12 Incredible Bike Trails in Delaware [Update 2024]


Take advantage of the mild early summer weather by going for a bike ride along with one of Delaware’s gorgeous bike routes, where you can enjoy the scenery and look for local species.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a short, simple bike ride or a long, challenging bike trail, the following article will discuss some of the best-rated bike trails in Delaware. 

1. Cape Henlopen State Park Bike Loop

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Cape Henlopen State Park Bike Loop is one of the most popular bike trails in Delaware

There are 3.3 miles of paved bike trails in Delaware, Cape Henlopen State Park. Many streams link marshes with broad vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and countless sandy systems, and the organic habitat of a large local animal species.

It’s usual for travelers to visit the World War II Observation Tower. They can climb a spiral of steps for panoramic views over Delaware’s Cape Region. There is indeed access to the Pinelands and Walking Dunes paths for those seeking a less crowded experience.

Tourists may enjoy kilometers of the Atlantic coastline and a natural preserve with a museum and lighthouse. There are also places to go fishing and picnicking in the park.

2. New Castle Battery Trail

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New Castle Battery Trail

The second best bike trail in Delaware, the trail starts in New Castle Battery Park. It follows the Delaware River for 1.7 miles until closed. Despite its short length, the Battery Park Trail passes through the park that bears its name twice.

In its original form, it came from a battery of cannons that used to protect Philadelphia from invading armies during the American Revolution. After the walk, the only skirmishes you’ll witness are between fish and hikers who are fighting for your attention, which is rare nowadays.

Hikers and cyclists may regularly catch powerboats from the neighboring sailing club skimming over the river as they go along the trail.

3. Lums Pond State Park Trail

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Lums Pond State Park Trail

Lux Pond State Park provides a wide range of outdoor activities in and around Delaware’s biggest freshwater pond (Lums Pond). There are 17 miles of pathways throughout the environment, ranging from old to new growth.

The Go Ape Treetop Course offers a unique perspective on the woodland. Tourists may witness large animal displays natural park, and a 500-gallon water tank with fish local to the water.

Bike paths of diverse skills can be found in Lums Pond State Park. The Swamp Forest Trail is for more advanced riders, whereas the 8-mile Little Jersey Trail is suitable for everyone.

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4. Killens Pond Bike Trail

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The Killens Pond Bike Trail, one of the top bike trails in Delaware, links U.S. 13 with Killens Pond State Park and does not need a car to complete the journey. Killens Pond Road is followed for a short while before the path enters the area via the doorway.

Close to Lake Forest High School, the route provides students with a suitable process to go to and from school. A path links the park’s headquarters with its sports center, water park, and other attractions within the park. An iconic park element is a millpond that goes back to the late 18th century and is linked to the bike trail via nature walkways.

5. Bellevue State Park Trail

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The current structure of Bellevue Hall represents William du Pont, Jr.’s modifications, which provide a commanding vista of this ancient property. Tennis courts, equestrian stables, lawns, and a gorgeous lake encircled Mr. du Pont’s mansion, which sat atop a hill facing the Delaware River.

The estate’s biking paths let you see more of the area. Asphalted and muddy routes bring you on a relaxed excursion if you like riding.

6. Brandywine Creek State Park Trail

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Brandywine Creek State Park is located on the banks of Brandywine Creek, approximately three miles north of Wilmington. The park is open to the public. A large portion of the park, which is open all year, used to be a portion of the Du Pont family home and cattle ranch until it was established as a state park in 1965. It has a total land area of 933 acres (378 hectares).

Biking, watching animals, and snapping photographs are all made easier on one of the numerous routes in the park. The Rocky Run Trail and the Brandywine Trail, which tracks the stream, are just two of several options.

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7. White Clay Creek State Park Trail

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White Clay Creek State Park has about 3,600 acres of forested woodland that stretches over the slopes and hills of Newark and Pike Creek. Renown trails in White Clay link to those in nearby parks, including Papermill and Redd and Middle Run and Pennsylvania trails.

Approximately 37 miles of trails are available for mountain bikers to explore. On these paths, thrill-seekers will pass historic sites, flowing White Clay Creek, verdant slopes, fully open fields, and towering rock formations while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Trails vary in complexity from low to intermediate, making them suitable for all levels of downhill cyclists.

8. Trap Pond State Park Trail

State Park Trap Pond is home to nearly 12 miles of beautiful hiking and bike trails in Delaware. Tourists of all levels and ages may choose from a variety of ways and trail mixes.

Whether you’re an avid hiker or biker, bird observer, fitness fanatic, or looking for some quiet, there are trails for everyone. Bike riders may choose from five different routes across the park.

9. Big Oak County Park

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Big Oak County Park is a ninety-acre area bounded north and west by SR1  and southeast by Big Oak Road (C.R. 325). The Delaware AeroSpace Foundation has acquired 40 acres of the property for use in space and education in science and enjoyment. Big Oak County Park’s free community leisure and preservation demo areas and the DASEF complex make it a popular regional getaway.

The 1.6-mile path is a wonderful component of Big Oak County Park. There’s even a walkway through “riparian” or riverfront ecosystems as part of the deal here. Picnic areas are available, including playgrounds with space themes, rock climbing (traversing) walls, and sporting grounds.

10. Jack A. Markell Trail

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Overlooking the Christina River, the 5.5-mile Jack A. Markell Trail has seven bridges, and a 2,300-foot boardwalk raised well over Russell W. Peterson Wildlife Refuge. If you’re lucky, you could see badgers, otters, or bald eagles along the way.

Along the route, there are informational kiosks and bike maintenance shops. Are you in love with the place and can’t get enough? The Wilmington Riverwalk, the New Castle Battery Park Trail, and the East Coast Greenway are accessible via the Markell Trail.

11. Georgetown-Lewes Trail

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The Georgetown-Lewes Trail, constructed on the ruins of the defunct Delaware Coast Line Railroad, is progressing nicely toward its original purpose. There are already eight miles of track, and when it is completed, it will be the longest rail-trail in the state, stretching 17 miles from the present endpoint at Cool Spring.

The route will connect Lewes residents and tourists to Georgetown’s retail and leisure areas while traveling past housing complexes, wetlands, woodlands, and commercial enterprises.

12. Capital City Trail

The Capital City Path links Dover’s three-mile Isaac Branch Greenway Trail with Silver Lake Park’s spectacular Silver Lake Trail as a sector in the developing Saint Jones River Greenway path system. Dover’s route starts at the park’s northern entrance and travels south, traveling along Park Drive and the St. Jones River along the way.

Locals and tourists alike may enjoy a delightful stroll along the Capital City Trail on a hot summer day, passing past Dover’s parks and historical sites.

For bikers, Delaware is one of the best states in the nation. This is due to the state’s large network of routes, beautiful parks to discover, and long sections of untouched coastline. If you’re still having problems making a decision, I hope this article has been of assistance for choosing your best-suited one.

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