Top 12 American Golf Brands [Update 2024]


Golf is a hugely popular sport in the United States and there are a number of well-known American firms that create equipment and host tournaments. Buying American-made golf clubs is a way for many golfers to show their support for the American economy.

However, the number of clubs that may legitimately claim to be made in the United States is limited. Even most golfers don’t realize which club is made in the USA or which is not.

To help you, here is a list of the top American golf brands:

1. Titleist

Titleist is one of the best American Golf Brands

Titleist is undoubtedly the best American golf brand in the world currently. Low-handicap players have long been a top priority for Titleist. Their iron selection has expanded in recent years with the addition of game improvement irons.

Actually, a wider spectrum of players has been enticed by golf brands because of this. When it comes to golf clubs, the mid- to low-handicappers prefer the look and feel of the Titleist golf brands. An outstanding club design may be seen while looking at it from the top.



A subsidiary in Japan and Vietnam manages the company’s overseas facilities. There are some American citizens working abroad, many of whom formerly worked in Arizona. All additional iron heads are made in Arizona, where the company is based.

Groove for Gorge stones are manufactured in the United States. Nome, Anser, and Sydney putters are all handcrafted in the United States. Moreover, it’s been known for a long time that PING workers are incredibly loyal.

3. Sassy Malassy

A “Made in the USA” head cover is included in the price of their putters – the fact that they are American-made golf brands is unquestionable. Moreover, their quality is unrivaled. Maybe it’s because this Philadelphia based brand has its owner looking after the entire manufacturing process.

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4. Callaway


Callaway Golf is a well-known golf club manufacturer that caters to a wide spectrum of golfers. You don’t have to be a scratch golfer or have played for your entire life to benefit from Callaway’s offerings. Forgiveness is a hallmark of Callaway’s golf clubs, and the addition of new artificial intelligence to the line has elevated the brand to new heights.

Both the headquarters of Callaway and Carlsbad are located in this city in California. They conduct all of their most recent research and testing in this location. In addition, they offer a Callaway club fitting center to ensure that golfers who buy Callaway clubs are correctly outfitted.

5. TaylorMade

A TaylorMade golf brand is likely to help you generate faster ball speeds than practically any other type of golf course on the market. They devote a great deal of time and effort to improving ball speed and increasing distance for players.

That’s why new golf brands are constantly being introduced to the market. Because of its proximity to the port, the city in California is an ideal site for them for unloading, assembling, and shipping branded parts to clients across the country.

6. BombTech

An American firm established in the United States, BombTech Golf began as a maker of entirely American-made equipment. At first, they tried to get materials from the United States, but it became increasingly difficult as time went on. Now BombTech simply assembles its clubs in America.

The major goal of Vermont-based BombTech is to produce sports equipment that is both inexpensive and of great quality. There always seems to be a special going on at the BombTech clubs. For example, if you buy a pair of irons, you might get wedges, and if you buy a driver, you might get a fairway wood.

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7. Cobra

Cobra is a well-known golf equipment brand that specializes in high-powered hybrids and drives. Forgiving golf clubs are available from Cobra, but the company also produces some best-performing clubs for professional golfers. Cobra golf irons are among the best-feeling clubs on the market, even if there aren’t many options for players’ irons.

Cobra golf is another golf manufacturer based in Carlsbad, California, and they put together their excellent golf clubs right here in Carlsbad as well. Although the parts are purchased from elsewhere, all the research & innovation takes place in the United States of America.

8. Prairie Golf

The Prairie Club, located on the Snake River Canyon rim in the middle of the American heartland, is a golfing haven that matches the world’s most prestigious courses and draws ardent devotees. The region around Valentine, Nebraska, has a plethora of activities to suit the requirements and desires of summer visitors, including world-class golf.

9. Louisville Golf

Since its founding, Louisville Golf has been dedicated to both preserving the sport’s heritage and adding to it. Using a family-run sawmill, they hand-pick local pomegranate wood blocks and hickory squares.

Due to their appreciation of the importance of thorough planning, high-quality materials, and skilled labor, their company pays a premium for wood with the straightest grain and no flaws.

10. Dandy Putters

When Allan Strand and his brother, Everett, an MAI Real Estate Appraiser, founded the Dandy Company in 1995, they had no idea what they were doing.

Dandy’s goal was to produce the greatest putters for straight back and through strokes, to have top players use them and win with them, to make golf simpler and more fun for all players, and to set the benchmark for the creation of the next century of putter design.

11. Callaway

Callaway also has a manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, California where approximately 40% of their clubs are assembled for the North American and Latin American markets.

All the golf club components are manufactured in China as well as apparel and other equipment. The 60% balance is completed in Asia for worldwide distribution.

12. Tour Edge

Tour Edge manufacture golf clubs under 3 different brands. Exotics are the flagship of the range and are in play on the PGA Tour. Hot Launch is game-improvement sets for the player wanting to lower their handicap.

To conclude, a corporation may save a lot of money by having its manufacturing done in another country and then having the final assembly done in the United States. In general, golfers don’t have to be concerned about the manufacturing quality of their clubs when they buy them from an international supplier.

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