13 Best Hospitals in Connecticut [Update 2024]


Whether it be a cut or a chronic illness, you do not have to go through a complicated search for a good hospital in Connecticut. Home to 27 hospitals and several psychiatric centers and health centers, Connecticut provides the best healthcare to ensure the best treatments.

For your convenience, I have created this accurate list of the best hospitals in Connecticut which you can visit anytime, even in emergencies.

1. Yale-New Haven Hospital

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Yale-New Haven Hospital is one of the Best Hospitals in Connecticut

No matter what criteria you are judging, be it best quality hospitality or specialist care, Yale-New Haven Hospital stays on top of everything. The most popular and trusted hospital in Connecticut is ranked high for its customer satisfaction.

The specialties of pediatric nephrology, neonatology and 12 other adult specialties are the most developed and recognized factors of this hospital, which makes it the 20th best in the entire US and ranked first in Connecticut.

2. Hartford Hospital

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Hartford Hospital

Right at Hartford, Connecticut, Hartford Hospital stands as the second-best hospital in the state. It is commanded for performing high standards in 8 adult procedures and severe conditions like lung cancer surgery, heart bypass surgery and knee replacement.

Even though the hospital hasn’t been nationally ranked for its high performance yet, with its continuous quality that day isn’t far away when they will be ranked so.

3. St Francis Hospital and Medical Center

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Well known for its adult specialties, St Francis Hospital and Medical Center is one of the top medical care centers and hospitals in Connecticut. Located in Connecticut’s Woodland Street, Hartford, the hospital excellently performs 5 adult procedures and conditions. Some such procedures and conditions are COPD, heart failure and hip replacement.

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4. Bridgeport Hospital

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Bridgeport Hospital does exemplary work in both adult and child specialty. Their best high performance lies in 2 severe adult procedures and conditions, which are heart failure and COPD. They have a far way to go with their child specialty and increase more of its adult procedures, but their current performance is promising for the future.

5. Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

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Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Located in Connecticut’s Washington Street of Hartford, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is a major medical center. Specializing in children’s specialties, this hospital is nationally ranked 4th.

In the entire state, it is the only nationally ranked hospital in children’s specialty. Not just that, it is also nationally ranked in four other fields, including pediatric urology and neonatology.

6. Connecticut Hospice

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Connecticut Hospice is a hospital with multiple dimensions of medical care. Here, patients and their families are served with improved healthcare using technologies. The spacious building and high quality performance for treating the large number of visitors every day ensures the high performance of the hospital.

7. Bristol hospital

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Well-renowned for general medical and surgical facilities, Bristol hospital has been persistent in being one of the top hospitals in Connecticut. The hospital received 4 out of 5 stars for excellent care of the patients.

8. Greenwich Hospital

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Located in Greenwich, Connecticut, Greenwich Hospital is a teaching hospital. Famous and incredible doctors serve and teach in the hospital. Moreover, it is a hospital affiliated to Yale School of Medicine, so you can imagine why they provide such great healthcare service.

9. St. Vincent’s Medical Center

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10. Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

Having subspecialties like oncology, ophthalmology and more, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is an excellent medical and surgical facility. Pediatrics and geriatrics are also one of their specialties. Whatever your health issue is, they will care for it with utmost attention.

11. Gaylord Specialty Healthcare

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Also called Gaylord Hospital, Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is unlike any typical medical care. They provide excellent care and treatment beyond traditional hospital care. With several specialties, the hospital aims to provide individual care according to a person’s needs.

They also offer rehabilitation to inpatients who require complex medical care. Patients and their families commend the professional output of the hospital staff and the great doctors always ensure the best treatment.

12. Danbury Hospital, part of Nuvance Health

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Danbury Hospital, is one of the largest hospitals in Connecticut, consisting of 371 beds. This well-known hospital is part of Nuvance Health, a Western Connecticut healthcare industry company.

Located in Danbury, this hospital is the only accredited chest pain hospital in the city. Furthermore, Danbury Hospital offers one of the best cardiac services in the US. The total Medicare revenue per day of this hospital is $2,411.

13. Norwalk Hospital

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Located in Norwalk, Norwalk Hospital is the second-largest hospital in Nuvance Health, with 366 beds. This hospital has primarily served the residents of Fairfield County since 1893, for over 100 years.

Alongside being an acute care hospital, Norwalk Hospital also offers academic facilities for students as well. Norwalk Hospital provides a wide range of services that include medical, surgical and wellness facilities.

In Connecticut, there are several hospitals and health care centers that have received top ranks in the US healthcare reports. The listed best hospitals in Connecticut are recognized not only by the patients but also by the state. So, don’t hesitate to contact these hospitals for any medical emergency.

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