Top 15 Most Walkable Cities in the US [Update 2024]


In the United States, you can find a wide variety of both major and small cities that are easily navigable on foot, making them ideal relocation destinations. Almost everything you need, from stores to restaurants to public transportation, is within easy walking distance in major urban centers.

Taking a stroll is a luxury in today’s fast-paced society. Walking around cities, rather than being chained to a desk, can inspire more innovation and joy. Therefore, towns designed with pedestrians in mind are the ones that inspire spontaneous strolls. The best places in the United States are accessible by foot.

The most walkable cities in the US are listed below.

1. New York, NY

New York is one of the most walkable cities in the US

The perfect city for taking a walk any time of the day is the city that never sleeps, New York. With its unbeatable walking score of 89.2, New York remains at the top of being the most walkable city in the US. Even if you take a short walk to the subway, you can easily walk and enjoy a great walking time.

World-class restaurants, theaters, shops and other places are a walking distance to the subway. The giant billboards, street artists, cart shops and other wonderful features of the city turn your daily walk into an eventful time. US census data showed 77% of Manhattanites go car-free.

Other similar neighborhoods are Union Square, Nolita and the West Village, because of their friendly and colorful environment, making it the perfect area to be on foot.

2. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco

With the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is the second most walkable city in the US. The high hills give the best views. You can walk around the city and explore. You can take a walk along the Golden Gate Bridge from where you can see Fog City.

Take a scroll through the colorful streets of Chinatown or explore the green areas like Presidio and Lands End. With a walking score of 86.2, San Francisco is a pedestrian-friendly city with beautiful scenic views.

3. Boston, MA


If you are looking to give your legs a workout, Boston is the third on the list as the most walkable city. Earning a walk score of 80.9, Boston is a beautiful and safe city for taking a walk any time of the day.

Whether you choose to walk to the Leather District or want a jog through the Bay Village neighborhood, this city will make sure you enjoy the present walking time. You will find plenty of street food and excellent views on foot.

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4. Miami, FL

Despite the hot and sunny weather of Miami, it is a paradise for the “walkers”. This city is not only for beach goers, it is also a wonderful city for perambulators.

Snagging a walk score of 79.2, Miami sets itself as one of the best cities to walk anytime. Unlike car – reliant Florida, Miami is pedestrian friendly with safe neighborhoods like Little Havana, Downtown and Wynwood-Edgewater.

5. Philadelphia, PA

To get in touch with American history at the Liberty Bell, you can stroll through Philadelphia. Whether you want to eat authentic hoagies and cheese steaks or you want to enrich your knowledge by visiting museums, you can choose to walk around in Philadelphia to experience it all.

You might stumble upon impressive public art and festivals in any of your walks. Due to all these aspects, Philadelphia is the first American city which has been designated as a World Heritage City by UNESCO. With more than 10,000 acres of public green space, any type of person will find solace taking a walk in this city.

6. Chicago, IL

Be it the incredible skyline or the beauty of Lake Michigan, Chicago is next on the list as the most walkable city in America. The Windy City’s towering skyline and the warm weather of Chicago makes it a lovely city to visit and enjoy a scroll. The eclectic neighborhoods are another additional feature.

Pedestrians love taking a walk along the trails along the river while seeing the wonderful waterfront views of the city. Chicago is well known for its museums and culinary scenes, so walking makes it accessible for the public to visit these places.

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7. Washington, DC

To explore the sprawling National Mall, you need to walk on foot in Washington, D.C. You will not run out of places to explore in this city. From the U.S. Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, the city has plenty of attractions for you to be busy exploring the city for days.

Neighborhoods like Dupont Circle offer different galleries and vibrant shops. Because of the historic cobblestone sidewalks, Georgetown is another must-go neighborhood in the city.

8. Seattle, WA

The soaring skyscrapers of Seattle make visitors raise their heads. But there are plenty of wonders at ground level for visitors as well. Space Needle and The Mark are impressive skyscrapers. On the ground, you can take a walk and explore Pike’s Place Market downtown.

Seattle’s walk score of 73.1 reflects the factors of accessibility to the wonders of the city. You can ditch your car and take an art walk in Pioneer Square and then proceed to lose yourself at the beautiful Elliott Bay Book Company on Capitol Hill.

9. Oakland, CA

Sibling city to San Francisco, Oakland is the ninth most walkable city in the US. This city provides the perfect Bay Area alternative to the expensive and crowded cities by the Bay. You can start your day along the waterfront scenery and spend your day exploring the diverse historic neighborhoods.

Some picturesque spots are the Jack London Square and the remarkable Grand Lake Theater. Even the small neighborhoods are worth the visit. Accessible by public transit, you can go over to the Redwood Regional Park to have a closer look at nature.

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10. Long Beach, CA

Somehow, the name Long Beach itself suggests the idea of taking long walks along the long shoreline. Even though the city has quite a population of cars, Long Beach is a great place to walk around. This coastal city is one of the most laid back cities in Los Angeles County.

Starting from the historic Queen Mary ship to the beach, you will have a great time being on foot. You can easily find restaurants with diverse menus. If you are taking a walk, remember to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific to take a peek inside the underworld of waters.

11. Newark, NJ

Plenty of attractions in Newark made it to the list of the most walkable cities in the US. The University Heights neighborhoods and North Ironbound are some of the most popular places in the city. The atmosphere of Newark attracts visitors to visit during summers and springs.

The city garnered a remarkable reputation by achieving a walk score of 80.4. If you love exploring the aesthetics of busting Market Street, you need to take a walk. You will find restaurants, shops, schools and other necessities within walking distance.

12. Jersey City, NJ

With a walk score of 87.3, next on the list is the lively Jersey City. Although there are a number of bus lines, because of the extensive beautiful sights, you will choose to go around on foot. The typical residents prefer walking to the coffee shops, restaurants, museums or bars.

All their visits take only about 5 minutes as every place is within walking distance. The city maintained the walk score by providing convenience for the residents and visitors all year round. If you are looking for specific attractions, Historic Downtown, McGinley Square and Journal Square are the best places to explore the city.

13. Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, this harbor city, is known as “a city of neighborhoods”. Places within the city like downtown, University of Maryland and Mount Vernon add to the beauty of the city and make it more likable.  The city gained a walk score of 69.4 and constantly attracts more visitors to explore the city.

With its safe and pedestrian friendly streets, Baltimore remains one of the cities to strut and enjoy scenic views. The green space for nature lovers is over 5,000 acres.

14. Los Angeles, CA

Seeing Los Angeles on this list, the first thing that comes to mind is The Walk of Fame. Even though it is a great place to take a scroll, LA offers more. Credit goes to urban revitalization, as the city authorities are helping to turn Tinseltown into a safer and walkable landscape.

Amid the light rail and express buses, you have separate pedestrian trails to walk. Boasting a walk score of 67.4, Los Angeles has become a mentionable walkable city despite being car dependent. You can explore the amazing neighborhoods on foot, including Central Hollywood, downtown and MacArthur Park.

15. Honolulu, HI

Honolulu is a city which has to be explored up close. With its natural charm and gorgeous landscape, Honolulu is a wonderful place to take a stroll at any time. Starting from the Foster Botanical Gardens to Iolani Palace, this city will never disappoint the perambulators.

With Iolani Palace being the only royal palace in the country, you have to explore it for yourself. The city also has a series of overlapping glistening beaches along with incredible neighborhoods. Some are Waikiki, downtown and Ala Moana-Kakaako.

It is scientifically backed up that walking has both physical and mental benefits. Even emotionally, you will be able to connect with the city and form a calming relationship with yourself. Don’t let the busy life deprive you of the pleasures of taking a walk.

Residing or visiting the most walkable cities in the US will encourage you to turn walking into a daily habit of yours. Not only will you feel accomplished, you will have new stories to connect with the city. Don’t wait up and put on those comfortable pairs to enjoy a pleasurable walk!

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