Top 10 Tasty Butter Brands in USA [Update 2024]


Butter is one of the most challenging ingredients to evaluate because of its subtle flavor and consistency. With only cream and salt, deciphering the minor changes among brands is more difficult. Moreover, butter is a key ingredient in many baking recipes, so choosing a high-quality brand is essential.

So, what’s the greatest out there? I have listed some of the best butter brands in usa for you to browse.

1. Land O’Lakes

Land O’Lakes is one of the best tasty butter brands in USA.

At your local supermarket, you’ll be hard-pressed to miss Land O’Lakes, the most popular butter brand in USA. The company was started in St. Paul, Minnesota, 100 years ago. Since Minnesota is renowned for its abundance of lakes, its name derives from that fact.

Products from Land O’Lakes contain runny butter and stick butter. Also, butter with canola oil, honey butter, cinnamon sugar butter, garlic herb butter, and flaxseed butter are some smooth and creamy options available.

Still, their butter with olive oil and sea salt is the company’s best-selling item overall. There are a variety of flavors and textures to choose from when it comes to sticking butter, including beaten, non-beaten, and salted / unsalted varieties.



Known as ‘European Style Butter’, this American-made butter is sought for its rich, creamy consistency and reduced moisture level and known as one of the famous butter brands in USA. This brand has a delightfully refreshing, sweet scent.

Thanks to its 2 percent greater saturated fat than regular butter, it is very soft to cut into. Slow spinning produces butter with low moisture content and a rich, creamy texture, which is the key to this butter’s superior flavor and texture. Both salted and unsalted varieties of PLUGRÁ are available. For pastries and cooking, their basic type is a favorite.

It imparts a rich, creamy consistency and brand-new taste when it is put into a dessert. At the same time, its reduced moisture results in higher-rise cakes, fluffier pastries, and so on. This product was voted the greatest butter brand in a Cook’s Complete test. It is also the most popular butter brand among experienced caterers in the United States.

3. Kerrygold

Kerrygold’s No. 2 ranking is even more astounding since it’s the only non-American butter brand on the list. When the company was created in 1961, it was located in Dublin, Ireland. Today, this Irish butter is sold over the globe.

It is sent to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa, and Australia, among other locations. Ornua, the firm that owns Kerrygold, is a very successful Irish business. To create an Irish idea of “farming, naturalness, goodness, and above all excellent milk,” Ornua selected the name Kerrygold for their butter brand.

A wide range of spreadable and stick butter is available from this company, including unsalted and salted butter, garlic herb and olive oil butter, and reduced-fat butter.

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4. Challenge Dairy Products

Challenge Dairy Products

Challenge Butter, which has been made in California since 1911, is a well-known butter brand in USA. Despite its age, only four employees were employed when the company was founded: a manager, an assistant manager, a bookkeeper, and a delivery salesperson. With a wagon and a hired horse, they made every delivery.

Now, just over 150 people work for this company. Given its huge sales, this is quite an achievement. Salted and unsalted butter, European-style spreadable butter, whipped butter, and even lactose-free butter are all available under the brand’s umbrella.

5. Cabot

Cabot Butter, founded in 1919, is a New England staple. In 1992, Cabot Farmers Cooperative Creamery was acquired by Agri-Mark Cooperative Company, which continued to manufacture the brand. Because Cabot is so well-known for its cheeses, they only carry a limited assortment of butter. Unsalted, salted, and whipped butter are the company’s most popular offerings.

6. Anchor

When you buy Anchor butter, you’re getting a product created in New Zealand and then sent to the United States. Grass-fed cows’ milk is used to make the butter, devoid of synthetic hormones. Slowly churned fresh cream is formed into cubes and then frozen immediately. This method produces a delicious, soft, creamy butter with a decreased moisture level.

A greater concentration of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids may be found in the milk produced by cows who have year-round access to grazing. Because the cows have not been given synthetic growth hormones, the butter made is safe to eat. Also, it has a more complex taste than most American butter.

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7. Tillamook

The Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA) is the brand’s parent corporation, and it also makes other dairy products. The association controls at least 100 dairy farms in the county.

The major creamery that makes Tillamook butter is two miles north of Tillamook. Tillamook butter comes in only two flavors: salted and unsalted, even though the TCCA makes everything from cheese to ice cream.

8. Darigold

Darigold, a butter company based on the West Coast, was established in 1920. In today’s market, this butter is found in several US states, including the ones mentioned above and in California, Utah, Nevada, and Hawaii.

The Northwest Dairy Association, which owns and runs dairy farms in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, is the brand’s parent corporation. Darigold, on the other hand, specializes in just two types of sweet-cream butter: Natural Salted Butter and Farmer’s Reserve Extra Creamy Sea-Salted Butter.

9. Clover Stornetta Farms

Clover Sonoma was formed as a brand in 1916 and is produced in Sonoma County, California. Sonoma County, Marin County, and Mendocino County are now the brand’s locations. It was formerly known as Clover Stornetta Farms.

Clover’s efforts to make butter and other dairy products responsibly are well-known. They utilize no growth hormones in their goods and recycle all of their excrement. For the sake of their cows, Clover Sonoma even rotates its pastures and gives guaranteed clean water.

10. Keller’s

Lastly, Keller’s Butter is one of the most popular butter brands in USA and the oldest. The company’s first significant growth occurred between 1940 and 1962, a decade after its founding in 1906. Keller’s brand grew from two creameries to managing 12 regional dairies and egg businesses during this period.

As a result, the main focus of Keller’s operations remains in Pennsylvania and the neighboring states. The salted and unsalted butter, and the beaten butter, are Keller’s most amazing butter products.

These well-known butter brands are staples in most households, and the results of only further established prevalence. Try out these best butter brands in USA and see what you find the most tasty.

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