Top 10 Largest Hospitals in Connecticut [Update 2024]


During the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, most countries in the world were overwhelmed due to a shortage of hospital and ICU beds.

The scenario in the United States was no different, with states like New York and California doing everything they could to meet the medical care requirements. During this time, these overwhelming requirements’ ware matched, to an extent, by these large-capacity hospitals.

The state of Connecticut is home to some of the biggest hospitals in the country that provide world-class facilities. With award-winning talents and top-notch advanced technology, these hospitals have become the most important institutions in the state. The largest hospitals in Connecticut are mentioned below.

1. Yale New Haven Hospital

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Yale New Haven is one of the largest hospitals in Connecticut

Yale New Haven Hospital is the largest hospital in Connecticut, offering services in over 100 specialty areas. The average annual inpatient discharges at Yale New Haven Hospital is 19,507, which is the highest in Connecticut.

Furthermore, Connecticut’s largest hospital also consists of 1,541 beds. The most renowned areas of treatment at Yale New Haven Hospital are Heart & Vascular, Oncology, Transplantation and Neurosciences. The total Medicare revenue of this hospital is $2,557.

2. Hartford Hospital

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Hartford Hospital

Established in 1854, Hartford Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Connecticut with 938 beds. Located in Hartford, this hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in the state, with over 150 years of medical history.

Moreover, Hartford Hospital doesn’t just offer amazing medical services, it is also an excellent teaching facility as well. The total Medicare revenue per day at Hartford Hospital is $2,558.

3. Trinity Health of New England

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Trinity Health of New England

Trinity Health’s Saint Francis Hospital, based in Hartford, is the second-largest hospital in the city with 617 beds. Moreover, this acute care hospital has over 120 years of history and is the largest Catholic hospital in New England.

Furthermore, Saint Francis Hospital has Medicare revenue of $2,760 per day, the highest on this list. Saint Francis is one of four hospitals of Trinity Health and has an annual net inpatient discharge of 8,128.

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4. Bridgeport Hospital

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Located in Bridgeport, this hospital is a massive surgical and general medical hospital. Currently, Bridgeport Hospital has 501 beds, with emergency departments and operation theaters as well.

Some of Bridgeport’s well-known services are Geriatrics, Oncology, Trauma & Burn and Heart & Vascular. Moreover, Bridgeport Hospital also provides excellent online services as well. This hospital is part of Yale New Haven Health System.

5. St. Vincent’s Medical Center

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St. Vincent’s Medical Center, a Bridgeport based tertiary care hospital, is one of the largest hospitals in Connecticut with 473 beds. The emergency department at this hospital is a level 1 trauma center.

Opened in 1903, St. Vincent’s Medical Center is a one of the most well-known Catholic hospitals in the state. Moreover, this hospital is now part of Hartford Healthcare and has a Medicare revenue of $2,358 per day.

6. Danbury Hospital, part of Nuvance Health

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Danbury Hospital, is one of the largest hospitals in Connecticut, consisting of 371 beds. This well-known hospital is part of Nuvance Health, a Western Connecticut healthcare industry company.

Located in Danbury, this hospital is the only accredited chest pain hospital in the city. Furthermore, Danbury Hospital offers one of the best cardiac services in the US. The total Medicare revenue per day of this hospital is $2,411.

7. Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

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Established in 1912, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital has been serving the residents of London, Connecticut, for over 100 years. Currently, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital has 308 beds, making it one of the largest hospitals in Connecticut.

Furthermore, the net annual inpatient discharge is 4,581 and Medicare revenue is $1,994. Lawrence + Memorial Hospital is part of Yale New Haven Health System.

8. Norwalk Hospital

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Located in Norwalk, Norwalk Hospital is the second-largest hospital in Nuvance Health, with 366 beds. This hospital has primarily served the residents of Fairfield County since 1893, for over 100 years.

Alongside being an acute care hospital, Norwalk Hospital also offers academic facilities for students as well. Norwalk Hospital provides a wide range of services that include medical, surgical and wellness facilities.

9. Stamford Hospital

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Founded in 1892, Stamford Hospital is a 305-bed acute care hospital. Located in Stamford, this hospital is part of the campus of the renowned Bennet Medical Center. Currently, it has more than 150 top-class physicians, who offer world-class medical services. Furthermore, Stamford Hospital is a teaching affiliate of Colombia University’s medical school. The Medicare of Stamford Hospital is $2,402 per day.

10. Middlesex Hospital

Founded in 1904, Middlesex Hospital features a wide range of general medical services and an excellent emergency department. Located in Middletown, Middlesex Hospital has 297, making it one of the largest in the state. Moreover, the net annual Medicare revenue of Middlesex Hospital is $2,074, which is relatively lower compared to other hospitals on this list. Furthermore, Middlesex Hospital provides world-class medical technology.

Connecticut’s healthcare system, which features large capacity hospitals and state-of-art technology is quite simply amazing. The hospitals mentioned above are large-scale medical centers, which also offer academic services as well. Alongside quantity, these hospitals are also quite known for providing quality services as well.

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