Top 17 Tallest Buildings in Alabama [Update 2024]

Tallest Buildings in Alabama

Humanity has become obsessed with breaking its records, creating new ones only to break them over and over. Our cities’ skylines have always been determined by those in power in history. At one point, churches left their mark, followed by public organizations. In the last few decades, its commercial buildings continue to grow taller.

Today, I will discuss the tallest buildings in Alabama, which are dominating right now!

1. RSA Battle House Tower, Mobile

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RSA Battle House Tower is the Tallest Building in Alabama

The 35-story office tower is Alabama’s highest building. The building is named for the nearby Battle House Hotel, which is now part of the tower complex. The 570,000 square foot tower introduces Class A office space, hotel guestrooms on the lower levels, conference rooms, and restaurants. A large ballroom works as a bridge between the historic hotel and the new tower.

The project also incorporates a separate 6-story parking deck, a sixty-foot-long pedestrian bridge that connects the building to the parking level, a fitness center, and a swimming pool.

2. Shipt Tower, Birmingham

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Shipt Tower is one of the Tallest Buildings in Alabama

Towering above Birmingham, the 454-foot, 34 story Shipt Tower is the tallest building in the Magic City. The skyscraper was initially built for SouthTrust Bank at the cost of $31 million. Since its completion in 1986, the tower has settled as Birmingham’s tallest skyscraper—and was the tallest building in Alabama until the fulfillment of Mobile’s RSA Battle House Tower in 2006.

In January 2019, Shipt became the most prominent anchor tenant in the former Wells Fargo Tower. So, appropriately, Shipt got to place their letters on the tower. 

3. Regions-Harbert Plaza, Birmingham

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Regions-Harbert Plaza, Birmingham

The Regions-Harbert Plaza is a 32-story, 437ft office building established in Birmingham, Alabama. The building was initially known as the AmSouth-Harbert Plaza. Still, it was renamed on July 13, 2007, following the building’s largest tenant AmSouth Bancorporation with Regions Financial Corporation, located in Birmingham. The 31st floor includes the private Summit Club.

The base of the building includes a 70000 sqft retail center. Regions lease 200000 sqft in the building, making it the largest tenant. The building was outlined by the architectural firm Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum and formed by general contractor Brasfield & Gorrie. The building’s infrastructure was built to support a future 18-story tower over the retail space. The building also attaches the neighboring Regions Center through the mezzanine level of the building.

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4. RSA–BankTrust Building, Mobile

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The RSA–BankTrust Building, formerly the First National Bank Building, is a 34 story, 424-foot (129 m) International Style office tower established in downtown Mobile, Alabama. Most recently recognized as the AmSouth Bank Building, it had been identified in honor of its largest tenant until 2006, AmSouth Bancorporation. It was retitled the GM Building by its new proprietor, Retirement Systems of Alabama, in 2009. Then, following a lease agreement with BancTrust Financial Group and its community bank subsidiary, BankTrust, it was renamed over.

BancTrust Financial Group is the only openly traded bank holding company headquartered in Mobile. It officially became the RSA–BankTrust Building on August 25, 2010.

5. RSA Tower, Montgomery

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RSA Tower, 391 feet (121 m) building is situated in Ordeman-Shaw Historic District, close to Doubletree By Hilton Montgomery. In the Court Square-Dexter Avenue Historic District of Montgomery, the Court Square Fountain was built in 1885 on top of an artesian well. Native Alabamians used it long before the area was settled.

6. AT&T City Center, Birmingham

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The AT&T City Center is a 30-story, 391 foot office building in Birmingham, Alabama. Finished in 1972, the building was initially known as the South Central Bell Building. It was the corporate headquarters for South Central Bell and its five-state running territory.

In 1998 the building was retitled the BellSouth City Center after Brasfield & Gorrie completed an $80 million remodeling. Bell South was merged into the modern AT&T company in 2006, and the building’s name was modified to AT&T City Center. The building was recorded in the National Register of Historic Places in 2020.

In March 2018, the building was bought by “600 North 19th Street LLC” of Stamford, Connecticut, for $29.25 million. In November of the same year, it was marketed to VCP City Center for $31 million. The new partners anticipate redeveloping the construction as a mixed-use property, combining residential, office, and restaurant space.

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7. Regions Center, Birmingham

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The Regions Center (previously known as the AmSouth Center) is a 390 foot (119 meters) tall, 30 story office tower positioned at the northwest corner of 20th Street and 5th Avenue North in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

The building worked as corporate headquarters for AmSouth Bancorporation from 1972 until 2006 and Sonat, Inc. and its subsidiaries from 1972 till 2007, when relocated to the Colonial Brookwood Center. The building now works as the corporate headquarters for Regions Financial Corporation.

8. Phoenix West II

Second and tallest of the two Phoenix West towers, Phoenix West II is the tallest building in Orange Beach, Alabama and soars 380 feet in the sky. Built in 2013, this relatively new skyscraper consists of 31 floors.

9. Turquoise Place I, Orange Beach

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Situated in Orange Beach, Alabama, Turquoise Place, 377 feet tall (115 m), is the zenith of luxury with turquoise towers, soaring 24 and 30 stories over the beach, each unit facing the Gulf.Each three to five-bedroom residence at Turquoise Place highlights a Gulf-front balcony with an outdoor grill and private Jacuzzi hot tub. Spectrum Resorts manage Turquoise Place as the official owner and operator.

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10. Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel, Mobile

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The Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel, once known as the Adam’s Mark Hotel, is a leading hotel in Mobile, Alabama. Finished in 1983, the building arises 277 feet and 28 stories. The Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel is the second-tallest building and greatest hotel in Mobile and the tallest hotel in Alabama.

Upon its fulfillment, the 374-foot (114 m) and 277-unit Adam’s Mark Hotel graced the second-tallest hotel in Mobile, after the 325-foot (99 m) Mobile Marriott and the third-tallest building. The building next to fourth-tallest upon the 1994 finalization of the 325-foot (99 m) City-County Administration Building. The building experienced a $5 million renovation (USD) in 2002, and in 2008 a prominent spire was built over the existing construction. The spire was designed to complement the RSA Battle House Tower; in form and design, the two buildings are nearly identical. 

11. Saturn V Dynamic Test Stand, Huntsville

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The Saturn V dynamic test stand at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, was established in 1964 to conduct mechanical and vibration experiments on a fully welded Saturn V rocket. Two space shuttle test transportations (Pathfinder & Enterprise) were also tested in the facility. The facility reaches 363 feet tall and is visible from many spots around Huntsville. The test site was appointed a National Historic Landmark in 1985.

12. Phoenix West I

Phoenix West I is one of the newest buildings on this list, however, one of the most modern ones as well. First of the two buildings, Phoenix West I is 350 feet tall, making it one of the tallest buildings in Alabama.

13. Mobile Marriott, Mobile

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The hotel was inaugurated in 1979 as the Mobile Hilton, the tallest hotel in the city and the state.After the 277-unit Adam’s Mark Hotel (now the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel) was finished in 1984, the Hilton fell to second place in the hotel area. Still, it prevailed as the tallest hotel in the state and the second-tallest construction in the city, after the RSA–BankTrust Building.The hotel was later retitled the Clarion Hotel Mobile.

14. City Federal Building, Birmingham

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The 325-foot-tall Neoclassical skyscraper is located on 2nd Avenue North and 21st Street North in Birmingham, Alabama. The City Federal Building was initially created as the Jefferson County Savings Bank. When it was finished, the bank was the tallest structure in the Southeast. It remained the tallest building in Birmingham until 1972. Currently, it is the 5th highest building in the city and continues as the tallest Neo-Classical building in the South.

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15. Mobile Government Plaza, Mobile

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Mobile Government Plaza is one of the tallest buildings in the city of Mobile, Alabama. Developed in 1994 at the cost of US $73 million, the building stands 325 feet (99 m) and 12 stories at the highest point. The building is occupied by Mobile County Commission and has numerous tenants, including the City of Mobile and local courts.

16. Alabama Power Headquarters Building, Birmingham

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Located in the atrium is a duplicate of the Electra statue atop the Alabama Power Building. It was crafted by Andrew Wielawski out of marble and applied on July 25, 1988. The ground floor of this construction is a large atrium capped by a 17,000 square foot skylight.

17. Turquoise Place II, Orange Beach

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It’s hard to avoid Turquoise Place when driving by Beach Road! Outlined by Forrest Daniell and Associates and initiated in 2008, Turquoise is a $375 million development positioned at 26302 Perdido Beach Blvd. next to The Palms by Wyndham. Still, the tallest buildings at the shore, clocking in at a towering 375 feet, Turquoise is an Orange Beach milestone.

Tall buildings – the symbol of urban style and might – have always fascinated humankind. Ever-improving technology, manufacturing capabilities, and many egos make these buildings continue to stretch higher and higher, pushing their boundaries. The best thing about the taller buildings is the mind-blowing views. If you don’t want to miss out, visit these above-suggested ones ASAP.

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