All 50 US States Ranked by Happiness [Report 2024]

US States Ranked by Happiness

Happiness Test, similarly known as the Anxiety Test, measures specific life skills linked to your happiness. For determining a happiness score, you can rely on different elements such as career objectives, social well-being, financial condition and physical well-being.

According to the research of WalletHub, Hawaii is the happiest state in the US! Let’s take a look at the data of all 50 US States Ranked by Happiness.

State NameHappiness Score
1. Hawaii69.58
2. Utah67.84
3. Minnesota65.87
4. New Jersey64.10
5. Maryland63.78
6. California63.14
7. North Dakota60.02
8. Lowa59.65
9. Idaho59.58
10. Connecticut59.23
11. Nebraska59.06
12. South Dakota58.53
13. Massachusetts57.30
14. Virginia56.27
15. Washington55.60
16. Vermont55.59
17. New York54.86
18. Wisconsin54.32
19. Nevada53.67
20. Arizona53.47
21. New Hampshire53.36
22. Georgia52.73
23. Colorado52.57
24. Delaware52.25
25. Texas51.04
26. Rhode Island50.96
27. Florida50.58
28. Pennsylvania50.16
29. Illinois50.14
30. Maine50.12
31. Wyoming49.26
32. North Carolina49.19
33. Kansas49.16
34. South Carolina48.78
35. Ohio48.37
36. Indiana47.96
37. Michigan47.27
38. Montana47.25
39. New Mexico47.03
40. Missouri45.79
41. Oregon43.67
42. Alaska40.85
43. Alabama40.28
44. Mississippi39.52
45. Tennessee39.21
46. Kentucky38.29
47. Louisiana38.15
48. Oklahoma37.66
49. Arkansas38.83
50. West Virginia33.42

WalletHub and the US Census Bureau’s research mainly reflects few critical metrics for measuring happiness, including emotional and physical state, work environment, and community environment.

The people of Hawaii get good scores in all the metrics where West Virginia has the least! However, recent pandemic and financial crises could be significant factors for higher anxiety among the US people.

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