12 Exclusive Golf Courses in Colorado [Update 2024]


Golfing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Colorado, and is highly popular among its residents. Colorado has thousands of visitors each year, who come to this wonderful natural state to golf in its awe-inspiring natural landscapes.

In Colorado, golf courses are renowned for providing exclusivity and stunning views. While many of them also offer the chance to take in the suburban feel, or do wildlife viewing.

Listed below are the most exclusive golf courses in Colorado.

1. Arrowhead Golf Club

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Arrowhead Golf Club is one of the most Exclusive Golf Courses in Colorado

Arrowhead Golf Club is an exclusive public golf course located in the suburbs of Littleton, Colorado. It is an 18-hole, 70-par golf course that stretches 6,636 yards and has a slope of 138. The stunning red sandstone rock formations around the course are a signature of this course.

Moreover, the 13th hole of this course, which is steep and downhill with stunning views, is the signature hole of Arrowhead Golf Course.

2. The Raccoon Creek Golf Course

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The Raccoon Creek Golf Course

In Littleton, the Raccoon Creek Golf Course is an 18-hole public golf course that spreads across 7,000 acres of fresh green land. Moreover, the course can cover up to 7,045 yards from its farthest tees, while playing a par-72. With water hazards coming into play, its 17th hole is the most challenging one, and offers expert-level difficulty.

3. Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club

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Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club is a semi-private golf club and has one of the most exclusive golf courses in Colorado. The 18-hole golf course in this club stretches across 6,942 yards of green land and a slope of 138. Additionally, the surrounding areas of this golf course give a very peaceful suburban vibe, and it’s amazing for elevation changes.

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4. The Ridge Golf Course at Castle Pines North

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Situated in Castle Pines, the Ridge Golf Course at Castle Pines North is an 18-hole, 71-par golf course. The course has a total length of 7,013 yards and a slope of 143. Moreover, it is a seasonal golf course featuring generous fairways and expansive greens, with scenic views.

5. Breckenridge Golf Club

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Breckenridge Golf Club

Located in Breckenridge, Breckenridge Golf Club is home to the excellent Bear Course, which is a 9-hole, 36-par golf course. This incredible 9-hole public golf course has a total length of 3,702 yards, and was designed by the renowned Jack Nicklaus in 1985. It is also one of the most well-known courses in the Breckenridge region.

6. Ute Creek Golf Course

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Ute Creek Golf Course, a stunning public golf course located in Longmont, is one of the largest courses on this list. It spreads across almost 7,200 yards with a slope of 135. Moreover, it has 18 holes with a par-72 and several water hazards that come into play. However, the bunkers are the most challenging aspect of this course.

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7. Spring Valley Golf Course

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Spring Valley Golf Course is a massive 7,180-yard public golf course in Elizabeth, Colorado. It is an 18-hole, 72-par golf course that offers stunning natural views and amazing wildlife viewing opportunities. The 17th hole of this golf course even requires a tee shot through the trees, allowing you to practice a range of shots on this course.

8. Redlands Mesa Golf Course

Located in Grand Junction, the second-largest city on the western slope of Colorado, the Redlands Mesa Golf Course is a wonderful public golf course. This 18-hole golf course features par-72 and a slope of 137, while spreading across 7,007 yards of land. It was designed by a well-known architect, Jim Engh, in 2001.

9. Interlocken Golf Club

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Interlocken Golf Club in Broomfield consists of one of the most exclusive 18-hole golf courses in Colorado, the Sunshine/Vista course. This massive 7040-yard golf course has 18 holes, each of which provides amazing views and a slope of 135. The water hazards and bunkers on this course also come into play big time, providing a professional golfing experience.

10. Pole Creek Golf Club

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Pole Creek Golf Club in Colorado offers the most versatile golf course in the state of Colorado. There are three par-36, 9-hole golf courses in this club, which can be used to play on different combinations of an 18-hole golf course. Moreover, the total length of this course is 3564 yards with a slope of 131.

11. Lakota Links Golf Club

Situated in New Castle, Lakota Links Golf Club features one of Colorado’s most stunning golf courses. It was designed by Jim Engh in 2004, and is suitable for both professionals and amateurs.

Lakota Links Golf Club is an 18-hole, 72-par golf course that has a slope of 149, and spreads across 7,111 yards of land. Here, both the fairways and greens are comprised of bent grass.

12. Beaver Creek Golf Course

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Beaver Creek Golf Course is a top-class golf course in the lovely city of Avon, one of Colorado’s best cities to live in. It is an 18-hole, 70-par golf course that has a length of 6,642 yards and a slope of 144.

The course was built in 1982, and has undergone renovations over the last 40 years. Additionally, Beaver Creek is known for its natural amenities and conditions.

In Colorado, there are mainly two types of golf courses that are popular among residents: 18-hole courses and 9-hole courses. Moreover, most of the exclusive golf courses in the state are located within suburbs, or mountainous terrain. The ones located in the suburbs offer a tranquil environment and luxury golfing facilities, while the ones located along mountainous terrain provide scenic/wildlife views.

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