Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in Hawaii [Update 2024]


Are you thinking about moving to Hawaii in the near future? Beautiful as it is, surrounded by the sea and blessed with a mild climate and a diverse culture, paradise comes at a price. For some, that price might be a barrier to coming here in the first place.

Here is all the information you need to know about the most expensive cities in Hawaii.

1. Wailea

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Wailea is one of the Most Expensive Cities in Hawaii

There are 5,656 people living in Wailea, a census-designated place in Maui County, Hawaii. Wailea’s yearly cost of living is $51,231, more than Hawaii’s average of $50,067 and higher than the national average of $38,433, for a single adult without children or other dependents. As of 2022, the typical household income in Wailea is $74,347, while the median home value is $1.335 million.

2. Kailua

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Kailua, Hawaii’s second most costly city, is noted for its beaches, small town vibe, and as the location of President Obama and his family’s vacation home. Kailua Cdp (Honolulu County) has a median household income of $122,706 and a median property value of $992,100 in 2022, respectively.

3. Lahaina

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With a typical salary of $76,951 and a median house value of $730,700 for 2022 in Lahaina, Hawaii, 43.6 percent of the population in Lahaina, Hawaii, owns a house, compared to 56.4 percent who rent.

The cost of a single-family house in Lahaina was $804,882 last year, making it the most expensive in the United States and the most expensive in the state of Hawaii.

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4. Honolulu

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Hawaii’s most costly city, Honolulu, is ranked fourth in terms of cost of living. Only a fraction of Honolulu’s cost of living issues may be attributed to high food costs. Gas and electricity are two more high-priced necessities in Honolulu. In fact, Honolulu has the most expensive gas prices in the nation.

5. Kihei

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Although rent and house prices in Kihei are cheaper than in Wailea, the yearly cost of living for a single adult in Kihei is $51,231 – more than Hawaii’s annual cost of $50,067 and higher than the nationwide number of $38,433.

6. Kapolei

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The yearly cost of living in Kapolei is $51,552, which is more than Hawaii’s average of $50,067 and higher than the national average of $38,433, for a single adult without children or other dependents.

Besides, unique places may be found in Kapolei. Like the new Disney Aulani Resort which has three lagoons, a big water park, and a multitude of retail and dining options.

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7. Ewa Beach

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For young families, the suburb of Ewa Beach is a great spot to call home. It’s one of the few places on Oahu where new houses are available at a reasonable price, even by Hawai’i standards. There is a higher-than-average cost of living in this area, as well as the cost of living needs such as food and transportation.

8. Pearl City

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Honolulu County, Hawaii’s census-designated place, is Pearl City. Living in Pearl City is more costly than the national average in terms of housing, food, transportation, health care, child care, and other essentials.

9. Kahaluu-Keauhou

With a population of 7,258, as of 2022, the Kahaluu-Keauhou area’s median household income is $77,366 and its median home value is $647,200.

10. Waianae

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Due to the high cost of petrol, transport, and daily things, such as food, rent, and housing, the cost of living in this area is rather high.

These cities in Hawaii not only serve as beautiful tourist attractions, but also home to many people despite the high cost of living. Due to high living expenses, people prefer to visit these places rather than staying here for good.

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