Wear it With Pride: Hat Selections That Complement Larger Heads

Wear it With Pride-Hat Selections That Complement Larger Heads
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Many individuals are conscious of one part of their body. Nowadays, this concern has extended to head size, especially when choosing a hat.

Searching for a well-fitted hat as an individual with a larger head is filled with dissatisfaction and compromise. Hats for larger heads are one aspect that has often been overlooked, as the use of hats as a fashion accessory has evolved over the last few years.

Many people have been forced to compromise on their comfort and style choices due to the limited options available. Fortunately, many manufacturers have begun to cater to and understand individuals with large heads.

Hats are one of the best ways to express your style and personality. Don’t be discouraged if you’re still searching for a cap that fits your large head size. This article will discuss hat selections that complement larger heads.

Hat Selections for Large Heads

Picking the right hat can elevate your look and boost your confidence. It can also grant you comfort and change people’s opinions of you. When shopping for a hat, you must choose one that is comfortable, fits your head, and fits your style. Here are some selections which can be found at BigHatStore

The Homburg Hat

The Homburg Hat
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This one’s a classic hat famous in the 20th and 21st centuries. Despite its similarity to the Bowler, Trilby, and Fedora hats, little is known about it. It has a unique brim and crown, making it perfect for large heads. The brim of the Homburg curls upward, providing a fixed and tight upward spiral as opposed to the flat brim seen in the Fedora.

It also has a tall crown with a dent running down the center, making it suitable for your large head and providing adequate shade from the sun. The crown also has a crease that gives the hat a formal aesthetic feel, making it appropriate for formal events.

The Homburg hat is made from fur, felt, and wool. Since the hat is sharp and elegant, it’s best worn with a suit and tie.

Gambler Hat

The gambler hat is a type of cowboy hat with a wide brim to provide adequate protection from the sun and a distinct oval crown with slight creases along its edges. The oval crown of the gambler hat makes it suitable for large heads since it ensures that the cap sits comfortably on your head without causing tightness or discomfort.

Gambler hats are often made with wool, felt, and straw. The straw is perfect for warm weather, while the ones made with felt material are perfect for winter. This timeless hat style can spice up a formal outfit or elevate a casual look. It is perfect when you want to dress in a toned-down western style. 


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The beanie is a famous style used during the winter to keep the head warm. This timeless hat style dates back to the early 20th century when blue-collar people wore it to keep warm.

Although initially designed as a tool to keep warm, the beanie has evolved into a fashion accessory that can be found in various sizes, materials, and shapes. The simplicity of the beanie makes it a timeless fashion choice for multiple events.

Furthermore, the beanie is made to fit snugly on your head with its brimless shape. It is usually made with soft, stretchable materials like acrylic, cotton, or wool, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit.

The beanie comes in different types, and for individuals with a big head, it would be better if you chose the slouch beanie. The slouch beanie is quite big and can cover your head, including your head and down to your neck, making it suitable for your large head.

Floppy Sun Hat

As its name suggests, a sun hat protects your head and face from the sun’s UV rays. It has a wide brim that provides adequate sun protection and is usually made with breathable, lightweight materials like soft cotton and straw.

Sun hats come in different shapes and sizes, but the ones with an adjustable strap are perfect for individuals with large heads. The adjustable strap keeps it securely on your head, preventing excessive movement.

The sun hat elevates your beach or outdoor look and helps you reduce the risk of sunburns and other heat-related diseases. Ensure you pick a breathable sun hat that adequately covers your shoulders, neck, and face.

Whether going for a casual outing or a garden party, the right sun hat for your head size will enhance your outfit while protecting you from the sun.

The Fedora

The Fedora
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This hat is a classic, timeless style that never goes out of fashion. It is a fashion favorite among fashion enthusiasts worldwide due to its versatile nature and sophisticated charm. Whether attending a casual outing or a formal event, pairing your outfit with a fedora hat can perfectly spice it up.

The unique features of the fedora set it apart from other hat styles and make it ideal even for an individual with a large head. It has a soft, indented crown with a creased center. The height of the fedora crown varies from low to medium, allowing you to choose one that fits your head.

The fedora also has a wide brim that offers sun protection and a more sophisticated and dramatic appearance. The hat is made using either straw, felt, or fine fur. The felt fedoras have a soft texture and are great for cold seasons, while the straw fedora is both lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for warm seasons.


Hats are classic and timeless fashion accessories that never go out of style. However, finding a hat that fits your larger head can be daunting and disappointing. Fortunately, there is now a wide variety of hats for individuals with large heads on the market.

The selection of hats for your large head goes beyond comfort; it is also a matter of self-expression and style. A loose hat on your head can dampen your overall look and make you uncomfortable.

The key to selecting a hat that fits your head size and style is to consider the shape of your face, style, and head size. Consider the hats in this article if you’re looking for selections that complement your head.

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