12 Best Golf Schools in Arizona [Update 2024]


Arizona is home to work-class championship golf courses and luxurious golf resorts. Golf is one of the most popular sports in the state and is one of Arizona’s most popular pastimes. Furthermore, numerous highly competitive PGA events are hosted by the state of Arizona.

In fact, the most popular hostels and resorts in Arizona include top-notch golf courses. Additionally, with world-class courses like The Estancia, Forest Highlands, The Stone Canyon Club and many more, it is no surprise that Arizona is full of golf schools and academies. The best golf schools in Arizona are listed below.

1. John Jacobs’ Golf Schools and Academies

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John Jacobs' Golf Schools and Academies

John Jacobs’ Golf Schools and Academies is private golf academy that has branches all across the US. One of its most well-known branches is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. John Jacobs’ Golf Schools and Academies offers programs that includes 4 hours/day instructions, video analysis, on-course instructions.

Furthermore, these programs cover full swing, putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play. With nearly 40 years experience in teaching golf, John Jacobs’ Golf Schools and Academies is one of the most renowned golf schools in Arizona.

2. Elite Golf Schools of Arizona

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Elite Golf Schools of Arizona is one of the best golf schools in Arizona

Elite Golf Schools of Arizona has numerous branches all across Arizona and provides golf lessons to players of all calibers and age. It has both junior golf lessons and adult golf programs. Elite Golf School’s developmental junior program is divided into 6 tiers with monthly pricing between $169 to $299.

Additionally, its elite junior program is divided into two categories, costing between $239 and $449. Elite’s famous 3-day school adult program cost around $1,200. Elite provides a full range of golf lessons. The amenities offered by Elite include video analysis, indoor facility and a flight-scope.

3. Tour Striker Golf Academy

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Tour Striker Golf Academy

Tour Striker Golf Academy is a renowned golf school in Arizona, located in the city of Phoenix. It is home to PGA coach of the year, Martin Chuck, a 30-year veteran of the game. The Tour Striker Golf Academy has instructors who are PGA professionals or Top 100 coaches to teach players incredible techniques.

Tour Striker offers private coaching, junior lessons and online coaching programs. Its main goal is to not just develop skills but also enhance the decision-making ability of players. Tour Striker Golf Academy’s famed 3-day program with Martin Chuck costs $2,295 per person.

4. AZ Golf Lessons & Phoenix Arizona Golf School

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Located in Phoenix, Arizona, AZ Golf Lessons & Phoenix Arizona Golf School is a golf institute that offers golf lessons and golf instructions. It offers lessons with versatility for kids, as well as, adults. AZ Golf provides lessons at a lot more affordable pricing compared to its competitors.

AZ Golf has highly rated instructors who provide an array of golfing instructions based on a player’s specific needs. AZ Golf Lessons is one of Arizona’s most versatile golf schools.

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5. Bird Golf Academy

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Bird Golf Academy has locations across the US, including states like California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia and several other states. But two of its most renowned branches are located in Arizona, in the cities of Sedona and Phoenix. Both of these locations present the players with incredible mountainous views and amazing courses.

Bird Golf Academy provides private lessons with LPGA/PGA professionals, making individuals feel like their very own school. Bird’s golf school offers lessons that will help you go from the driving range to improving your scores in the golf course. Bird Golf Academy’s staff is full of former LPGA/PGA golfers with over 20 years of experience, making them one of the finest golf schools in Arizona

6. Champion Golf Schools

With two outstanding locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Champion Golf Schools is one of the best places to learn golf in Arizona. It was founded by 2005 SDGA Player of the year, Chris Collins. Champion Golf has junior schools and hosts junior tournaments both in Arizona and South Dakota.

Currently, it is one of the best junior golfing academies in Arizona. The four-hour lesson pack costs $449 per person and $799 for group(3-4 persons). Champion Golf also offers 1-hour private golfing lessons starting from $125.

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7. Legacy Golf Performance Center

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Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Legacy’s state-of-art range and short-game complex sets Legacy Golf Performance Center apart from the rest. Moreover, Legacy offers practice bunkers and separate greens for pitching and chipping. It has golf programs that are specifically designed to enhance the weaknesses of the players.

Along with offering private coaching programs, Legacy Golf also provides a 3-day golf school. This 3-day program consists of 4 hours of range and short-game instructions, as well as, 2 hours of 9 holes playing on-course lessons. Additionally, the student to teacher ratio is an incredible 4:1 and lunch is included as well.

8. Alex Black Golf Instruction

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Alex Black Golf Instruction is a golfing academy that provides a variety of golf lessons. Located in Mesa, Arizona, Alex Black Golf Instruction has three tiers of junior golfing lessons. The beginner tier consists of 4 half-hour lessons and 3-hole playing lessons on a course, costing $200.

Then, the intermediate tier offers 4 one-hour lessons, 9-hole playing lessons on a course and video swing analysis as well, costing $250. Finally, the advanced tier provides 1-hour lessons, 9-hole playing lessons on a course and video swing analysis, costing $300. Furthermore, Alex Black also offers virtual golf lessons as well.

9. The Craig O’Hern Golf School

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Located in Goodyear, Arizona, The Craig O’Hern Golf School offers an array of golf lesson packages. Its main packages is a 6-hour private lesson package. This package contains one-on-one private instructions, one 4-hour playing lesson and personalized video analysis.

This highly effective lesson package is given on the beautiful golf courses of Palm Valley Golf Courses, costing $250 per person. The Craig O’Hern Golf School also has a 2-day package which costs around $400 per person.

10. Reid West Golf Academies

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With teaching experience of over 16 years, Reid West Golf Academies has built a name for itself by providing top-class golf lessons, programs, equipment and services. Located in Sun City, it is quite well-known for partnering with local golf communities in Arizona. Reid West Golf Academies offers one of the most diverse choices of programs on this list. Its programs include junior programs, demo days, golf fitness and golf schools.

Reid’s golf schools offer 1-day golf school, 2-day school and even custom golf school packages. Additionally, Reid West Golf Academies has a program called “Golf Travel” that provides golf lessons all across the US on tour on specific dates.

11. Golf Schools of Scottsdale

Golf Schools of Scottsdale offers thorough group instruction and private golf lessons in an exclusive learning center in Phoenix, Arizona. With more than 40 years of experience teaching golf, we offer small classes and customized instruction. Golf Magazine rated it as one of the top 25 golf schools in America, from 2001 to 2003 and from 2005 to 2007.

12. Legacy Golf Performance Center

Legacy’s range and short-game complex are open daily from sunrise to 30 minutes before sunset. The four-level practice putting green is extremely large, with a dozen target cups. For sharpening the short game there is also a practice bunker plus a separate chipping and pitching green.

The goal of the coaching programs is to not only educate students on their motion, but also on all the aspects necessary to improve on-course performance.

When it comes to golfing, the state of Arizona is second to no other in the United States. Moreover, Arizona is full of incredibly luxurious golf resorts, beautiful golf courses and amazing golf clubs. Golf is a prestigious sport with a remarkable history, played all over the world.

Additionally, in Arizona, golf is more than just a sport, it’s an amazing family pastime as well. So, we can see why there is such a high demand for golf schools and academies in Arizona. This list consists of the best golf schools in Arizona based on teaching proficiency, available equipment and credibility.

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