Top 11 Tallest Buildings in Indiana [Update 2024]

tallest buildings in Indiana

The human race has developed a compulsive need to constantly push its own boundaries and set new records, only to promptly shatter them.

Truth be told, the skylines have always been emblematic of the ruling classes of the time. In the last half-century, mankind has achieved incredible advancements in the fields of building and engineering, and modern society is pushing things to an unbelievable level.

Indiana has been catching eyes with some of their tallest structures and today, I am going to talk about which the tallest buildings in Indiana are must-see!

1. Salesforce Tower Indy

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Salesforce Tower Indy is one of the tallest buildings in Indiana

When it comes to skyscrapers, Salesforce Tower is the tallest building in Indiana. By the time it opened in 1990, it had already surpassed the AUL Tower in Indianapolis. The twin spires of the building rise to a height of 811 feet, while the roof of the structure itself reaches a height of 701.

In the late 2010s, Salesforce established its head offices in the skyscraper, and now the company occupies a significant portion of the structure. While both of the tower’s spires are the same height, only one is actually used as a working broadcast antenna. The other mast is there only for aesthetic purposes.

2. OneAmerica Tower

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Located at 200 North Illinois Street in downtown Indianapolis, the OneAmerica Tower (previously known as the AUL Tower) is a 38-story skyscraper and the second-tallest building in Indiana. Multiple businesses call this building home. The OneAmerica Tower stood as Indiana’s tallest structure from 1982 to 1990.

The tower does not have an observation platform. The private club and eatery “The Skyline Club” on the 36th floor, though, offers spectacular views over Indianapolis and its environs. Electronic turnstiles have been installed in the lobby in front of the elevators, preventing the general populace from accessing the remainder of the structure.

3. Regions Tower

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Regions Tower

The Regions Tower, often referred to as One Indiana Square, is a 36-story structure that can be found in the downtown area of Indianapolis, Indiana. The building’s address is 211 North Pennsylvania Street. Office space in it is rented out to a variety of businesses.

When it first opened its doors in 1970, the building served as the headquarters of the Indiana National Bank. Regions Financial Corporation has established its Indiana headquarters at this skyscraper.

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4. Indiana Michigan Power Center

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Indiana Michigan Power Center

The Indiana Michigan Power Center is a contemporary 27-story structure that is 134.7 m in height (442 f.t). This structure may be found on East Wayne Street in Indiana. Conceptualized by Kevin Roche The building was designed by John Dinkeloo and Associates in a novel way; it seems to be composed of two structures, with the elevators located in the connecting tower.

5. Market Tower

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The Market Tower in Indianapolis is a high-rise office building on the southwest corner of Illinois and Market streets. Building construction on the tower was finished in 1988, and with 32 stories, it is the fourth-tallest structure in the city.

The 421-foot height of the structure may or may not account for the tower’s eight spires (128 m). The Market Tower is the state’s highest reinforced-concrete building. Offices make up the bulk of its current use.

6. 300 North Meridian

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The 300 North Meridian building is a tall structure in downtown Indianapolis and the sixth-tallest building in Indiana. The development was funded initially by Browning Investments in 1987.

Brownish-red granite covers the exterior, while black windows and a copper-colored cupola were added by the architects at Haldeman Miller Bregman Hamann (now BOKA Powell). There is a full-service bank and coffee shop/sandwich store on the ground level. Including an adjoining parking garage, an insulated parking garage has a total of over 1200 parking spots for tenants.

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7. BMO Plaza

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In the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, the BMO Plaza, originally known as the M&I Plaza, is a high-rise office skyscraper that can be found at 135 North Pennsylvania Street.

It was finished in 1988, and with its present height of 401 feet (122 meters) and 28 floors, it is now the sixth-tallest structure in the city. Its primary function is that of an office building. The BMO Plaza in Indianapolis offers a one-of-a-kind chance for signage due to its prominent location in the city’s skyline.

8. JW Marriott Indianapolis

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The JW Marriott Indianapolis’s central location makes it a top choice among business travelers. The resort has over 102,000 square feet of conference space, a staffed business center, and an event concierge desk, and is connected to the Indiana Convention Center through a skyway.

The hotel stands at 376 feet (115 meters) in height, making it the eighth-tallest building in Indiana. There is an underground parking garage with room for 950 cars within the complex.

9. City-County Building

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Located at 200 East Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis, the Indianapolis City-County Building is home to the offices of Unigov, the unified city and county administration of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana.

The Marion County Courthouse, Indianapolis Police Department, and Indianapolis City-County Council all have their administrative headquarters there. On the twenty-eighth story of the building, there is an observation platform that is available to members of the public.

10. 101 West Ohio

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In the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, you’ll find the 101 West Ohio. It was finished in 1987, and right now it occupies the eighth-highest spot on the city’s list of the tallest buildings. The majority of its space is devoted to administrative functions.

11. PNC Center

PNC Center is the tallest building in Fort Wayne from 1970–1982, currently the 11th tallest building in the state of Indiana. Formerly known as Fort Wayne National Bank Building and National City Center.

It seems like every year there’s a new tower that tops the previous one, and that trend shows no signs of stopping anytime in the near future with future skyscrapers already planning to top today’s highest.

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