12 Best Community Colleges in Arizona [List of 2024]

best community colleges in Arizona

For the 2022-23 session, Arizona offers 24 public colleges and 10 private colleges where you can aim for getting high quality education.

More than 195,365 students have joined the colleges across the state to get the most of their educational experience. With interesting programs offered along with fantastic campus life.

With best top ranked colleges to fascinating programs, check out this list of the best community colleges in Arizona. 

1. GateWay Community College

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GateWay Community College is one of the best community colleges in Arizona

in Phoenix, GateWay Community College has been an established institution since 1968. Initially started as the first technical college in Arizona, currently it has many programs. The compassionate and talented teachers educate the students with a holistic approach.

Focusing on innovation and responsiveness, this college is a notable college with four campuses conveniently located across the Valley. It offers over 160 degrees including trade, workforce, management and more. 

2. Paradise Valley Community College

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Paradise Valley Community College

Paradise Valley CC is a public college which has gained quite a reputation with its graduation rate. Despite being a small institution, the college has an enrollment of  2,006 undergraduate students. Currently, they offer many diverse programs including Liberal arts and Humanities, arts, EMT paramedic and more. With the intense certification, the alumni can earn up to $30,300 as a starting salary.

3. Yavapai College

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Yavapai is a local public college situated in Prescott, Arizona. The acceptance rate is 100% and this small institution has over 1,454 undergraduate students enrolled in different programs. Some of them are Nursing Assistant, Art, medical technician and more. The starting salary for the alumni is $25,400.

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4. Eastern Arizona College

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Eastern Arizona College

In Thatcher, Arizona, Eastern Arizona is an above-average public college. With extensive programs like HVAC and Refrigeration engineering technician, arts, humanities and nursing assistant, this college encourages students to contribute to the community. With the acceptance rate being 100%, this college alumni can earn around $24,700 as a starting salary. 

5. Phoenix College

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Phoenix College is a small community college with an acceptance rate of 100%. With an enrollment of 2,224 undergraduate students, some of the popular programs offered by this institution are Business, Arts, Electrical Engineering and more. Vast campus and compassionate teachers and staff enhance the learning environment. 

6. Scottsdale Community College

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Scottsdale CC is a public college in Arizona. With 100% acceptance, this institution offers a disciplined and impressive curriculum. Students can choose from a range of majors. The alumni can earn around $31,300 as their starting salary.

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7. Cochise College

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Cochise is a public college representative located in Arizona. Some of the most popular programs are Liberal arts and humanities, Nursing and AI. Besides these, there are many more programs and diplomas to choose from. 

8. Chandler-Gilbert Community College

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located in Chandler, Arizona, Chandler-Gilbert CC is a renowned public college. Although the institution is small, it has exemplary staff and teachers who make sure the students gain credible experience and education. With diverse programs, the starting salary of an alumni from this college is $32,200.

9. Mesa Community College

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Mesa Community College is a public community college in Mesa, Arizona. Students can choose from a range of programs and even duration. Classes can be scheduled through semester in 8-, 10- and 14-week choices. There is an option for an associate’s degree and later transfer to a 4-year university. This college helps students to navigate through life. 

10. South Mountain Community College

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Situated in Phoenix, Arizona, South Mountain CC is a public college. Offering a range of diverse programs, this college moves towards providing a holistic educational experience for the students. The starting salary of an alumni can be up to $25,800.

11. Phoenix College

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Phoenix college is dedicated to providing the best quality education while still being affordable for a lot of people. The college provides a 2-year program, along with the best quality education. Starting from constant support from the professors to a calm and peaceful environment for students to focus on their studies, Phoenix College has it all.

12. Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus

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This public university in Mesa, Arizona, links you to the extraordinary experience of studying in management, engineering and interdisciplinary science throughout a high-quality education. The university has very recently launched a new program that involves undergraduate research experience to alleviate awareness of engineering education and diversify its workforce in the field.

From this list of the best community colleges in Arizona, you can find out your next step to find the best college to continue your education and step up with interesting programs, amazing campus life and educational achievements. 

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