Top 15 Cities with Highest Divorce Rate in the US [Report 2024]


Everything changes. Modern living has altered our values.

I value freedom and living my life my way, unlike my parents. They believe in cohabitation even if it fails. Relationship trends are visible.

About half of married couples in the US divorce. Location important since numerous factors can effect it!

Today I am going to show you the top cities with highest divorce rate in the US.

1. Belen, New Mexico

Belen is at the top of cities with Highest Divorce Rate

Belen is known for being the capital city with highest divorce rate in New Mexico. If you compare the divorce rate to all other cities in the United States, it is 24.2 percent, which is extremely high. Marriage is not encouraged in this city.

2. Lebanon, Kentucky

Lebanon, Kentucky

According to new statistics, people are not waiting anymore to get married than they were in the past, which has resulted in a steady increase in the number of divorces.

With a divorce rate of 24.0% in Lebanon, Kentucky, it is significantly greater than the average. Separation and divorce rates in the southern parts have stayed above the national average, especially in Kentucky.

3. South Pasadena, Florida

The divorce rate in South Pasadena, Florida, shows that marriage is never a happy process, with a number of 23.9 percent demonstrating this. Couples in South Pasadena had had a tough time in the past when it came to getting therapy for their marriage.

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4. Laughlin, Nevada

Nevada has long been recognized for having a higher-than-normal divorce rate. The city with highest divorce rate in Nevada is Laughlin, with 21.9%.

The environment of Laughlin, which encourages individuals to get wedded fast and without considering the possibility of results of this case, is one example.

5. Umatilla, Oregon

The fourth city with highest divorce rate honor goes to Umatilla. Considering these facts, it is clear that Oregon has a less official town and is the state’s divorce capital. The divorce rate in Umatilla is 21.6 percent, which indicates that divorce is a regrettable part of life in this community.

6. Newport, Arkansas

The divorce rate in Newport, Arkansas, is 21.3%, leading Arkansas in one of the cities with highest divorce rates. Inconsistencies, dishonesty, and financial difficulties were the three biggest causes of separation. Another important element in divorce that has been revealed is a lack of effort.

7. Pinedale, Wyoming

Wyoming couples prefer to marry at an early age, with women marrying at the age of 25 and males marrying at 26.6. On the other hand, Wyoming has among the nation’s highest rates of divorce and marriages lasting three or more years. Pinedale, the capital city of divorce in Wyoming, has a rate of 21.0%.

8. Hazard, Kentucky

Hazard, Kentucky

In Kentucky, divorce is a difficult experience. Following Lebanon as the state’s most divorcing city, the second city with highest divorce rate in Kentucky is Hazard, with a divorce rate of 20.0 percent among individuals over 15 years of age, according to the most current census statistics.

9. Clanton, Alabama

Alabama was previously known as a divorce mill, and the divorce rate has not decreased much since then. According to the latest studies, Alabama, a state whose lawmakers brag about the relationship’s importance, has also included Clanton as one of the cities with the highest divorce rates in the country. With a divorce rate of 17.0 percent, Clanton is making Alabama well-known around the world.

10. Ely, Nevada

Is there a name for the city in Nevada that, after Laughlin, has the second-highest divorce rate in the state? According to the most recently available census data, approximately 10.0 percent of people above 15 years in Ely are split or divorced.

11. Mills, Wyoming

Wyoming is a snap of love relationships and marriages that are going in opposite ways simultaneously. On the one hand, its inhabitants are enthusiastic about falling in love — they marry two years earlier than the general mean.

However, Wyoming has a divorce rate that is much higher than the national average. You cannot manage your divorce in Mills, one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, with a divorce rate of 13.0 percent.

12. Delaware City, Delaware

A few difficult laws govern the economics of divorce in Delaware. However, the divorce rate in Delaware City has been increasing at a rapid pace. With a divorce rate of 13.0 percent in Delaware, the state is undoubtedly becoming more renowned for emphasizing the quality of living.

13. Price, Utah

Experts think that divorce rates in the United States and Utah are starting to progress more than. Price has had no less of an impact on the divorce rate in the United States. The city has a high divorce rate of 11.0 percent, which is considered unreasonable by national standards.

14. Elsmere, Delaware

When it comes to divorce rates, Delaware City is seeing massive development. Various factors such as economic instability, lack of family security, bitterness, and overwork may all lead to the breakdown of a marriage. With a divorce rate of 10.0 percent in Elsmere, the city is making the state more familiar. 

15. Vernal, Utah

A review of the state’s divorce rate reveals that it has stayed fairly stagnant after a significant increase in the early 1970s. Vernal, Utah, is one of the cities with highest divorce rate. The figure is somewhat higher than the national average (10.0 percent) when it comes to divorce.

Ultimately, the numbers are simply numerical values. They may be interpreted as meaning anything you want them to. As much as anything, this is a piece of intriguing information and provides a fresh view of divorce. There are a variety of reasons that contribute to the breakdown of a marriage and the eventual divorce. Yes, one of these factors is frequently the area, but this is not always the case.

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