. Ohio13.1%
17. Michigan13%
18. New York13%
19. Missouri12.9%
20. Florida12.7%
21. Montana12.6%
22. Nevada12.5%
23. Pennsylvania12%
24. South Dakota11.9%
25. Indiana11.9%
26. California11.8%
27. Illinois11.5%
28. Oregon11.4%
29. Kansas11.4%
30. Delaware11.3%
31. Lowa11.2%
32. Idaho11.2%
33. Maine10.9%
34. Rhode Island10.8%
35. North Dakota10.6%
36. Wisconsin10.4%
37. Vermont10.2%
38. Alaska10.1%
39. Wyoming10.1%
40. Connecticut10%
41. Nebraska9.9%
42. Virginia9.9%
43. Washington9.8%
44. Massachusetts9.4%
45. Colorado9%
46. Maryland9%
47. Hawaii8.9%
48. Minnesota8.3%
49. Utah7.3%
50. New Hampshire7%

The Poverty Measure considers variations in the cost of living between states, as well as housing prices, taxation, and the price of government assistance programs. People are also working to improve their lifestyle. USA government is working on eliminating poverty by taking economic policies and expanding opportunities for the people.

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