18 Best Airport Restaurants in the US [Update 2024]


A satisfying dinner is the best way to prepare the body and mind for a lengthy travel. Airport eateries cater to a wide variety of tastes because of the airport’s size and the vast number of international passengers.

If you’re looking for the finest airport restaurants in the United States, we’ve compiled a list based on the ratings and reviews of thousands of travelers.

1. The Salt Lick BBQ

The Salt Lick BBQ is one of the best airport restaurants in the US

In Texas, barbecue is the staple food. Located at gate 12 of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, The Salt Lick BBQ offers one of the best steaks in the state. This iconic steak house started 46 years ago and still remains a noteworthy mention among barbecue lovers.

Their specialty is that they use pits till to this day to capture the authentic taste of barbecued food. You can even order their signature BBQ Red Wine to balance your taste buds after the juicy steaks.

2. Legal Seafoods

Legal Seafoods

Legal Seafoods is the most authentic seafood restaurant it can get. It started out as a fish market in Cambridge. Later in 1968, among their 6 locations, one was established at Logan International Airport.

It is a legendary restaurant with their New England clam chowder which has also been served at every US presidential inauguration since 1981.

3. Tony Luke’s

You can find iconic rib eye steaks at Tony Luke’s of Philadelphia International Airport. Their menu specializes in reviving the palette of every individual with their mouth – watering items.

Sandwiches, pork dishes, cheesecakes and more are waiting for you to try out. They efficiently extended their chain with 22 stores in many countries, including Bahrain.

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4. Berghoff Cafe

Berghoff Cafe

In order to get the classic taste of German food, you can visit the Berghoff Cafe at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. You will be confused about what to order as their menu ranges from a variety of meals with several options. Carving for hot sandwiches or leisure lunch items?

Choose any of their signature dishes, like the Reuben, for an enjoyable and hearty meal. Their proportions are big enough, so grab a soda pop before digging into a delicious meal.

5. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

When at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, never miss the chance to go to Beecher’s Handmade Cheese for an unforgettable experience.

The glorious gooey cheese made using years old recipes is the main ingredient for almost all the tasty foods at this restaurant. Even Oprah could not resist sharing with her fans that she is a fan of the Mac and Cheese at this restaurant.

6. Tortas Frontera

To enjoy the southern foods like Tortilla, bacon or guacamole, you do not have to cross the border and go to Mexico. You can enjoy the food of Tortas Frontera to satisfy your appetite.

Located at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, this restaurant serves up Cubana and Mexican menus. You can choose from a variety of toppings for your torta. They also serve fresh mango and strawberry smoothies along with Goose island beer.

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7. Matt’s Big Breakfast

If you are searching for the best breakfast place in Arizona, the first place has to be Matt’s Big Breakfast. It is located in the 4th terminal of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

This place is perfect for creating delicious meals “from scratch” From their special Matt’s Big breakfast to made from scratch waffles, you will love all the items you try.

8. Harry & Izzy’s

A hidden gem of an eatery inside the Indianapolis International Airport is Harry & Izzy’s. Started in 1950, this restaurant is the ultimate stop for diners. Appetizers, salads, sliders, sandwiches, you name it!

This place will satisfy food critics with its mouth – watering delicious items. It is best for you to try out their breakfast menu, but you have to catch it before 10:30 am.

9. Shojo

Asian food with a touch of modern cuisine is a dream come true for food lovers. Shojo is that ideal restaurant in Boston’s Logan Airport that is home to Asian cuisine. With the mix of Asian ingredients along with western food, you will enjoy a unique experience while ravishing your meals.

Jasmine rice, Korean steak tartar and other mixed food will win your heart. Except Sunday, you can visit the restaurant for the heartiest meal.

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10. Obrycki’s

A wonderful restaurant for satisfying cravings is Obrycki’s. Since 1944, it has been built at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and is presently in two locations.

They offer a range of beverages, beer and wine choices to the customers. Their crab cakes are to die for. They have a seafood bar that has an extensive menu of different types of seafood. Sadly, their special once popular steamed crabs are no longer available.

11. The Larder at Tavern

A restaurant that embodies the culinary spirit located at Los Angeles International Airport is The Larder at Tavern. They remain popular due to their menu being populated with house – made items and organically grown produce.

You can try their vegan Cobb and the most loved Turkey sandwich. All the food is prepared by the proficient chef, Suzanne Goin, who is a James Beard Award-winning chef. Additionally, you will enjoy food amid a convivial atmosphere.

12. Icebox Café

One of a kind of café at Miami International Airport & Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Icebox Café is a haven for vegans and those who love fresh produce.  

It is the place of all- delicious sandwiches, platters, salads, juices and more. You can enjoy an entire meal with appetizers to the main course.  Remember to save room for their flavorsome pies and cakes.

13. Uptown Brasserie

You do not want to miss trying out the Delta catfish sandwich at Uptown Brasserie. This restaurant’s theme is to serve New York inspired cuisine. It is situated near gate B32 of John F. Kennedy International Airport.

“Top chef masters” are the chefs of this restaurant. When ordering, try their cocktails like Aviation Gin and more exotic cocktails.

14. Chicken+Beer

For a southern style comfort food, your best option is Chicken+Beer. When you visit the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, you have to try this place out.

Starting from dumpling soup to country fried steak, they serve iconic food. Their waffles are served with delicious bourbon maple syrup. Additionally, their beer selection will surely win you over with its exquisite variety.

15. Spring Chicken

Situated inside Miami International Airport, is a restaurant which has become a pride for Miami people. Spring Chicken serves homemade style meals that are created from their secret family recipes.

You will have to try their wings and sandwiches, which are made with fresh poultry ingredients. To add to your order, fresh baked key lime pie and biscuits are the cherry on the top.

16. BGR

Stop by BGR, a native burger franchise with several available toppings, for a delicious lunch in this bustling area. The Greek burger, which is created with lamb and served with tzatziki sauce, cucumber, and feta cheese, comes highly recommended.

17. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

In the middle of Charlotte’s busy airport is a wonderful burger establishment. You should go to the original Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, or any of the other 28 outlets spread throughout multiple states.

18. Cousin’s Bar-B-Q

Cousin’s Bar-B-Q is a must if you find yourself in Texas. The classics have been on the menu at Cousin’s, a family-owned smokehouse, for decades. Before you leave Texas, you must try a brisket sandwich.

A traveler tastes food from different places, but the above-mentioned list of the best airport restaurants in the US will top their places to eat. Next time, watch out for these places to ravish a delicious meal.

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