13 Best Home Builders in Alabama [Update 2024]

home builders in Alabama

Most contemporary houses have low-sloped ceilings, simple facades, and plenty of glass. This design movement emerged as a reaction to the ornate buildings used in earlier decades. Modernist architects valued minimalism.

Over time, houses with dominant horizontal composition, expansive open layouts, and dramatic asymmetry became more common. These houses are frequently less power consuming now and may be built using green techniques.

Today, I have come up with some of the best home builders in Alabama, which presents some of the best builders in the state.

1. Cotton Construction Inc.

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Cotton Construction Inc. is one of the best home builders in Alabama

Cotton Construction Inc., which was established in 2006, collaborates with some of the best home builders in Alabama and architects in the region to build exquisite bespoke houses.

Cotton Construction, a tiny and narrowly focused boutique custom house builder, is run by Trey Goldstein, an Auburn University alumnus with a degree in building science.

Goldstein spent several years supervising huge teams on projects costing more than $1B in the commercial healthcare construction industry before founding Cotton Construction.

2. Willow Homes

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Homewood, Vestavia, Mount Brook, & Avondale are just a few of the elite communities where Willow Homes creates new custom homes and luxurious remodels in Birmingham. In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, Willow Homes frequently took home prizes from the Greater Birmingham Festival of Homes and the Alabama Renovation Excellence Awards (AREA).

3. Day Star Construction Inc.

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Day Star Construction Inc.

Stephen Dorsky, the president of Day Star Construction, Inc., began his career as a worker and plasterer in the Alabama custom house building sector. He has co-owned Day Star since 1983 with his wife, Lori Dorsky, and has built new custom houses, worked on significant home builders in Alabama repairs and remodels, and completed small business projects.

In addition to Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, Edgewood, Forest Park, & Cahaba Heights, they are employed across the larger Birmingham area.

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4. WSC Distinctive Builders

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Family-run WSC Distinctive Builders constructs architecturally planned custom homes in Lake Martin and central Alabama. Kevin Shubird, the company’s president, has worked as a home builder in Alabama for more than 35 years. Shubird began his career in 1975 as a Texas home builder’s high school apprentice. He later graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in business.

5. FA Bryant Construction, Inc.

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FA Bryant Construction, Inc.

Since 1960, FA Bryant Construction has constructed almost 600 bespoke houses throughout Alabama. They construct a wide range of structures, including luxury showplaces, lake homes, hunting cottages, and farms. Churches and offices are among the boutique commercial projects that the business also completes.

The lovely family homestead, which is surrounded by 3,000 acres of natural beauty, features an outside dining area with a corner fireplace and a bedroom porch with shutters.

6. Hufham Farris

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Hufham Farris is a custom house builder with offices throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida’s panhandle, as well as in Montgomery and Birmingham. Bob Farris and Coleman Hufham, both graduates of Auburn University, launched the custom house builder in 2003. Several periodicals, including Southern Accent, Traditional home builder in Alabama, Birmingham Home & Garden, and Veranda, have highlighted the builder’s work.

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7. JL Loper Construction Company

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In Orange Beach and all over Alabama’s Gulf Coast, JL Loper Construction Company constructs elegant and distinctive bespoke houses. Loper Construction is a member of the Orange Beach Economic Hall of Fame and has received multiple “Best of Orange Beach” accolades. The Wall Street Journal, Townhouse Global, & Coastal Lifestyle Magazine have all featured the company’s work.

8. Westmark Construction, Inc.

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Westmark Construction, based in Huntsville and specializing in the construction of bespoke houses around North Alabama, began operations in 1992 and has since grown to prominence in the area’s high-end housing market. The business was started by Steve West and is a member of the Huntsville|Madison Counties Builders Association (HMCBA), where it has won multiple home builders in Alabama of the Year honors.

9. TCC General Contractors

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In Alabama, TCC General Contractors has more than forty years of expertise in constructing finely built houses. The custom house builder has clients in Mountain Brook, Birmingham, Alexander City|Lake Martin, and other places. Veranda Magazine, Rural Living, Birmingham House & Garden, House Beautiful, & Southern Living have all featured the new home builder’s work. The home contractor has an A+ rating with the BBB and also completes commercial and renovation work.

10. Philip Woods Home Builder

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For more than 25 years, Philip Woods home builder in Alabama has already built bespoke houses in the greater Birmingham area. The home builder, Philip Woods, founded it in 1993 and has the highest rating from the BBB.

The custom house builder from Alabama has had articles about his work published in Milieu, Veranda, Birmingham Home and Garden, and Style Blueprint. The business constructs gorgeous, opulent bespoke houses in Mountain Brooks, Spring Valley, and other neighborhoods in the Birmingham region.

11. Building Concepts LLC

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Building Concepts LLC, your custom home builder, has more than 20 years of experience in both the construction of new homes and the modification of existing ones. Each individual client’s needs are taken into consideration during the planning and construction of every project. No matter the scope of the undertaking, the professionals on our team serving the Pelham, Alabama area have got your back.


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Craig Homes, Inc. is Baldwin County’s preeminent builder of luxury custom homes, and they specialize in providing individualized architectural plans for their most particular customers. All of our luxury house construction projects benefit from our unrivaled attention to detail and unparalleled quality, which we achieve thanks to our more than 20 years of industry experience.

13. Hempstead Custom Homes

Builds custom homes and also specializes in remodeling, as well as in the replacement of windows and doors. When selecting a Custom Home Builder, the most crucial elements to take into consideration are quality, experience, and reputation in the industry.

The happiness of a custom home builder’s customers is the primary factor in determining that company’s long-term success. Have a look not just at the portfolio of custom homes that can be found on this website, but also at what our other, happy clients have to say about the work that it does.

Through our strategic ties with Southern Alabama’s most in-demand artisans and craftsmen, our seasoned team of building specialists will tailor a home to meet your individual requirements in order to meet your complete satisfaction.

In this case, the builders were picked because of their stellar reputations, track records, and track records with similar projects. A number of these companies specialize in niche markets because they provide distinctive services and add novel approaches to their products.

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