Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Hawaii [Update 2024]


It has been traditionally believed that skyscrapers are one of humanity’s most significant contributions to the development of civilization. In fact, the vast majority of the tallest buildings in the world are complexes that combine residential, commercial, and corporate uses.

The following is a listing of the tallest buildings in Hawaii, sorted from highest to lowest.

1. The Central Ala Moana (435 feet)

The skyscraper known as the Central Ala Moana has 43 levels and is located in the state capital of Hawaii. After its completion in 2021, this structure has become the tallest tower in Hawaii. It is a residential apartment that has been rented out.

2. First Hawaiian Center (429 feet)

First Hawaiian Center is one of the best Tallest Buildings in Hawaii

The elevated tower that serves as the headquarters of First Hawaiian Bank in Hawaii was at one time the largest skyscraper in the state. It was completed in 1996, and it had a total of 30 stories and 8 passenger elevators. Before being surpassed by the Central Ala Moana, the First Hawaiian Center was the tallest structure in Hawaii for more than 25 years.

3. The Collection (422 feet)

In 2016, the Collection completed the construction of this building that has 43 stories, and it now has a height of more than 400 feet. As of right now, it is the third-tallest building of its kind in the state.

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4. Moana Pacific East Tower (422 feet)

Moana Pacific East Tower

Because it is the highest building in the area immediately adjacent to the coast, the Moana Pacific East Tower is widely considered to be the most recognizable structure in the state.

Architects Hawaii Ltd. was responsible for the construction of what is today a residential apartment. Now you know where to put your money if you’re seeking for a balcony with a view of the ocean.

5. Hokua at 1288 Ala Moana (418 feet)

One of the highest hotel structures in Hawaii is the Hokua. There are a total of forty levels in this hotel complex, each of which features opulent suites and posh conveniences.

6. Pacifica Honolulu (418 feet)

Pacifica Honolulu

The Pacifica Honolulu is a magnificently designed and constructed building in Honolulu that had its construction completed in the year 2011. The Ala Moana-Kakaako area’s most opulent residential community may be found here. The building has a total of 46 stories and many elevators for the convenience of its occupants.

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7. Waihonua at Kewalo (418 feet)

Wells Fargo is one of the largest financial organizations in the United States, and its Hawaii branch is located at Waihonua at Kewalo. This structure was constructed in the year 2015. Because it is a 43-story-high rise, this building also serves the goal of providing housing for its occupants.

8. Nauru Tower (417 feet)

The Nauru Tower, which was completed in 1992, holds the distinction of being the first luxury residential tower to be constructed in the Ala Moana neighborhood.

Between the years 1992 and 1996, it had the title of being the highest building in Hawaii. Nauru Tower is a massive structure of 44 stories that is primarily used for commercial business purposes.

9. Symphony Honolulu (400 feet)

Symphony Honolulu is the first luxury residential development located close to the Blaisdell Center. It was constructed in 2016, and can be found in Honolulu. This structure is not only one of the oldest in the county but also one of the tallest. Also, it is made up of a total of forty levels.

10. One Waterfront Mauka Tower (400 feet)

The One Waterfront Mauka Tower is the very first high-rise building to be constructed in this state. Between the years 1990 and 1992, it had the title of being the world’s tallest structure. However, as of right now, it holds the record for the most number of floors, which is 46.

Large, high-rise buildings in Hawaii provide a wide range of convenient services, but they also pose significant maintenance challenges. The fact that the vast majority of these structures are homes should serve as a clue that this state is also among the priciest in the country.

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