10 Amazing Dairy Farms in Georgia [Update 2024]


Georgia is not only known for its stunning panoramic views, but also for its fertile lands and economic role in the United States.

One of the best attributes of the economy in Georgia is the dairy farms which produce and circulate tons of dairy products including cheese, butter, yogurt and more. Visitors who visit Georgia love exploring the dairy farms and even extensively enjoy the tours provided by the farms.

If you are interested in visiting, you can check out this list of the top dairy farms in Georgia for your next plan.

1. Mayfield Dairy Farms

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First on the list is Mayfield Dairy Farms, which has been operating for over 100 years. The wholesome milk and their world-famous ice cream are known to all across Georgia. The southern families are delighted by their consistent great quality and never ending service to the state’s dairy production.

The workers at the farm follow the year old traditional methods which ensure the high quality of milk production. Located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, you will enjoy the sweetest home-like atmosphere in the farms.

2. Marview Farms

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At Marview Farms, you can see baby goats and get the chance to feed bottle milk to lambs. The farm has many families that look after the goats and lambs. Although there are fewer cows, the farm has many cattle, sheep, goats and chickens.

Encompassing over 900 acres of land, you can call and set the schedule to tour around the farms. As visitors are allowed to purchase the fresh farm products, don’t forget to try out their delightful dairy products.

3. Decimal Place Farm

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Decimal Place Farm is one of the most Amazing Dairy Farms in Georgia

Decimal Place Farm offers a 90-minute tour in which you can learn about the goats of this dairy farm. One of the best features of visiting this farm is that you can witness the cheese making process that has been going on for years. With only $7 per person, you can enjoy the traditional style of dairy farming.

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4. Rock House Creamery

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Located in Newborn, Georgia, Rock House Creamery is an eco-friendly dairy farm. Not only for top-quality milk, the farm is famous for its honey as well. The courteous and professional staff will help you tour and learn about the farm. You can even ask questions about the product which they will answer gladly.

5. Mountain Fresh Creamery and Glo-Crest Dairy

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With only $7, you can enjoy a fantastic dairy farm tour at Mountain Fresh Creamery and Glo-Crest Dairy. They offer you to explore the entire dairy production starting from meeting the dairy cows till the last step when the milk gets processed. You can even taste samples of fresh milk and ice cream.

6. G & H Dairy

At New Bridge Road in Cleveland, Georgia, G & H Dairy is standing as one of the most efficient dairy farms in the state. Using the newest technology, the farm focuses on producing maximum quality of fresh dairy products from wholesome milk. While touring, you will be amazed by their professional work procedures and great accomplishments in the dairy business.

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7. Crescent Moon Farm

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Best known for its 100% goat milk, Crescent Moon Farm is a top-rated dairy farm. Besides dairy, the farm also produces butter, and more. There is a small testing area for trying out samples, so don’t miss out on the delicious samples of diary products when you are touring.

8. Ivy Rose Farm

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Ivy Rose Farm

Clermont, Georgia’s Ivy Rose Farm is a natural farm. They produce and sell high quality goat milk. One of the best features of the farm is the educational farm tours. Visitors are taken on tours of the sites where animals are raised. You can even feed the animals and take pictures.

9. Williams Dairy

Williams Dairy is a delightful dairy farm. The farm encompasses a huge land area which produces superior quality milk and dairy products. This farm located in Newborn guarantee to produce the best quality milk which will be healthy to consume by thousands of customers. As for a tour, they offer guided tours throughout the farm.

10. Glocrest Dairy Dove Field

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Glocrest Dairy Dove Field

For a decent time, you must visit the Glocrest Dairy Dove Field. At a safe distance from the cows, you are allowed to tour around the specific places to see how the animals are maintained and their healthy rearing. It is a cool sight to learn about the cows and know the milking process.

Dairy farms are not only for fun tours, they also provide you the opportunity to see the insights of the extensive dairy production process. It is fascinating, and at the same time educational as well. So plan a visit to any of the listed dairy farms in Georgia and enjoy a fantastic tour.

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