Top 11 Fastest Growing Franchises in the US [Update 2024]


You might be surprised to know that among all the businesses in the US, 10.5% are franchises.

Additionally, the top profitable franchises adhere to a unique set of principles and values. It implies that the franchisor has the franchisees’ best interests at heart and will go out of its way to assist them.

Take a look at the organizations making the most of their global scalability; as a result, they’re on my list of the fastest growing franchises in the US.

1. Supercuts

Supercuts is one of the best Fastest Growing Franchises in the US

Supercuts comfortably tops my chart of the fastest growing franchises in the US, with over 2,400 fastest growing franchises in the US, United Kingdom, and Australia. Geoffrey M. Shapiro and Richard E. Emmett launched the salon in 1975 in the Sf Bay Area. Bloomington, Minnesota, is the company’s headquarters. Regis Group is the company’s owner (NYSE: RGS).

For your information, the starting charge for the franchise is $10,000.

2. Jan-Pro Systems Int’l. Inc.

Jan-Pro Systems Int’l. Inc.

My runner-up is, Jan-Pro Systems Int’l. Inc. which is a cleaning company with over 10,000 fastest growing franchises in the US! In 1991, Francois Lapointe started it in Rhode Island.

According to its web page, auto dealers, gyms, banks, hospitals, schools, and workplaces are among the businesses that the company serves. For the first year, the franchise will cost $5,000.

3. Reis & Irvy’s

Reis and Irvy, dubbed as “the future of frozen yogurt,” is a network of robotic booths that serve frozen treats. Chessler Holdings is the company’s owner. The firm provides consumers the opportunity to run their kiosk for a one-time price of $15,000.

With time to prepare a little less than a minute, Dries and Irvy are touted as one of the quickest Yogurt kiosks.

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4. Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners is a privately held travel agency headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida.
They specialize in planning cruises and trips to all corners of the globe. There are over 1,500 Cruise Planners, the fastest growing franchises in the US.

Cruise Planners has been rated the top travel franchise by Entrepreneur. It costs $10,995, offering the most economical options available. The International Communication Association, Western Society of Tour Operators, and National Organization of Cruise Focused Agencies are their company members.

5. Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Taco Bell, the American food organization that owns KFC, Domino’s, The Habit Burger, and the Host server, operates Taco Bell. Glen Bell created Taco Bell in 1962 in Tustin, California. Tacos, burrito, queso, quesadillas, and other Mexican-inspired dishes are among the chain’s specialties.

There are around 7000 franchisees for restaurant companies all over the world. It has been dubbed the “World’s Most Outstanding Franchise” by Entrepreneur. This fastest growing franchise in the US fee is between $40,000 and $50,000, without counting extra costs.

6. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness was established in 1992 in Dover, Hampshire, and now has over 2000 club branches, giving it one of the largest fitness clubs in geography and membership with the fastest growing franchises in the US. The firm has offices in the U. S., Canada, the Caribbean, Nicaragua, Australia, and Mexico.

According to Business Insider, that’s one of the fastest-rising private gym franchises in the country. Because it caters to newbies and casual gym visitors, the firm promotes itself as a “Judgement Free Zone.” The franchisee’s cost is $10,000.

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7. Stratus Building Solutions

Stratus Building Solutions, a commercial laundry firm, began offering services in 2006. With over 2000 franchisees, it now operates in over 60 big cities. Industrial cleaning, disinfection, greenwashing, carpet cleaning, cement floor care, comment care, and hard plastic cleaning are just a few of the services provided by Stratus Solutions. The initial purchase cost is $62,100.

8. Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is home to the art fitness studio chain. It is one of the fastest growing franchises in the US. David Long, Arthur Kern, and Helen Latham created the private corporation in 2010. It has over 1,200 studios spread over 50 states in the United States and 23 locations.

According to NBC, the store’s membership has topped one million. According to Emma Sutton’s research in Grape Juice Fitness: A Critical Study on the Promotion of Gym or Fitness, the company employs around 75 percent of millennials. The franchisee’s price is $39,500.

9. Club Pilates Franchise

Allison Beardsley launched Club Pilates in 2007. Pilate’s courses, which are low-impact, full-body exercises, are available to club members. The club has about 900 franchisees across the U. S. and has also made its debut in Canada.

A club card varies, with the All Membership Unlimited option costing $199 per month. The company’s headquarters are in Irvine, California. A franchise costs $60,000 to get started.

10. Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s Subs is based in Manasquan, New Jersey. Mike’s Parts is a network of submarine sandwich restaurants. It now has 1,742 franchises in the United States, including Queensland, Australia, and Canada.

Peter Cancro, the business’s CEO, started the company when he was just 14 years old. He started distributing the restaurants in 1987, and by 2014, the firm had grown to 750 sites. The franchisee’s price is $18,500. Undoubtedly, Jersey Mike’s Subs is one of the fastest growing franchise in the US.

11. Dunkin Donuts

Known most generally as Dunkin’ Donuts, Dunkin’ is a worldwide American coffee and doughnut business. It was established in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA, over 71 years ago. William Rosenberg was its creator. Initially, Rosenberg served coffee and donuts to famished employees at work. In 1950, he started his first retail business, which quickly became successful. The company now has approximately 6000 outlets spread over more than 30 countries.

Franchisees may be found in almost every industry in the United States. The ones that have seen the most rapid expansion have taken advantage of future growth by exchanging their knowledge and expertise with other franchises. Looking to own one now?

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