13 Best Home Builders in Indiana [2024 Edition]


In any state, finding a reputable and long-term house builder may be difficult. Therefore, whether you want to acquire a summer home or eventually migrate to or within Indiana, I highly urge that you explore some of my picks among the best home builders here.

These home builders can assist you in constructing the perfect house in Indiana while adhering to sustainable construction methods and making use of environmentally friendly technology.

So here are the best home builders in Indiana.

1. Davis Homes

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Davis Homes is one of the Best Home Builders in Indiana

Davis Homes is the leading home builders in Indiana. For your family and lifestyle, the firm creates a beautiful, custom-built house. You’ll be guided step-by-step through the whole process of constructing a house by their knowledgeable staff.

They are able to create your ideal house for a fraction of the cost of the competition because of long-term partnerships with excellent partners. Additionally, Davis Homes will walk you through the procedure and provide outstanding customer service.

If your house has been severely damaged, or you’re an investor who wants to create multifamily homes, he gives the same focus on detail and quality to his remodeling projects as he does to new building houses.

2. Sublime Homes LLC

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Sublime Homes LLC

As a family-owned and controlled business, Sublime Homes specializes in the design and construction of high-end luxury residences. You’ll be captivated by the attention to detail in their selection of home designs. They’ll do all the color and fixture options for you.

If you’re in the market for a new or pre-built house, I always recommend Sublime Builders. You’ll become a long-term client because of their reasonable cost and high quality of work. No wonder why they rank second top home builder in Indiana on my list!

3. Joyner Homes

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It is the third top home builder in Indiana. They specialize in affordable custom house construction with bold and unique designs. They also work with you to find a solution that works for both your lifestyle and your budget. Their warm and welcoming, feature-rich floor designs will help you design the house of your dreams!

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4. Fall Creek Homes

Fall Creek Homes is a Fort Wayne, Indiana-based custom green house builder. Customers can expect personalized care and the benefit of the company’s extensive knowledge and expertise, all of which are aimed at making the construction process as simple as possible. For those who are looking for a green home, Fall Creek Homes is a great place to start.

5. Emergent Construction LLC

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Emergent Construction LLC

Emergent Construction is dedicated to providing its customers with well-designed, well-built, and well-loved business and residential places. In addition to being a full-service general contractor and house builder, they are also a preservationist of Indianapolis’s heritage and beauty.

Clients have benefited from the expertise of this group by making wise decisions that resulted in superior outcomes at an affordable cost. More than a transaction, Emergent provides clients with an in-depth insight of how their investment affects value over time.

It’s all part of Emergent Construction’s larger mission to collaborate with great people to accomplish remarkable things. Once they receive the final payment, they will provide a one-year guarantee on all craftsmanship.

6. Sigma Builders

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This Indiana custom house builder erects roughly 25 homes each year in the greater Indianapolis metropolitan region. High-end houses, ranging in price from $375k to over $1.5M, are the primary focus of the company’s construction projects in Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, and Fisher.

The firm funds and sells a lot of luxury homes in the neighborhood each year, making it one of the most well-known luxury developers in the area. Because of their vast company and long-standing contacts with local craftspeople, Sigma is able to develop large and elegant mansions on a budget.

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7. Silverwood Builders

Bruce Loewenthal, an architect and owner of Silverwood Builders, is the driving force behind the company’s designs and construction of unusual houses in Indianapolis. Silverwood constructs houses in the early 20th century style, but with all the modern conveniences and comforts of today, using a classic and historic Midwest design palette.

Many of the houses built by the residential contractor have Italianate, Viennese, and other European design elements. Their homes may be found across the county in premium neighborhoods including Austin Oaks, Melbourne Place, and Belle Wood.

8. Dave Sego Builders, Inc.

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The construction of bespoke houses in the Indianapolis region is a specialty of the Dave Sego Builders. The residential contractor provides interior design and house design services, as well as eco-friendly solutions. Make it easier on yourself and create the house of your dreams by creating a plan and budget. You may get in touch with them to see if they have any special offers.

9. G&G Custom Homes Inc.

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To provide a better construction experience for Indiana residents, G&G Custom Homes limits the number of homes it produces each year. It’s their goal to build a long-term connection with each customer and work directly with them from start to end. To ensure that each house is energy efficient, the builder employs high-performance windows and insulation, as well as third-party experts and raters.

10. Cedar St. Builders

Last but not least, Cedar St. Builders has risen to fame as one of the best home builders in Indiana. Dan Porzel, a well-known figure in the state’s green-building community, heads Cedar St. Builders. Porzel is a LEED AP and a Passive House Certified Builder via the Passive House Institute of the United States, and a Bradley University graduate (PHIUS).

For 15 years, he served as a supervisor for Power Construction before launching his own home-building and renovation firm. They do, however, concentrate on high-performance, energy-efficient construction methods. Their collection of houses demonstrates their commitment to building the most energy efficient homes as possible.

11. KW Yoder Construction Inc.

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Experience cutting-edge technology, exceptional workmanship, and stunning design tailored to the lifestyles of today’s guests.

Since the company’s founding in 1987, KW Yoder Construction Inc. has placed a primary emphasis on the satisfaction of its customers. Everyone who works at K.W. Yoder Construction Inc. is aware of this fact, as well as the fact that it is a privilege to take part in the construction of such lovely homes and restorations. It is hoping that you will like using them as much as it has enjoyed developing them.

12. Duke Homes, Inc.

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In addition to specializing in the construction of luxurious, custom-designed homes in Indianapolis and the areas surrounding the city, Duke Homes, Inc. also undertakes the creation of exclusive country estates. Mike Duke, owner/builder/developer, is known for establishing in-depth client/builder relationships, creating unique architectural details, and providing superior craftsmanship.

He accomplishes all of this by maintaining open lines of communication, maintaining a knowledgeable and friendly staff, and employing dedicated sub-contractors. His many years of hands-on experience are reflected in the homes’ values as well as the designs that he creates for them.

13. Mongold Homes LLC

Mongold Homes, LLC is a Southern Indiana home builder that focuses in producing excellent, energy-efficient, and cost-effective homes. The company is owned and operated by a family. Over the course of more than 40 years, it has been building our homes to a higher level, using carefully selected subcontractors, and most importantly, paying attention to what our customers have to say.

Each home that Mongold builds is given a highly hands-on approach, and the company always keeps an eye out for innovative architectural trends. It has a deep-seated commitment to the concept of “custom,” and its leaders emphasize quality over quantity.

To guarantee that you obtain a reasonable price and that the bids accurately reflect the full extent of the work in addition to receiving your dream home, you should seek numerous offers from different companies.

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