10 Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Alabama with Quotes [Update 2024]

Cheap Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance shields your home and belongings against destruction, burglary, and disasters. I have researched thousands of quotes in Alabama to find the cheapest yet best homeowners insurance company for most people. While many people essentially analyze price when shopping, it’s best to find a company of its policy specialties and reliability for customer service rather than by its rates alone.

If you’re looking for a cheap Homeowners Insurance in Alabama, check out the list here to find the best deals for you.

1. Farmers (Average Annual Rate: $817)

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Farmers qualify as one of the rare businesses to have begun just before the Great Depression and remain in business today. Founded in 1928 by two California farmers, Farmers Insurance Group is now the 5th biggest home insurance company in the U.S., setting a fair market share of nearly 6 percent.

  • The online quote toolsets approved coverage limits but gives you absolute control to change these limits on all coverage options.
  • Offers a broad range of discounts across the board and even more in some states.
  • Farmers makes it easy to find countless local agents through its website so you can speak instantly to a representative.
  • The mobile app allows to return your bill, receive electronic billing notifications, get your agent’s information, and even file your application.
  • The online quote tool doesn’t explain what those coverages are or the limits for filing a claim.
  • Though it’s a large insurance company, several states in which Farmers home insurance is not feasible.
  • JD Power gave Farmers 3 stars in the 2019 Home Insurance Study. Most recognizable rivals beat its middle-of-the-road scores.

2. Allstate (Average Annual Rate: $924)

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Founded in 1931, Allstate immediately established itself as an innovator. It included a system in rating driver safety, started the first drive-in claims office, designed a reward program to train educators to teach driver, offered the first deals to small-car owners, and managed to pass landmark auto safety law. It has grown to provide auto, home, renters, motorcycles, business, and life to 16 million households.

It remains to innovate, giving a wide range of unique technological devices to its customers. Today, it’s the second most significant homeowners insurance corporation, with a market share above 8 percent (2019).

  • The voluntary Rate Guard feature can help you limit your rate from increasing due to a claim.
  • The Claims-Free Rewards program rewards you at your renewal if you’ve had no claims during that policy period.
  • Allstate boasts some of the most home and auto policy options of any carrier in the country.
  • Allstate offers many discounts that can be utilized in your home insurance scheme.
  • The default coverage for your personal property has been flatter than that of many other carriers.
  • The Additional Living Costs, or Loss of Use, capped at a set percentage of the Dwelling coverage rather than covering the total loss acquired.
  • The online quoting system enables you to plan coverage for different items such as jewelry or furs. Still, it won’t let you see how much they are covered for if not organized.

3. Cincinnati Insurance (Average Annual Rate: $1,656)

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Cincinnati Insurance is one of the Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Alabama

The Cincinnati Insurance Company was instituted in 1950 by four agents, including John Jack Schiff and Robert Cleveland Schiff. The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company sells life and disability income protection and annuities.

The most appropriate homeowners insurance in Alabama is Cincinnati Insurance, which trades policies for an average price of about $821 per year. This is 56% lower than the average cost of homeowners insurance in Alabama.

You may be able to reduce the price of your homeowner’s insurance with Cincinnati Insurance by changing any of the company’s discount opportunities, including:

  • Bundling coverage with another system
  • Having a home that’s a decade old or younger
  • Installing an alarm system that a central station monitors

While regular homeowners insurance from Cincinnati Insurance should be a fit for most proprietors, there are a few support that you can add to your policy. Besides protection against water backups and electronic equipment breakdown, you can purchase private flood insurance through Cincinnati Insurance.

4. State Farm (Average Annual Rate: $1,984)

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Mecherle commenced State Farm by allowing a single auto insurance line in 1922. The company that markets itself as your “good neighbor” now extends around 100 products and assistance. It places 33rd on the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies. It holds an outstanding homeowners insurance market share of over 18 percent, making it the nation’s most extensive home insurance company. But State Farm still is a mutual company dominated by its member policyholders.

  • Offers a wide range of assets insurance policies, including some types that other carriers fail to write, including those for manufactured homes, small businesses, and farms.
  • The online quoting operation includes a tool for quoting scheduled property and access to a replacement value estimator.
  • Shows dedication to customer service with its mobile app, which has paying bills, checking on claims, finding agents, and more.
  • The online quoting system selects a local agent to help but not necessarily the one closest to your property address.
  • Benefits for home policy deductibles may be more restricted than that of other insurers.
  • The company’s website is robust and chock full of answers to most insurance-related questions you might have.
  • Offers a complete range of financial services, life insurance, and auto insurance.

5. Average (Average Annual Rate: $2,089)

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Average is a home insurance carrier that’s open in 19 states. It has three policy options with adjustable coverage that can fit according to your several estimates. The company also allows 24/7 claims, a mobile app, and some drawbacks, including new wiring and burglary protection.

  • Offers a balance of insurance options and added financial services
  • The home insurance policy starts with basic coverages and lets you add on and upgrade to suit your needs.
  • Consistently received low customer criticism from NAIC, indicating customer gratification.
  • Average serves considerably fewer U.S. states.
  • Available mobile option for auto insurance and financial services, but not for home insurance.

6. Travelers (Average Annual Rate: $2,307)

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The first customer of Travelers Insurance gave a 2-cent incentive to ensure his journey in 1864. Since then, the company has continued auto, workers’ wages, aircraft liability, and life insurance policies to its contributions and establishing a weather research center in 1956.

Travelers has become the 6th largest property-casualty insurer in country, with a market share of over 3.8 percent in its century and a half.It offers many types of coverage that apply to many different customer requirements. Moreover, it presents insurance policies to the public from a well-known carrier with stabilized financial power that allows for decreasing deductibles. 

  • If you bundle by a Travelers auto policy, the multi-policy discount is valuable.
  • The online quoting method is more accurate than some other companies.
  • Travelers has catastrophe response teams and self-contained mobile claim services for handling homeowner claims during disasters.
  • There is no replacement cost barrier built into the policy. Instead, you may obtain this extra coverage for an extra cost.
  • Though windstorms are granted covered risks, there is no additional wind damage coverage possible.

7. Country (Average Annual Rate: $2,476)

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Unfortunately, the insurance company doesn’t offer much help with its website or mobile app. Customers have to call for assistance in most cases. However, the New York-based Fortune 500 company provides competitive rates, discounts, and features that ensure your house for an uncomplicated process.

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8. Nationwide (Average Annual Rate: $2,507)

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Established in 1925, Nationwide began by offering quality coverage at low rates to Ohio farmers. Nationwide added property insurance in 1934. By 1955, it had arisen to be available in 32 states, helping it earn respect. It’s grown to match a Fortune 100 company and one of the world’s biggest insurance and financial services firms, with an impressive market percentage of over 3 percent.

Its insurance offerings include motorcycle, boat, pet, farm, life, and commercial policies. Some things haven’t changed; Its policyholders still control it.

  • Lesser than the required number of complaints to state regulators for home and auto insurance
  • Customer satisfaction for auto insurance is better than most other comparable companies.
  • Wide variety of choices for customers who want to buy many products from one company
  • Lower than average customer fulfillment for home insurance.
  • Most app designs are designed for auto policies.

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9. ALFA (Average Annual Rate: $2,586)

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In 1946, Alfa Insurance, one of the many fire insurance companies, created it across the United States by associations of farmers looking to help each other against dangers. At first, Alfa only served policies their members. Still, when the company developed, it added a wide range of insurance policies.

Today, they work in 11 states across the United States through the Alfa Mutual Group and Alfa Corporation. The company gives different levels of homeowners insurance, including the Dwelling Protection Policy, the Homeowner Policy, and the Extra Homeowner Policy. Alfa wants to be known as the most reliable provider for personalized service. Is it true?

  • For a big company, Alfa has excellent consumer ranks and fewer negative reviews.
  • You can pick among the three home insurance policy package as your requirements.
  • Financial strength is Superior
  • Affordable premiums
  • Available only in 11 states.
  • No online quoting system.

10. Auto-Owners (Average Annual Rate: $3,542)

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Auto-Owners is an insurance and financial assistance company for U.S. service members and veterans. The company allows auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, umbrella insurance, and health and vision insurance.

There’s also a banking sector that provides checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), credit cards, home leases, and car loans. USAA’s home insurance reaches the actual cash value of your belongings, indicating you’ll receive sufficient money to buy a replacement for anything damaged. 

  • You can find all of these services and solutions in one place.
  • Members can also use their login information to make and control investments and not go to another trading site.
  • Their retirement planning section offers guidance with rollovers and transfers, financial planning, wealth management, and trust services.
  • You have to make all of your deposits and transactions online; no physical location available
  • They do not offer disability insurance.
  • Services only available to those in the military.

While the price is essential in home insurance, you also need to make sure that you get a system that will suit your conditions and needs. I hope that the above list helps you decide; you may need to compare different companies, comparing their coverage options, ability to pay cases, and customer assistance.

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