Top 10 Deepest Ponds in the US [Update 2024]


Humans have a particular place in their hearts for beautiful ponds. These sparkling pools of water, from mountain lakes in the Alps to enormous lakes produced by glacier processes, provide some of the greatest water panoramas.

Take a relaxing dip in some of the most beautiful and deepest ponds in the US.

1. Crater Pond

Crater Pond is one of the deepest ponds in the US

Crater Pond is the highlight of Crater Pond National Park, located on the summit of the Cascade Range in southern Oregon, about 100 miles from the beach.

The stunning deep blue water of Crater Pond draws attention to its incredible depth of 1943 feet, making it the deepest pond in the US. and the eighth deepest freshwater pond on the earth. Camping, fishing, hiking, animal watching, cross-country skiing, and scuba diving are available to visitors.

On-water sightseeing is provided by a tour boat. Because the path to the boat platform is a little steep, plan on a 2.2-mile round trip.

2. Pond Tahoe

Pond Tahoe

Pictures of Pond Tahoe is one of the most well-known deepest ponds in the US, nestled in the Sierra Nevada and spanning the California-Nevada state boundary. It is the country’s second-deepest pond, and it was the site of the 1960 Squaw Alpine Winter Olympic games.

3. Pond Chelan

Pond Chelan

Pond Chelan, which got its name from the Salish Indian term meaning “deep notch,” is the third deepest pond in the US, with a maximum depth of about 1500 feet. Pond Chelan is a long and thin body of water that stretches for more than 50 miles and has an average width of one mile.

This gorgeous length of turquoise water and green shoreline in north-central Washington is situated within the North Cascades National Park, with a Cascade Mountains background so lovely it nearly appears painted.

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4. Pond Superior

Pond Superior, the largest, coldest, least developed, cleanest, and most pristine of the Great ponds, is the world’s largest freshwater pond by total area, spanning state and nation boundaries and deepest pond in the US.

This 31,820 square mile behemoth is the fourth largest in volume, with 2,900 cubic miles, or 400,000 gallons of water for every person on the planet.

5. Pond Pend

Pond Pend Oreille is surrounded by heights over 6,000 feet and is located in a basin created by glaciers from Canada. Its 85,960 surface acres descend to depths of 1,152 feet, making it one of west America’s largest and deepest natural ponds.

The Northern Idaho area, which includes Pond Pend Oreille, is known for its wide and broad nature.

6. Pond Clark

Pond Clark is located in southern Alaska, about 150 miles southwest of Anchorage. The pond is 128 square miles in size, making it the state’s seventh biggest freshwater and deepest pond in the US. The four million-acre Pond Clark National Park and Preserve surround the pond.

Because it has many of the geological elements prevalent across Alaska, such as mountains, volcanoes, coastal regions, and tundra, this park is sometimes referred to as the “essence of Alaska.” Pond Clark visitors may take advantage of the park’s uniqueness by participating in various activities in the Alaskan wilderness.

7. Tustumena Pond

Inland water covers 17,243 square miles in Alaska, both in rivers and deepest ponds in the U.S. Inland water covers an area larger than the combined landmass of Massachusetts and Vermont.

Tustumena Pond, near Kasilof, is Alaska’s seventh biggest pond and the largest pond on the Kenai Peninsula, with 73,437 acres. Tustumena Pond is extraordinarily deep, reaching a maximum depth of 950 feet, deeper than Cook Inlet.

Tustumena Pond is an incredible Alaska wilderness escape because of its remote location and lovely deep water, which is complemented by the spectacular background of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

8. Pond Michigan

Pond Michigan is the pleasure and delight of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan because it is the only deepest Pond in the US inside near borders.

The pond spans 22,400 square miles, making it the world’s biggest freshwater pond enclosed within a single nation. Pond Michigan is around 307 miles long and 118 miles broad, with 1,640 miles of shoreline.

On the other hand, Pond Michigan is more than a pond of superlatives; it is a freshwater paradise that is home to 12 million people and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

9. Pond Michigan-Huron

Pond Michigan and Pond Huron, both North America’s Great ponds, are connected and share a 577-foot height above ocean level. The Mackinac Straits, which are five miles wide, join them. In terms of hydrology, this combines the “two ponds” into a single body of water.

We include the combined entity because some believe that Michigan-Huron is the world’s biggest freshwater pond, with a combined surface size of 45,410 sq. miles, exceeding Pond General’s 20.3 million acres.

10. Iliamna Ponds

Iliamna Pond, commonly known as Pond Iliamna, is Alaska’s biggest pond and the world’s second-largest freshwater and one of the deepest ponds in the US. entirely enclosed border. This glacial pond in southwest Alaska is known as an inland sea, with a length of 80 miles, a width of 25 miles, and a surface area of around 640,000 acres.

Iliamna Pond is bordered to the north by Pond Clark National Park and Preserve, to the south by Katmai National Park and Preserve, and to the east by Cook Inlet.

It might be interesting to discover what keeps a pond exceptional and to wonder how deep certain ponds are. So, make sure you visit them in your perfect holidays!

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